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This section contains information about phenomena that are generally believed to have a supernatural, mystical nature, and the very existence of which is currently in doubt.Phenomena Hierarchy

Angel hair

Added Tue, 04/10/2016
white gelatinous mass
flying object
an unknown substance
destroyed by touching

"Angel hair" is called the spider web, cotton-like or gelatinous mass, which sometimes fall to earth in the form of threads or bundles, and a few hours later evaporates. (In the hands of "hair" melt or turn into stinking lumps). In Italy they are known under the name "silicon candy", in France "the gift of the Madonna". Regardless of the name their appearance traditionally associated with UFOs.

It is believed that the first mention of them can be found in the papyrus of Pharaoh Thutmose III, who is in the collection of the Director of the Egyptian Department of the Vatican Museum and describes the following phenomenon:

"In the twenty-second year in the third month of winter at 6 o'clock the House of Life scribes saw in the sky moving fire circle. Its dimensions were elbow to elbow length and in width. They prostrated themselves and reported to Pharaoh, and he thought about this event. After a few days the objects in the sky were numerous and shone brighter than the sun. And Pharaoh with the army looked at them. By the evening fire circles ascended higher and moved in the direction of the South... From the sky fell volatile substance... this has not happened since the Foundation of the Earth... And the Pharaoh had offered incense to the gods, and commanded to put the incident in the annals of the House of Life."

Later references include the supervision of 16 Nov 1857, Charleston, USA. A night on the town scurried bright "comet", and in the morning everywhere was full of cobwebs, but no spiders. And in 1881 in Milwaukee, USA the sky was entirely overcast angel's hair that made a lasting impression on the locals. Data were captured in the magazine "scientific American".

"Angel hair"

"Angel hair" under the microscope

To associate with a UFO directly they began in October 1954. October 27, Gennaro and Pietro Luchetti of Lastrucci sat on the balcony of St. Mark's square in Venice, Italy. At the same time they noticed two spindle-shaped object that rotates and sailed across the sky. Behind them stretched traces, like the white flame. Objects at a high speed went across the sky, made a smooth 180-degree turn and disappeared over the horizon. A few minutes later a UFO could observe the participants and spectators of a football match in Florence. Besides the teams and the referees at the stadium was attended by about 10 thousand spectators, and journalists. The match had to be interrupted because everyone's attention was riveted on the flying "cigars". But even then resume the game failed – it turned out that a football field is covered with a transparent sticky web.

By their appearance the angel hair is similar to ectoplasm.

Among attempts to explain the phenomenon we can distinguish the following hypotheses:

  • American ufologist Charles Maini suggested that "angel hair" is a tangible result of the work of the engines of the UFO emitted to the outside such as exhaust gases of internal combustion engines. Rapid evaporation residues he explains that this substance is very unstable in our reality and disappears, moving to more familiar space-time.
  • Other UFOlogy suggested that the celestial web is a materialization of some spiritual powers, like ectoplasm, appearing at seances.
  • In 2001, Nikolai Subbotin, Director of the Russian UFO research station RUFORS coined the term "chemtrails", which was a literal translation of the same foreign concept "chemtrail". He suggested that this substance is formed after the openings in the atmosphere of aircraft of a certain design in the spraying them with some chemicals.
  • Entomologists declare that no mystery exists, and it is a fibrous substance – just a lot of broken web carried by the wind. In confirmation of their theory they cite the example of a tiny lenify, though having wings, but is able to be transported by air in a very original way. The spider just turns her torso to the wind and releases from the back of a long thin thread. As soon as the wind picks up the thread in the air, a spider fast to it takes a hold and thus overcomes a pretty decent distance.

However, none of these hypotheses can not be considered strictly scientific: the first two explain the phenomenon using not scientifically proven things, the existence of "dimitras", described N. Subbotin also not proven. Entomological hypothesis still has not found practical evidence.

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