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This section contains information about phenomena that are generally believed to have a supernatural, mystical nature, and the very existence of which is currently in doubt.Phenomena Hierarchy

Anomalous zone

In the usual sense of the term "Anomalous zone" means the region has abnormal physical characteristics, where the observed phenomena are beyond the concept of "norm".

Thus we can give the following definition of this term:

The "anomalous area" is a geographically fixed location, having different, but fixed, in each case, the area in which there is a regular manifestation of one or more phenomena.

The concept of anomalous zones should be distinguished from the place of occurrence of the fact. The scene of the fact is a geographically fixed place with specific coordinates of observations or manifestations of the phenomenon, the phenomenon occurs once.

Ie if in a place once seen a UFO, it is a scene of fact, if the observations occur on a regular basis, then it is "anomalous zone".

After analyzing the testimonies of manifestations of the phenomena around the world over the last 50 years, their frequency, regularity, location and content, we got a classification that can be used for ease of notation and statistics as well as to develop methods of studying.


To classify the abnormal area can be different characteristics:

  • manifested in the phenomenon;
  • on effects on living organisms;
  • the impact on technology;
  • the frequency of manifestations of the phenomenon;
  • in connection with the subject;
  • area distribution;
  • by the degree of activity.

Consider each type of classification in more detail.

manifested in the phenomenon:

  • the appearance of unidentified objects;
  • the appearance of unknown beings;
  • the appearance of unknown entities;
  • altering the flow of time or the curvature of space;
  • a strange manifestation of physical processes;
  • the emergence of various sound and visual phenomena from an unknown source.

on effects on living organisms:

  • no effect;
  • reversible causes physiological changes in the living body at the time spent in the anomalous zone;
  • causes irreversible physiological changes in a living organism;
  • affects the psychological state of a person or animal;
  • having a sharply negative impact on the health of a person or animal until death.

impact on technology:

  • denies exposure;
  • the manifestation of anomalies through the use of technical devices;
  • has a reversible effect on the operation of technical devices;
  • has an irreversible impact on the operation of technical devices.

the frequency of manifestations of the phenomenon:

  • is constant;
  • appears often (at least 20 times a year);
  • is rarely seen (at least 20 times a year);
  • manifested calendar (days or hours).

on the subject of:

  • the manifestation of the phenomenon is associated with a specific object located in the anomalous zone;
  • the manifestation of the phenomenon is associated with a specific subject, not located in the anomalous zone;
  • the manifestation of the phenomenon is not related to a particular subject.

area of distribution:

  • itself on the same geographical coordinates;
  • appears in a fixed area;
  • manifests itself in small fixed areas (glade, etc.);
  • manifested in extensive grounds.

by the degree of activity:

  • the current (phenomena regularly observed in the present).
  • sleeping (the phenomena were regularly observed in the past, but contemporary evidence is not available).

This prior classification of anomalous zones. It may not be complete or require correction upon receipt of information during the investigation of the unexplained facts in the "anomalous zone," or study of the phenomena themselves, for which this place is considered abnormal.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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In the mythology of the peoples of the Komi Republic, the so-called places where constantly something fancy, imagining and happen strange events: people lost the way, he stopped the wagon, was raspagliosi horses, etc.

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Oeka from Finnish mythology (Mana Finns, Estonians Toonela, Tooni).

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Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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