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This section includes information about possible versions explaining the true nature of the event described in the fact.


Williams Syndrome

Williams syndrome (syndrome of "faces of the elf") is a syndrome arising as a consequence of inherited chromosome rearrangement, sufferers of which have a specific appearance and are characterized

Hidden images

This is usually the hidden objects in the photo, the dual image along with picture-illusion in the genre of "camouflage" art.

HDR photography

In modern cameras used a method in which produced a few shots that are "mixed" to provide the viewer the most accurate picture. It's called HDR (High Dynamic Range).


Cryptomnesia (from al-Greek.

The signal strip

Rattling strip, also known as warning strips, Audible lines, Growling lines - are the device for road safety by alerting inattentive drivers of potential danger by causing a tactile vibration and a

Взрывающиеся жабы

Such mass death of frogs is well known and documented. The phenomenon is officially registered in Germany in 1968 and in Belgium, Denmark and America.

Защемление нерва

Under the pinched nerve is usually described as the contact with the nerve roots between the discs of the spine, in other parts of the skeleton, strained ligaments or muscles (in which case the com

Видманштеттенова структура

Widmanstatten structure or structure Thomson - a kind of metallographic structure of alloys in metallurgy and meteoritika, wherein the geometrically correct arrangement of the structure elements in


Fructosemia, congenital violation of amino acid metabolism resulting in abnormally high content of cystine in the blood, kidneys and lymphatic system.

Синдром Мюнхгаузена

Munchausen syndrome — malingering in which a person is exaggeratedly depicts (stimulates) at the global level or artificially causes symptoms of the disease to be subjected to medical examination,

The effect of "sinister valley"

The effect of "sinister valley" (eng.

The waste industry

This category may include the remains of materials, raw materials, semi-finished products formed in the process of production.

Traces of medical manipulations

There are a huge number of medical manipulations, traces of which can be taken randomly or specially issued for the impact of the poltergeist or the consequences of abduction by aliens.

Anamorphically illusion

Anamorph is the picture you need to look at a certain angle or with the help of special devices (mirrors, lenses, etc.) to understand its importance.

The illusion of perspective

Explanation of some of these illusions based on the human tendency to perceive as more major what is next, taking into account the effect of perspective.

The illusion of movement

Our brain, based on the experience of perception, takes the characteristic of approximation / removal of parameters depicted object for real movement.


Argyria or argyria - a disease caused by long-term deposition in the body of the silver compounds, silver dust, colloidal silver or silver nanoparticles.

Poplar fluff

Poplar (Populus) belong to the genus of deciduous trees of the family Salicaceae.

Marfan Syndrome

The syndrome (disease) Marfan is an autosomal dominant disease group of genetic disorders of connective tissue.


Fungi is a Kingdom of wildlife that combines eukaryotic organisms that combine some of the characteristics of both plants and animals.


The Latin name of the dualistic – defilee (Diphylleia) comes from Greek. dio — two and phillon. This is due to the fact that the plant has only two leaves with long (to 20 cm) petioles.

Sodden toad eggs

"The Glagow naturalist is" in 2014 published a study, "Recent observations of a “mystery star jelly” in Scotland appear to confirm one origin as spawn jelly from frogs or toads," explains the pheno

Mimosa pudica

Mimosa pudica (lat. Mimosa pudica) is a perennial herbaceous plant of the plants of the genus Mimosa, of the Legume family (Fabaceae).

The illusion of the sudden appearance over obstacles

In some cases, due to the fact that the observer or the camera are at the same point, creating the illusion of the sudden appearance (or disappearance) of the object, closed from the observer in so

A target for clay pigeon shooting

Trap shooting - one of the subspecies of the shooting sports. Competitions in clay pigeon shooting are conducted on the open range.

The zodiacal light

The light in the shape of a pyramid is often mistaken for the glow of a distant city on the horizon, and it is sometimes called false dawn.


Fungi or mold is a variety of fungithat form branched mycelium without large, easily visible to the naked eye, the fruiting bodies.

The electromagnetic field

The electromagnetic field is a force field generated around the moving electric charges equivalent to the amount of electric and magnetic fields, the vectors of which are located at right angles to


The vortex - a circular movement in the surface water layer, developing portions of the reservoirs or run-of-river flows as a result of the merger of two currents in the flow over the ledges of the

Potential readiness

The readiness potential (Bereitschaftspotential) is the potential activity of motor cortex that occurs just before the movement.


A hallucination is a form arising in consciousness without external stimulus, i.e. the perception of non-existent real objects (objects and phenomena).

The alien hand syndrome

Syndrome alien hand ("hand-anarchist" or a disease doctor Strangelove) is a complex neuropsychiatric disorder, ideokinetic form of apraxia - disorders of the ability to perform purposeful movements

Inflation of the imagination

Imagination inflation is an effect in which the representation (imagination) event which never happened can increase confidence that it actually happened.


It is a violation of perception, at which the world is perceived as unreal or remote, deprived sometimes as its colors. This can occur memory impairment.

Pathological optical illusion

Pathological optical illusion – distorted image of a real external stimulus, often diffuse and persistent.

The phosphene

Appearance before the eyes of the "stars" from sneezing, laughing, pressure on eyes, heavy and deep cough, a sharp exhalation from the nose, a blow to the head or low blood pressure, etc.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»


Synesthesia (or more precise the concept of Idealize) is a neurological phenomenon in which stimulation in one sensory or cognitive system leads to automatic, involuntary response in other sensory

Gravity hill

These places are known under the names "the mystic road", "hypnotic hill", "magnetic hill", "gravity road", etc., as in Cycling, the "false plain".


Prosopagnosia (facial agnosia) is the perception disorder of the face which lost the ability to recognize faces, but preserved ability to recognize people and objects in General.

Capgras Syndrome

Capgras syndrome (Capgras delusion) — psychopathological syndrome. Classified as a delusional syndrome from the class of delusions, which is the wrong identification of people, places or objects.


Migraine - a neurological disorder, the most frequent and characteristic symptom of which is occasional or regular strong and painful headaches in one (rarely both) side of the head.

Skin diseases

The skin consists of three layers. The top is called the epidermis — it changes color under ultraviolet rays and is constantly updated.


Parallax (from the Greek. parallaxis – evasion) – change in the apparent position of any of the object relative to a background when you change viewing angle.

Cloud Kordylevskogo

Clusters small cosmic dust in the Lagrange points L4 and L5 of the Earth—the Moon.


The anomalous nature of the change of any parameter in the atmosphere with increasing altitude in meteorology azyvaetsja inversion (often mean temperature inversion, i.e.


Submarine (submarine, submarine) class of ships able to take and long time to act in a submerged position.

The analemma

The path of the Sun across the sky during the year is called the analemma.


Crystallization is the process of formation of crystals from gases, solutions, melts or glasses.

Singing dunes

The sound of the singing Sands of the desert has become part of legends and folklore of many countries, as well as literary works.

"Heavenly earthquake" or cielomoto

The phenomenon of "Ground hum" is known in the scientific community under a slightly different name.

Hair Pele

Pele's hair (eng.

Sound illusion

Audio illusions can occur in perfectly healthy people under the influence of stress, excitement, unusual conditions. In each case, psychologists find an explanation.


This version include any unexpected event or unexpected confluence of circumstances (in this case, not necessarily with a deadly or traumatic outcome, not necessarily directly influencing a person'

The eruption of the volcano and geysers

Volcano eruption — the process of emission of a volcano to the earth's surface hot debris, ash, outpouring of magma, which islevsel on the surface, it becomes lava.


This condition in which a person, while in a dream state, makes reality the actions peculiar to the waking person. It may be getting out of bed, talking, walking, cleaning, sometimes cooking, driving, violent behavior, grasping at imaginary objects, etc.

For example, you can find a description of the case, when a peasant "in a fit of somnambulism snuck into a neighbor's widow, and not waking up, conceived her child."

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Nervous breakdown

A nervous breakdown is a protective reaction of the body in emotional or mental overload.


If the sound waves caused by our own voice or others in any sound source,while spreading an obstacle(wall,steep cliff,forest,they are reflected and can reach the again of the ear of the observer, s

Ritual, rite, custom

Ritual (lat. ritualis – ritual, from the Latin.

Carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide gets into the air in all types of combustion.

Ideomotor act

Ideomotor act (from al-Greek. ἰδέα idea, image, lat. motor — driving and actus — motion, action)


Hematites (also Hematogenous, from GK.

Plant diseases

Various plant diseases can be taken for something mystical.

False targets on the radar

On the indicator screens of radar, there were marks from the unknown unidentified purposes. Mysterious echoes and was taken in a clear atmosphere where, it seemed, nothing...

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Burrows and nests

Sometimes the holes that they dig for themselves the various merits and socket of unusual design, could be mistaken for something unusual.

For example:

Seismic profile

Geological dictionary defines the seismic profile as a straight line, rarely broken line on the Earth's surface along which the seismic receivers are arranged for the study of elas

Sensing method, transient formation

Sensing method of transient processes (SMPP, WFP) and the emergence of sensing (CS TEM) is a widely used geophysical exploration techniques for exploring the geological environment.


Mutation (from the Latin.

The state of sleep and dreams

Sleep is a natural physiological process of stay in a condition with minimal level of brain activity and reduced reaction to the world arou

Массовый психоз (Массовая истерия)

Mass psychosis is a mental epidemic, which is based on podrazhaet and suggestibility.


Not infrequently it happens that the trash accidentally or intentionally left by the person, may be something abnormal: signs of alien eggs alien, unknown water and land creatures, etc..


People lost in the woods or in the field, you start to zigzag and walk in circles, and then returning on their tracks.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Body modification

A modification of the body is a biological and physical alteration of the human body, in violation of the established structure of the body, through surgical, genetic, aesthetic, biological correct


Smoke is a stable disperse system consisting of small solid particles suspended in gases produced by the combustion of anything.

Holes from bullets, stones, and metal balls

Glass houses, regardless of the floor, there are holes of unknown nature and characteristic shape. Very often, if glass a few punched is only one.

Standing waves

Standing wave — interference phenomena of waves propagating in opposite directions, in which the energy transfer is weakened or absent.


Luminescence is a non-thermal glow of substance that occurs after absorption of the excitation energy.

Luminescence of solids can be divided into the following types:

The spires of the skyscrapers, the mountains, the pipe above the clouds

Part of skyscrapers, pipes, which they smoke, the high parts of mountains and other high areas of the landscape and buildings towering above the clouds or mist, may be mistaken for UFOs or ghosts.

Thermal stress

Witness hears sounds similar to falling on a flat surface of the metal ball, which then bounces a few times lightly and rolls over. Most often this happens in the old panel, and very rarely in brick houses.

Sometimes similar phenomenon occurs in wooden houses. Usually sounds more like loud squeaks, sighs, steps.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»


Aniridia is a rare congenital genetic disease characterized by absence of the iris of the eye.


Fog — atmospheric phenomenon, the accumulation of water in the air, formed of minute particles of water vapor.

Famous sounds

This version includes all the famous sounds that for some reason have been mistaken for something paranormal.

In particular:

The mechanical effect

Mechanical effects on objects of various natural factors may be something mystical (e.g., poltergeist).

The effect of the temporary parallax

This effect is due to the fact that the lenses some digital cameras use plane shutter, which can be roughly represented in the form of slits, moving from one image edge to another.

Boat (watercraft)

Any watercraft, particularly of unusual shape, can be made for NGOs.

Lodging of plants on the field

It is believed that the phenomenon of "circles" has been known for about 400 years. All formations are known for this period, by origin can be divided into two types: natural and artificial.

Turn tractor

In the boom period of observation "Circles" around the world, the witnesses, yielding to the excitement, took them for a lot of ordinary things, like the antics of a wind, Pets on a leash or myceli

Dissociative disorders

Dissociative disorders is a group of mental disorders characterized by changes or disturbances of a variety of mental functions - consciousness, memory, sense of personal identity, awareness of the

The illusion of uniformity

People peripheral vision notices a mystical creature, object, or image, of which there should be avoided. Or Vice versa, suddenly (mysteriously) there is something from the ordinary world that nebylo seen a man before.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Known creatures

On our planet there are a huge number of different living organisms. According to recent estimates, the number of species of organisms on our planet is approximately equal to 7-10 million.

Cable car

Cable car is a mode of transport to move passengers and cargo in which to move carriages, carts, booths or chairs or serves as a traction carrier traction rope (cable) stretched between the support

Private airglow

The natural phenomenon known as a private glow of the atmosphere (eng. airglow) was opened in 1868 by Swedish scientist Anders Ångström.

The wind

Wind — flow of air, which quickly moves parallel to the earth's surface.

Otoacoustic emission

The man suddenly begins to hear a strange hum, jingle, murmur, mumble, etc.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

The wire

Light bulbs has dramatically increased, then the lights went out.

During a long stay in a particular place, the animal begins to feel very sick and/or dying.

It stings on the skin and in the mouth in wet weather and wet feet.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

A chemical reaction

Chemical reaction - transformation of one or more original substances (reactants) to other substances in which the nuclei of atoms do not change, thus there is a redistribution of electrons and nuc

Raccoon dog

Predatory omnivorous mammal of the family Canidae.


A meteor "shooting star" - the phenomenon that occurs when combustion in the Earth's atmosphere of small meteoroids (e.g., fragments of comets or asteroids).

Short circuit

Suddenly you hear a loud Bang and bright Spica. After that may turn off the light in the apartment, as well as to spread the fire.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Uneven melting and evaporation

Unevenly rustavshi snow, ice or patches may form traces that can be mistaken for anomalous effects.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Space debris

By space junk refers to all manmade objects and their fragments in space, which is already faulty, not functioning, and will never be able to serve any useful purpose.

Aberrations of optical systems

Aberration of optical system — error or error image in the optical system caused by deviation of the beam from the direction in which he would have to go in a perfect optical system.


The common vole is the size of the print the front paw of 0.9×0.7 cm, rear and 1.6×1.1 cm In this case, if the animal jumps, the traces of the legs lie in pairs (track length 3-4 cm) and the distan

The reflection on the glass

The object may be reflected light or any light source.

Lens and reflector

Lens is the detail of transparent homogeneous material bounded by two polished refractive surfaces of rotation.


Technology of execution of such drawings is quite simple and does not require additional devices, except the feet.

Defect overwriting

When manyred party rewrite on film video can produce the effect similar to double exposure. On nowyou recording superimposed particles neudenau old.

Night protivostoyanie

Whether in the night sky the place opposite the Sun, the dark? No.

Flights web

In the fall, in late August and early September, flying in the air web. So the little spiders migrate to a hundred, thousand, or even tens of thousands of meters.

Flying without wings

As a result of evolution of different species of animals have developed the ability to plan, parachutiste and even fly through the air by arbitrarily changing the trajectory.

The wick effect or human candles

The theory that attempts to scientifically explain the phenomenon of spontaneous combustion of person.

Self-heating and spontaneous combustion

Combustion is a complex physico-chemical process of transformation of the components of the combustible mixture in the combustion products with the release of thermal radiation, li


Some modern scholars believe that the stories about vampires could appear under the influence of a rare disease called "porphyria".


People with this disease avoid sunlight and do not look in the mirror, and near the mouth have vspenivania saliva, hallucinations, delirium, a sense fear.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Clinical lycanthropy

One 28-year-old killer, who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and lycanthropy, described her illness this way: When I'm upset, I feel like I turn into someone else; my fingers are numb, like pins and needles stuck into me; I lose control... I feel like I turn into a wolf. I look at myself in the mirror and see the process of transformation. My face now is not mine, it completely transformed. I peered closely, my pupils dilate and I feel like I grow hair all over the body, and the teeth become longer.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»


Hypertrichosis - a disease which manifests itself in excessive hair growth, not characteristic of the area of skin not corresponding to gender and/or age.

Post-mortem changes

Because ordinary people are rarely familiar with the nuances of postmortem changes in organisms, it can often take them for something mystical.


Spherical (sometimes flattened as if, correctly rounded) mineral aggregate radial-rayed structure.

Hardened lava

Lava falling on the surface usually cools the air. Small fragments (resulting from the spray) may be in different form which can vary from very elongated or bizarre to the absolutely round.

Кладка яиц кальмара

Laying eggs of the Humboldt squid is like a giant transparent sphere floating in the water. They are quite large (about a meter in diameter).

Hubs moisture from termites

The reasons for their occurrence are not yet fully understood, but there is a theory, which is supported by most researchers.

Colored fire

During the combustion of various chemicals, fire may have different color shade.

Ice flowers

Often you can find articles (e.g. [3]) about a well-known phenomenon of "angel Hair", which is illustrated with photos of another relatively rare phenomenon – the "Ice flowers".


A genus of perennial monocotyledonous herbaceous plants of the family Gramineae or Grasses.


Iceberg (Eisberg, "ice mountain") — a large floating chunk of ice in the ocean or sea.


The meaning of the word "fossil" – turned to stone, which became like a stone. It usually understand fossils (fossils) – the remains and traces of organisms of past geological epochs.

Bloody tree

Deciduous tree with dark bark with sweeping crown and reaching 15 meters high. The juice of this tree has a blood-red hue, which is why it is called "bloody" (bloodwood tree).

Singing whales

Quaker (or wah) — unknown suspected source of underwater sound vibrations of low frequency range, sometimes fixed sonar installations of marine vessels. The name of the phenomenon comes from the similarity of some recorded signals with the sounds of frogs (however, in addition to the "croaking" register and many other sounds).

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

The bug-grinder

"The death clock" — so many peoples called "ticking" sounds of furniture and some household grinders/

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Sand drawings of crabs soldiers

Crab soldier living in Australia and Malaysia, creates whimsical drawings of sand balls. Experts believe that it is necessary to clear their own homes of excess sand.

Dairy goat

For those familiar with the goats, "dairy goats" are not something rare, weird and wonderful. The beginnings of the Breasts there are all the other mammals.

Virus Sopa

Papilloma of the skin caused by a virus Sopa, characterized by the presence of genital tumors on the head and neck of animals.

Rock burst

I heard that began to crackle. We stopped working hammers, but the buzz is a growing. Sounds like it's on the ceiling someone stomps. We say that is Shubin (the guardian spirit of the coal mines) runs and warns of trouble. Realizing that now everything will collapse, we rushed to the exit. And here we are crushed.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Imitation of sounds by birds

In the wilderness among the forest people suddenly hear from somewhere nearby place child. No matter how he tries to find poor, no one detects.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Couple of essential oils of poisonous plants and gases from the bowels of the earth

When hit in a certain place, a feeling of someone's presence, starts the headaches, confusion. Can you hear some voices. Such a place can act selectively, killing only birds, only small animals, etc.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Vortex ring

Toroidal vortex (also vortex ring) is a phenomenon in which the region of rotating fluid moving through the same or a different area of a fluid when the flow pattern takes the shape of a toroid (do


The mystical explanation is often given in such simple physical manifestations of burning candles such as crackling flames, hissing, "howl", uneven burning, and the appearance of soot.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

The sex change in birds

In some species of poultry may be a full sex change. There are the cases when the bird starts his adult life chicken, and finishes the cock, at least - on the contrary.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Puffer Fish

Puffer fish draws circles in the sand in the process of courtship: to attract a partner, protection of laying eggs.


The poltergeist activity is often inclined to accept the condensate and its consequences.

Defects materials

Defecto and the presence of internal stresses is characteristic for many materials. In particular glass objects suddenly fly into pieces, are cracked, they are chipped, etc.

White fraxinella (burning Bush)

In very hot weather perennial Bush can spontaneously ignite.

The formation of ice and snow over the pond

On the ice surface of the reservoir formed circles of different diameters.


The eelgrass, or Zostera or Sea grass (lat.

The mycelium

Usually this phenomenon, in addition to the circles, called Fairy rings, fairy circles, fairy rings.

Karst, Karst holes, sinkholes

Dissolution (leaching) of certain rocks causes a number of phenomena which are called karst or, in a word, karst.


For the illumination of rotten needed oxygen, so in a stuffy room and punk will not be illuminated because there is not enough oxygen.

Colorful clouds and precipitation is unusual

Often colored cloud connected with suspended in the air, coloring substances, such as pollen of trees, flowers, or particles of clay.

Microbes, single-celled algae, phytoplankton, etc.

Most of the microbes produces a white or grayish - white colony, but there are types of microbes that are capable of releasing dyes or pigments of different colors and shades (red, orange, green, y

Жуки и другие насекомые

Flying insects in photographs and videos may be taken for UFOs.

Cloud (natural and manmade)

Clouds suspended in the atmosphere condensation of water vapour visible in the sky from the surface of the earth.

Bush "tumbleweed"

The weed grows surround Bush, when it dries, it becomes very easy. When dry the plant, it breaks down near the ground, and interwoven branches rise in the air.


Conventional satellites, which often look like a single not very bright points of light gliding through the night sky, quite often mistaken for UFOs.

A solar sail

A solar sail is a device that uses the pressure of sunlight on the mirror surface for propulsion of the spacecraft.


Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs, also sometimes shortened as BLAH; colloquially sometimes referred to as "drone" or "drone" (from the English. drone — drone)) — aircraft without crew on Board.


Tethered flying machine heavier than air. Supported in the air by wind pressure on a surface set at an angle to the direction of movement of the wind and held by the guard rails from the ground.

Paratrooper/glider pilot

Parachute - a device made of fabric to slow the movement of the object in the air. Parachutes are used for safe descent and landing of goods and people, braking of aircraft during landing.

The plane/helicopter

Flying machine heavier than air to fly in the atmosphere (and in space (eg.

Balloons and balls

Balloon — aircraft (balloon), which is used for the flight gas, which is lighter than air.

Sky lantern

Sky lantern (Chinese lantern, Thai lantern) – flying glowing paper design rice paper stretched over a light wooden frame, bamboo ring burner.

Balloon/Weather Balloon

The balloon (simplified is a balloon) — an aircraft lighter than air, where the lift force is used

The airship

The aircraft lighter than air, which is a combination of the balloon with the mover (usually a screw with an electric motor or internal combustion engine) and the system of the orientation control

The lights on the clouds

Lasers, spotlights, car headlights and other light sources of sufficient power can create a pillar of light in a dusty or foggy atmosphere, different patterns on low clouds, fog or

Искусственная комета

Rocket in the troposphere emits a cloud of sodium vapor or barium, which glow intensely under the influence of sunlight.

Debris picked up by the wind

For UFOs often take empty plastic bags, bags from waste paper, Newspapers and other debris picked up by the wind. These objects can travel at different speeds, in different shades and shapes.

Foamy clouds

At festivals and presentations occasionally used apparatus for producing artificial clouds of different shapes. Clouds consist of "foam fluid + water + gas" (helium).

Effect Kopp-Etchells

This effect is observed during the motion of the helicopter in a sandy cloud (E.g., during landing or takeoff in the desert).


Led toy, run at night or in the evening, can be taken for UFOs at random when shooting from afar.

Уличный фонарь

In many cities (especially European) are widely distributed street lights, weighing on an extension wire.

Rear light reflector

The device with the surface properties of retroreflection. In the cat's optic is a simple process of retroreflection.

Animals on a leash

In a meadow or other area with sufficient grass cover is tied cows, goats, horses and other herbivorous animals, providing them food and some opportunity to move freely.

The cigarette butt

In a random survey of the landscape from the Windows of flats at night, pictures can appear bright red-orange stain.

Booster, the rocket and tracks

For UFOs often take stages of rockets, parts of space ships burning in the atmosphere, the launches of various missile technology for military purposes, etc., and traces from them.


Means of navigation equipment of the coast of large reservoirs in the form of a capital construction, quite often tower type, is used to map observed by the skipper of the painting with a specific

The lights of cranes, pipes and skyscrapers

Most often, this category can be attributed to the lights of a crane, high-rise buildings, boiler pipes, etc., equipped with nighttime lighting that is visible through the haze, fog, or when the co


The bubble film consists of a thin layer of water enclosed between two layers of molecules, often soap. These layers contain molecules, one of which is hydrophilic and the other hydrophobic.

Marker wire

Used to make the wire visible, and prevent Christiania wires. Installed at the intersections of waterways, roads, places of migratory birds near airports, etc.


This category can be attributed not only visible in the sky pyrotechnic shells, but traces of exploded snaryadov, fragments thereof and other such activities.

Method of mowing the grass "in acceleration"

The most gentle when mowing on an industrial scale (with farm equipment) is a method for mowing crop circles from the center of the field to its periphery (method, "acceleration").

Items on the branches of trees, wires strung and grids

Create the effect of "UFO" or "Silhouette" for the trees by positioning between the branches of the tree (at high altitude for UFOs) or, for example, Bush (for silhouette of a Ghost) of various obj

Illusionism or Magic

Illusionism, sometimes called magic — a kind of performance art, which is characterized by the use of sleight of hand, gimmicks or special equipment to create the illusion of breaking the normal ph

Stills from the film

Shot from a film may be granted a real shot in the form of pictures and videos.

The reflection in the water

When the smooth surface of the pond picture of a landscape reflected in it, a little different from the pictures of the landscape. In this case, the water may contain various defects (e.g.

Ghillie suit

Mainly used in hunting, in the military, when observing animals in nature. A man dressed in camouflage suit type "Goblin", may be accidentally mistaken for an anomalous creature.

Shooting chips, cracks, bubbles and similar defects glass

Defects glasses off on photos and videos, due to the similarity of forms and "metallic Shine" to "classic UFO".

The projection image on various surfaces

Apparatus for apparatus for the projection of images on different surfaces was common in the 17th century. They were called "Magic lantern" (lat.

Take pictures and video from the screen

Most often this method is used to hide the detail, allowing to identify a fake, because of the fear of lost a significant part of fine detail, distorted image, etc.

Buildings and structures of unusual design

There are residential and non-residential buildings and structures, the construction of which may resemble a landed flying saucer.

Traces of artificial creatures

People in all times resorted to cheating by using synthetic traces. Known cases when this way tried to conceal the murder, to intimidate and even to cross the border.

Objects with height

With the right perspective, survey boats and other similar objects from a significant distance (e.g., from the airplane), as in the photo and the video can be represented as shooting celestial obje

The art of the action

Various promotions advertising and art can be priniti randomly for the paranormal or issued for them intentionally.

Преднамеренная фальсификация

This version includes any of falsifying, imitating unexplained phenomena as of: pranks, flash mobs, fake news, spoof of the witnesses, staging, etc.

Радуга и радужные облака

Rainbow - atmospheric optical and meteorological phenomenon that is observed under illumination by a bright source of light (natural Sun or Moon) set of water droplets (rain or fog

The passage or astronomical transit

Astronomical phenomenon, during which from the point of view of an observer of one celestial body passes in front of another celestial body, obscuring part of it.

Corona discharge (St. Elmo's fire)

The continuous spark, which is usually described as "blue flames" at the tips of ship masts, airplane wings, flagpoles, steeples, street lamps, trees and other tall pointed objects, where a smaller

Eclipse solar/lunar

An Eclipse is an astronomical situation where one celestial body blocks the light from another celestial body. The most famous lunar and solar eclipses.

Twilight and protivoallergennye rays

Bright Sun breaking through the clouds can be mistaken for UFOs.

The Virga

This is rain that evaporates before reaching the ground. It is observed in a visible band of precipitation coming from the cloud.

Смерч (вихрь, торнадо)

Atmospheric vortex that occurs in cumulonimbus (thunderstorm) cloud and propagating down, often to the surface of the earth, in the form of a cloud sleeves or trunk diameter of tens to hundreds of


It is observed only with the mountain or the plane is a somewhat elongated unpainted reflection.


A prominence is called a dense condensation of relatively cold (compared to the solar corona) substances which are raised and held above the Sun's surface magnetic field.

The storm

The storm is an atmospheric phenomenon in which the inside of clouds or between the cloud and the earth's surface arise electrical discharges - lightning accompanied by thunder.

The plume of combustion products of the rocket engine

The plume of combustion products of the rocket engine is visible only when the line of sight he is "dense enough". If a trail gets between the sun and the observer, he may look like a dark cloud.

Green beam

Optical phenomenon, a green light flash in the time of the disappearance of the solar disk over the horizon (usually marine) or its appearance over the horizon.

The Aurora (Northern lights)

Glow (luminescence) of the upper layers of the atmospheres of the planets with the magnetosphere due to their interaction with charged particles of the solar wind.

Cocurrent stream (cocurrent track)

Limited the scope of the perturbed gaseous environment arising from the movement in her body.

The heavenly bodies

The brightest heavenly bodies in the sky are Venus, Jupiter, and sometimes Mars and, of course, the Moon.


A rare natural phenomenon, a unified physical theory of the emergence and development of which to date are not presented.


In connection with the peculiarities of the bird in the photo you can capture the moment when a normal bird will resemble the shape of a "classic" UFO.

Brokensky Ghost

Brokensky Ghost appears when Sun shines from behind a climber looking down from a ridge or peak into mist.


Observed in the clouds in front of the observer or below, at a point directly opposite the light source.


Rare atmospheric optical phenomenon in which the sky appears a bright white spot — "second sun", located at the same height above the horizon, but the opposite of the last.


Halo usually appears around the Sun or moon, sometimes around other powerful light sources such as street lights.

Light (solar) pole

One of the most frequent types of halo, a visual phenomenon, an optical effect which is a vertical band of light stretching from the sun during sunset or sunrise.


Optical phenomenon in which the air in the result of the refraction of light rays in addition to items in their true position, see their virtual images in the direct, inverted or severely distorted

Ice needles

Solid precipitation in the form of fine ice crystals floating in the air, resulting in cold weather (air temperature below -10...-15°).

Контрастный объект на однородном фоне

This version can refer to any observation in the contrast of an object on a solid background, both day and night.

Illusions associated with the refraction and reflection of light

Reflection is a physical process of interaction of waves or particles with the surface, changing the direction of the wave front at the boundary of two media with different properties, in which the

Affective illusion

A person who is afraid of ghosts (does not exclude the possibility of their occurrence) while a cemetery at night (or in any other similar situation), be afraid of their appearance, or even an attack, and any stranger and incomprehensible movement, a vague silhouette or, for example, flashing a beam of light will be perceived as a Ghost.

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Witness the picture

The illusion of tracking a human or animal (it could be an inanimate object such as a gun barrel) is the result of properties of the brain see and perceive things as he used to.

The Effect Of Purkyne

The phenomenon of changing the color perception by the human eye at lower light objects.

The Effect Of Troxler

The manifestation of the phenomenon lies in the cessation of perception of the visual stimulus, occupying a strictly constant position relative to the retina of the eye.


Integrated spatial information indicating an impending collision with a moving object is called lumigon.

Stroboscopic effect

The occurrence of visual illusions of immobility or apparent movement of the object when it is intermittent (periodically) visual observation.

The effect of perceptual readiness

This effect lies in the fact that the human eye "sees" what the brain is prepared to see, based on the overall context of the image.

Autokinetic illusion

On the background of cloudless sky glowing object seems to be randomly moving.

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The aftereffect

The residual effect of strong stimulation is characteristic not only for vision but also for hearing or muscle stress.

Illusion Ponzo

Optical illusion, first demonstrated by Italian psychologist Mario Ponzo in 1913. He suggested that the human brain determines the size of the object to its background.

Parabolicheskie illusion

A variety of visual illusions (the so-called "sensory illusions additions"); is the formation of illusory images, as a basis which are the details of the real object. Thus, the vague and obscure the visual image is perceived as something distinct and defined — for example, figures of people and animals in the clouds, the image of a man on the moon, "a hidden message", audible when you reverse the audio recordings, the shadows formed by leaves or complexes of objects in certain lighting (sometimes at a certain angle).

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Small the frame rate of the video

There are different shooting modes for various video cameras. In particular, they may vary the number of frames per second. There may be more than the standard 25 or less.

Defects on satellite images

To receive color photographs should be done for two shots. One black and white, high resolution, and the second lower-resolution, but in color. Further the obtained color image is stretched and applied to the black-and-white as a texture. Such action is necessary because due to the different refraction of light rays of different spectrum when passing through the atmosphere from the color image of high resolution from space do not work. These features form the image are almost not noticeable on stationary objects, but clearly distinguishable when the shot fall fast moving objects such as planes or cars.

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Panoramic photo

Panoramic photography in particular, photography, obtained by the technology of assembling panoramas from individual images (in this case it may have a small angle and a standard aspect ratio).

The compression artifacts

While lossy compression might be noticeable distortion of image, sound, video, etc., defined by the algorithm.

Ghosts of the Canon EOS 7D

Digital camera Canon EOS 7D in 2009 was an interesting glitch.

Reflections in the lens from strong light source

The lens consists of the lens consists of a set of lenses (some lenses of mirrors), designed for mutual compensation of aberrations and collected into a single system.


Full or partial conversion of coloured images result in over-exposed.

Multiple exposure or multiple exposure

A special device, which is that the same frame is exposed ("photographed") several times.

Defects in old photos

There are a number of defects specific to film images. They are connected with the peculiarities of the film and principle photo.

Капля (или загрязнение) на объективе или стекле

Often it's a small point on the photos, like hovering metal ball. At least - this is quite a big blur.

Objects and light sources out of focus

When the objects are out of focus, their silhouettes blurred and poorly recognizable. They can look like dark or colored translucent stain.

Objects in motion, captured on a long exposure

Most often this artifact is called skayfish if the lens gets a passing bird or insect.

Subject when shooting with flash or backlight

Flash reflection on objects and small living beings, which are out of focus at the moment of photographing.

Anomalies on Flightradar

The sudden appearance/disappearance of the aircraft is too fast or slow movement of the plane etc.

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High-frequency squeak from electrical devices

The child hears a beeping in the room, while animals can run away, to hide, to behave in a wary or aggressive, but adults can not hear anything and did not notice anything unusual.

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Joke program for phone or virus Joke.Horror

In full-screen mode on your phone, tablet, or computer image appears scary ghosts or other creatures at the same time on full volume plays a bloodcurdling scream, backed by a long vibration (for phones).

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A program like "Ghost Automizer"

The mouse cursor starts to move and perform certain actions, spontaneously typed text, etc.

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Studio effects for your

There are a number of programs for processing photos and video that put the final image from the list to remove phone photo or video.

The effects of magnetic fields on the watch

When hit in a certain place the clock suddenly ran away for a time forward or backward (or entirely stopped).

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The disconnection of the pantograph

Trackside hear quite a loud Bang, like an explosion. Sometimes it is accompanied by a bright flash of blue.

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Inductive interference tip

She could hear quiet sounds, music and voices, with radio, TV, etc. off

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Software mode or fault

The TV suddenly turns on and off, switch channels.

Light: flickers, suddenly turns on and off.

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Feature phone "Fake Call"

With an unknown number received calls and the phone is silent or audible strange noises and sounds.

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Against the bright, clean surface, such as against the sky, snow, wall or ceiling person can see a translucent spot, taking the form of "octopus", "spiders", "chromosome", "palm", etc. a Person can dwell on this coincidence: he may seem a dark spot or the silhouette in the room or flying past the point in the sky. Trying to follow that vision gaze, a person cannot "catch" the vision and to consider it in more detail.

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Paradoxical undressing

The man was found in an abandoned cold place (e.g., mountains, remote areas) completely naked.

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The woman suddenly begins to scream, to run, to cry, to behave unnaturally.

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In humans, there is inevitably a thirst for human flesh and blood. He feels the animals and can begin to attack people.

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Lines Blashko

This syndrome, the cause of which is incorporated in DNA, is manifested in the appearance of visible bands on the human body.

Violation of color

Pigmentation of integument (skin, fur, feathers, scales, eggshell) from any species of organisms in favor of any color.

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The alien hand syndrome

One or both hands are acting by themselves, regardless of the desires of the owner.

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Syndrome Kandinsky-Clerambault

A person believes that they control from outside, for example, the aliens. Have the feeling that any movement, such as walking (or the emergence of thoughts and feelings) are not according to his own will, and under the influence of external factors.

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Cotard's Syndrome

People claim that they died a long time ago that they were corpses, their bodies have long decayed. You can start to live in the cemetery and to gravitate to the classic post-mortem rituals. Are also typical complaints of patients that they have rotted intestine, physically no heart, and the like.

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Charles Bonnet Syndrome

First, a person begins to see triptone images around. First, they usually look like random shadows, but over time, they become clearer and become more like ghosts. For a person they are absolutely real.

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Syndrome Corot

The man appears neurotic fear (verging on panic) that occurs due to the feeling that the penis begins to retract into the abdominal cavity.

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Rosenthal effect (Pygmalion effect)

People suddenly found out about a certain prophecy and circumstances suddenly arise, so that it really came true.

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Suddenly start ringing the bells in the Church, the house is shaking, furniture, animals become restless, hanging objects swing, creaking floors, rattling Windows, crumbling whitewash, etc.

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The "exploding head syndrome"

Before going to sleep (rarely during sleep) the person feels a loud sound or noise, which may be accompanied by a flash of light and a sense of fear, muscle twitching.

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False pregnancy

The main signs are: a small discharge during the menstrual cycle or complete absence, breast enlargement, the manifestation of morning sickness and even vomiting, starts to increase weight for women bloating and you receive the typical curvature of the spine, are frequent mood swings and in rare cases, the woman with the fake pregnancy feels movements of the fetus.

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The psychological phenomenon of "stranger in the mirror"

If the person for some time stares in the mirror in dim light, then he begins to see not his reflection, and his distorted image. This is often described as a huge deformations of their own face, the kind of person one parent with the altered facial features (living or already deceased), the face of some stranger, and even images of fantastic creatures and monsters.

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Trap dreams

A dream in which a person can not distinguish the real from reality, i.e. a person dreams that he has woken up, and everything that happens to him is a reality and, of course, more to Wake up he can not. This condition can cause fear. Symptoms may be identical to the syndrome of "sleep paralysis" and "false awakenings" (where a man wakes up in a dream repeatedly).

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Sensory deprivation

Descending into the caves (and in other places where there is a partial or complete restriction effects on the senses) people can observe interesting effects of perception of the world, until an aural, visual and other hallucinations.

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The Phenomenon Of Baader-Meinhof

You discover something new (a word, song information, etc.) or think about some issue and very soon, sometimes even the same day, completely unexpected and unpredictable encounter that same information or answer the question in the newspaper, in TV shows, snatches of conversation of passers-by, etc.

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Phantom sensations, phantom pain of lost limbs

The pain may be felt in any part of the missing limb. Often sore the same area that was hurting before the amputation. For example, if the reason that caused irreversible changes in the limbs and subsequent surgery, had a necrosis of the fingers, phantom pain can be located in the same place. Possible and different localization of pain, and even movement in the missing limb over time.

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False memory (deja vu)

You can't remember what happens in the next moment, but in the course of events understand that the details I saw these a few minutes as a reaction to several consecutive events. All the power of the experience of deja vu is to feel like there were hundreds of options, how could pass this point, but you seem to prefer all the previous actions (right or wrong for you) in which you were "destined" to end up in this situation and this place.
The impression of déjà vu can be so strong that memories can persist for years. However, as a rule, the individual fails to recall any details about those events, which, as it seems, he remembered when he experienced déjà vu. The state of deja vu accompanied by depersonalization: reality becomes vague and unclear.

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False awakenings

Man, as he seems to be waking up repeatedly. Some subjects reported a spillage in his bedroom several times in a row, and seem to work and begin their normal day, each time before again "Wake up" to discover some inconsistencies in the content of dreams and found myself back in my bedroom, thinking, "Oh, it was a dream". The environment is very realistic, you can smell, temperature, objects, etc. in great detail.

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Parasomnias (Hypnagogic hallucinations)

The presence of different entity next to the bed in the room or outside the window. The entity appeared after a sudden awakening. After a while it disappeared/melted/disappeared.

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Сонный паралич

  • In a moment, the man suddenly feels on top he bore down on something very hard and does not allow him to breathe, as if strangling.
  • Quite often people say that in that moment, when they sleep, they feel that they can move neither head, nor foot, nor arm, literally nothing. Among other things, a person becomes unbearable fear.

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Feral dogs

The Chupacabra attacks often take the usual forays of feral dogs. These animals alone or in a flock climbs into the yards and attacking chickens, rabbits, sheep, goats, etc.


Often, because of the nature of the species, age or various diseases, the animals are deprived of wool.

Vampirov bats

Vampirov are found in tropical and subtropical areas of the Americas from Northern Mexico to the Central regions of Uruguay, Chile, Argentina and on the island of Trinidad.

Mustelids are mammals of the family Carnivora

Most often it is the antics of a ferret on the territory of Russia and neighboring countries are victims of the Chupacabra.

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