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Colored fire

During the combustion of various chemicals, fire may have different color shade. It is determined by chemical substances burning in it, in that case, if the high temperature releases individual atoms of flammable substances, coloring the fire.

For example, a fire resulting from the combustion of sulphur - blue. Similar can be observed in experiments and intentional fraud and in vivo.

The volcano kawa Ijen in Indonesia, blue-purple lava. Direct cost in close proximity are the sulphur mines, with the hot gas produces an electric flash of blue and sometimes reaching up to 5 meters in height, and particle burning gas already congenerous in liquid sulphur, which creates the "blue-purple lava".

The dependence of the flame color from the presence of compounds of metals:

Metal In oxidizing flame Reducing flame
Chrome Emerald green Yellow-green
Cobalt Intense blue Dark blue
Manganese Purple-amethyst  
Iron Yellow-brown Green
Nickel Red-brown Purple-gray
Copper Blue Red-brown


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