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Couple of essential oils of poisonous plants and gases from the bowels of the earth

Added Tue, 11/10/2016
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In different sources there are often stories about the anomalous zones, where animals are dying EN masse, sick and dying people, etc. These places animals are often bypassed. Since ancient times people were accused of this mystical powers. In our time skeptical people, including similar cases based on nothing superstition may put your life in danger. Sometimes these people are trying to prove that it's all "old wives 'tales", while believing that those who do not believe in mysticism, nothing can not happen, go to such a godforsaken place unprepared, alone or in groups. Such a rash act can lead to disease or even death.

In poorly ventilated swampy lowlands can accumulate toxic fumes of some plants, leading to poisoning. As example, essential oil of rosemary. Toxicity gives him an essential oil of complex composition (in particular legal), which is poisonous, affecting the nervous system properties and causes dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, confusion and loss of consciousness, hallucinations.

This category can be attributed to gases escaping from the bowels of the earth. A striking example of such places is the grotto of the Dog. The phenomenon of it is that here in the bowels of the earth breaks the carbon dioxide, which is heavier than air and concentrated in the cave at a height of about thirty centimeters, i.e. at the level of a dog muzzle.

Most often, the death of living beings is quite real explanation. The reasons may be different, for example, the accumulation of harmful gases or other hazardous chemicals, poisonous plants, etc.

Consider a few examples of famous places with a reputation like that.

Dog cave. It is located near lake d Agnano near Naples. It killed dogs, children and other undersized creatures, while in adults there is no effect. In this cave, as in many other areas of the globe, carbon dioxide is continuously in large quantities excreted from the bowels of the earth. Because it is heavier than air, spread along the bottom of the cave with a layer of up to half a meter and cause the deaths of living beings.

Another famous place where there are high concentrations of toxic gases (mainly hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide, carbon disulphide, etc.) is death Valley, located in the heart of the upper river hot spring at the foot of the volcano kikhpinych. In this area the length of 2 km and a width of 100-500 m are regularly killed animals and birds.

Continuing the theme of dangerous gases, you can pay attention to the swamp lowlands. Gas, which is released from the bottom of stagnant water as a result of rotting sludge and other residues of vegetable and animal origin, called swamp. Its main component is methane. Significant methane content in the air reduces the oxygen in the latter, that may cause suffocation of a man caught in a polluted environment. Methane is physiologically indifferent and may cause toxicity only at very high concentrations (due to low solubility in water and blood). However, significant methane content in the air (above 10 %) when breathing lack of oxygen, and the first signs of dyspnea (increased heart rate, increased breathing, loss of coordination fine muscle movements, etc.). Higher concentrations of methane in the air cause a headache. This category include the gas fields, irrigation and mining gas. The latter, in addition to the toxic effect, explosive.

Toxic gases and lack of oxygen can cause panic attacks, hallucinations, panic, and various psychoses. Prolonged exposure and high concentrations of the above gases can cause death.

Not always the poisoning of the organism ends in death. It may cause dizziness, nightmares, headache, and other unpleasant consequences. Respiratory (remote) poisoning may occur with prolonged being surrounded by the Bush (or bouquets) of potent flowers (magnolias, lilies, rhododendrons, poppies, lupine, wild cherry, tuberose etc.), as well as inhalation of volatile secretions rosemary, fraxinella, conifers, aroids.

They are accompanied by dyspnea, headaches and dizziness, sneezing, cough, watery eyes, runny nose, General malaise (up to loss of consciousness with prolonged contact). For example, the impact on the body of the oleander. Dangerous not only to taste shoots and leaves of this beautiful, lush tree, but to breathe the fragrance of its large white, pink and red flowers. Symptoms of poisoning: cramps and pain throughout the abdomen, diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, loss of skin sensitivity, convulsions. Inhalation of the aromas Platanthera causes heart palpitations, nightmares and headache.


People often find some mystical phenomena, the explanation that seems absurd to people, skeptics. However, the presence at the scene accompanying the mystical legends should not be ignored: it may well be that this superstition is based on real factors that affect the health of humans and animals. The tragic incident may have real physical causes, not limited to the self. Be careful!

Also, the fumes can ignite and burn. While the hue of the flame may be different depending on chemical composition.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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