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Illusion Ponzo

Added Fri, 07/10/2016
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Optical illusion, first demonstrated by Italian psychologist Mario Ponzo in 1913. He suggested that the human brain determines the size of the object to its background. Ponzo, drew two identical cut on the background of two converging lines, like the passing away of the railway. The upper section seems bigger because the brain interpreterpath converging lines perspective (as two parallel lines converging in distance). Therefore, we think that the upper segment is positioned on, and we believe that its size is bigger. In addition to the converging lines of force adds effect decreasing the distance between the intermediate horizontal segments. Some researchers believe that the moon illusion is an example of the illusion of Ponzo in which trees, houses, and other parts of the landscape play a role of converging lines. Foreground objects cause our brain to think that the Moon is larger than it really is.
Due to this illusion there are some stories about creatures of unnatural size, supposedly came from a parallel world. Often the fact that this is an illusion he is aware of the witness upon closer inspection of the object.

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