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The Phenomenon Of Baader-Meinhof

Added Thu, 06/10/2016
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One of the most popular explanations for the phenomenon is the selectivity of our memory (and attention), "digging" in her remarkable recent revelation of the facts. In our concept fresh, just received, the information may be more important, more brightly colored than the old knowledge and so we notice in our environment that just happens to match these new embedded facts (and the probability of this is very high in today's information density).
(There is another theory. It relies on the concept of Carl Gustav Jung that popular ideas float on the surface of the collective consciousness, and therefore manifest in individual human consciousnesses at the same time. In General, something close to the saying "good ideas are in the air." Moreover, in the framework of this theory there are allegations that there was a strong correlation between the findings, say the same words by different people at the same time. And this measured value.)
With these feelings most often associated the intervention of supernatural forces, etc.

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