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Objects of artificial origin

The plane/ helicopter


Flying machine heavier than air to fly in the atmosphere (and in space (eg. The orbital plane)) that use aerodynamic lift of the airframe to hold yourself in the air (when flying within the atmosphere) and thrust force (propulsion) installations for the maneuvering and compensation for the loss of total mechanical energy to drag.

Rotary wing aircraft, which are necessary for flight lift and thrust generated by one or more rotors driven by a motor or several motors. Differ in maneuverability, ability to hover and almost vertical takeoff.

A UFO can be taken even conventional aircraft with unusual viewing angle, and also in the photo, especially if it doesn't leave a condensation trail. There are also the unusual design of the aircraft. The photo may look like a small dot with a metallic luster, a dark spot, small dark or silvery elongated object (cigar-shaped), etc. are Especially often mistaken for a UFO aircraft without condensation trail if he was flying near the plane, leaving a trace (the difference in size is practically not noticeable to the eye).

Aircraft often mistaken for UFOs due to external lighting equipment, especially in the dark.

Also UFO can be accepted by different devices attached to a plane or another flying vehicle. For example, AWACS (airborne complex of radio-location and guidance).

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