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This section contains articles on phenomena or versions that may be interesting or useful to researchers of the unexplained facts in one way or another.

Collection of crop circles created by artists

Despite the fact that many people consider the phenomenon of the appearance of circles (and other drawings) on the field to be the work of aliens trying to leave us a message, the main version of the origin of these complex formations is the work of artists.

Indeed, the first documented case of the creation of such drawings dates back to 1978. That year in England, Doug Bauer and Dave Chorley drew a circle on the field, twisting and trampling the stems of plants. The authors wanted the people who found it to assume that a flying saucer landed in this place.

Patrick gross on the circles on the field

A well-known researcher Patrick gross in his article about crop circles tells the story of the development of this phenomenon. It's pretty interesting and important information, so we present here the main points of this article. The original can be found on the link in the source list.

Since then, the creation technologies have evolved, and the drawings in the margins have become more complicated. Now they are created by special teams, often under the order of some company.

For example, in 2007, one of the groups called Circlemakers came out of the shadows. They admitted that over the years they have created circles in the form of advertisements for commercial companies such as Nike, Pepsi, BBC1 and Greenpeace, as well as many other well-known circles. On their website, you can not only look at the photos of the formations made, but also see photos and videos of the process of creating each "circle".

In this article, we will gradually collect photos and information about such drawings made in the classical manner of crushing plant stems.

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