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Atmospheric phenomena

The zodiacal light

The light in the shape of a pyramid is often mistaken for the glow of a distant city on the horizon, and it is sometimes called false dawn.


The anomalous nature of the change of any parameter in the atmosphere with increasing altitude in meteorology azyvaetsja inversion (often mean temperature inversion, i.e.

Private airglow

The natural phenomenon known as a private glow of the atmosphere (eng. airglow) was opened in 1868 by Swedish scientist Anders Ångström.

Night protivostoyanie

Whether in the night sky the place opposite the Sun, the dark? No.

Cloud (natural and man-made)

Clouds are the products of condensation of water vapor suspended in the atmosphere, visible in the sky from the surface of the earth.

Радуга и радужные облака

Rainbow - atmospheric optical and meteorological phenomenon that is observed under illumination by a bright source of light (natural Sun or Moon) set of water droplets (rain or fog

Crown Discharge (St. Elmo's Lights)

A continuous spark, which is usually described as a "blue flame" on the tops of ship masts, airplane wings, flagpoles, spires, street lights, trees and other tall pointed objects, where a smaller s

Twilight and protivoallergennye rays

Bright Sun breaking through the clouds can be mistaken for UFOs.

The Virga

This is rain that evaporates before reaching the ground. It is observed in a visible band of precipitation coming from the cloud.

Смерч (вихрь, торнадо)

Atmospheric vortex that occurs in cumulonimbus (thunderstorm) cloud and propagating down, often to the surface of the earth, in the form of a cloud sleeves or trunk diameter of tens to hundreds of


It is observed only with the mountain or the plane is a somewhat elongated unpainted reflection.


A prominence is called a dense condensation of relatively cold (compared to the solar corona) substances which are raised and held above the Sun's surface magnetic field.

The storm

The storm is an atmospheric phenomenon in which the inside of clouds or between the cloud and the earth's surface arise electrical discharges - lightning accompanied by thunder.

Green beam

Optical phenomenon, a green light flash in the time of the disappearance of the solar disk over the horizon (usually marine) or its appearance over the horizon.

The Aurora (Northern lights)

Glow (luminescence) of the upper layers of the atmospheres of the planets with the magnetosphere due to their interaction with charged particles of the solar wind.

Ball lightning

A rare natural phenomenon, a unified physical theory of the origin and course of which has not been presented to date.

Brokensky Ghost

Brokensky Ghost appears when Sun shines from behind a climber looking down from a ridge or peak into mist.


Observed in the clouds in front of the observer or below, at a point directly opposite the light source.


Rare atmospheric optical phenomenon in which the sky appears a bright white spot — "second sun", located at the same height above the horizon, but the opposite of the last.


Halo usually appears around the Sun or moon, sometimes around other powerful light sources such as street lights.

Light (solar) pole

One of the most frequent types of halo, a visual phenomenon, an optical effect which is a vertical band of light stretching from the sun during sunset or sunrise.


Optical phenomenon in which the air in the result of the refraction of light rays in addition to items in their true position, see their virtual images in the direct, inverted or severely distorted

Ice needles

Solid precipitation in the form of fine ice crystals floating in the air, resulting in cold weather (air temperature below -10...-15°).

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