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Microwave auditory effect

A sound (sounds or even phrases) that is heard in the head. It can be irritating, nauseating, and even disabling.

Liminal space

Liminality (English Liminality, from Lat. līmen — threshold, threshold value) is a physiological, neurological or metaphysical term denoting a "threshold" or transitional state between two stages.


Priming (the effect of precedence, fixed installation) (English priming) — in psychology, it represents the mechanism of implicit memory, which provides the unconscious and involuntary influence of

Confirmation bias

Confirmation bias (in English-language literature, the term "confirmation bias" is used) is usually called a person's desire to prove their own opinion.


Cryptomnesia (from al-Greek.

The effect of "sinister valley"

The effect of "sinister valley" (eng.

Potential readiness

The readiness potential (Bereitschaftspotential) is the potential activity of motor cortex that occurs just before the movement.


A hallucination is a form arising in consciousness without external stimulus, i.e. the perception of non-existent real objects (objects and phenomena).

Inflation of the imagination

Imagination inflation is an effect in which the representation (imagination) event which never happened can increase confidence that it actually happened.


It is a violation of perception, at which the world is perceived as unreal or remote, deprived sometimes as its colors. This can occur memory impairment.

The phosphene

Appearance before the eyes of the "stars" from sneezing, laughing, pressure on eyes, heavy and deep cough, a sharp exhalation from the nose, a blow to the head or low blood pressure, etc.

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Ideomotor act

Ideomotor act (from al-Greek. ἰδέα idea, image, lat. motor — driving and actus — motion, action)

The state of sleep and dreams

Sleep is a natural physiological process of stay in a condition with minimal level of brain activity and reduced reaction to the world arou


People lost in the woods or in the field, you start to zigzag and walk in circles, and then returning on their tracks.

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Otoacoustic emission

The man suddenly begins to hear a strange hum, jingle, murmur, mumble, etc.

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Against the bright, clean surface, such as against the sky, snow, wall or ceiling person can see a translucent spot, taking the form of "octopus", "spiders", "chromosome", "palm", etc. a Person can dwell on this coincidence: he may seem a dark spot or the silhouette in the room or flying past the point in the sky. Trying to follow that vision gaze, a person cannot "catch" the vision and to consider it in more detail.

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Rosenthal effect (Pygmalion effect)

People suddenly found out about a certain prophecy and circumstances suddenly arise, so that it really came true.

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False memories

A person remembers an event, a fragment or a detail that did not actually happen.

They can be formed independently or under the influence of methods of memory recovery therapy (Recovered-memory therapy or RMT), such as regressive hypnosis, guided visualization, drug therapy for memory recovery, etc .In this case, there is an effect called imagination inflation.

False pregnancy

The main signs are: a small discharge during the menstrual cycle or complete absence, breast enlargement, the manifestation of morning sickness and even vomiting, starts to increase weight for women bloating and you receive the typical curvature of the spine, are frequent mood swings and in rare cases, the woman with the fake pregnancy feels movements of the fetus.

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The psychological phenomenon of "stranger in the mirror"

If the person for some time stares in the mirror in dim light, then he begins to see not his reflection, and his distorted image. This is often described as a huge deformations of their own face, the kind of person one parent with the altered facial features (living or already deceased), the face of some stranger, and even images of fantastic creatures and monsters.

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Trap dreams

A dream in which a person can not distinguish the real from reality, i.e. a person dreams that he has woken up, and everything that happens to him is a reality and, of course, more to Wake up he can not. This condition can cause fear. Symptoms may be identical to the syndrome of "sleep paralysis" and "false awakenings" (where a man wakes up in a dream repeatedly).

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Sensory deprivation

Descending into the caves (and in other places where there is a partial or complete restriction effects on the senses) people can observe interesting effects of perception of the world, until an aural, visual and other hallucinations.

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Infrasound and ultrasound

This version includes sound waves that are not perceived by the human ear, but are felt in other ways.

    The Phenomenon Of Baader-Meinhof

    You discover something new (a word, song information, etc.) or think about some issue and very soon, sometimes even the same day, completely unexpected and unpredictable encounter that same information or answer the question in the newspaper, in TV shows, snatches of conversation of passers-by, etc.

    Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

    Phantom sensations, phantom pain of lost limbs

    The pain may be felt in any part of the missing limb. Often sore the same area that was hurting before the amputation. For example, if the reason that caused irreversible changes in the limbs and subsequent surgery, had a necrosis of the fingers, phantom pain can be located in the same place. Possible and different localization of pain, and even movement in the missing limb over time.

    Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

    False memory (deja vu)

    You can't remember what happens in the next moment, but in the course of events understand that the details I saw these a few minutes as a reaction to several consecutive events. All the power of the experience of deja vu is to feel like there were hundreds of options, how could pass this point, but you seem to prefer all the previous actions (right or wrong for you) in which you were "destined" to end up in this situation and this place.
    The impression of déjà vu can be so strong that memories can persist for years. However, as a rule, the individual fails to recall any details about those events, which, as it seems, he remembered when he experienced déjà vu. The state of deja vu accompanied by depersonalization: reality becomes vague and unclear.

    Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

    False awakenings

    Man, as he seems to be waking up repeatedly. Some subjects reported a spillage in his bedroom several times in a row, and seem to work and begin their normal day, each time before again "Wake up" to discover some inconsistencies in the content of dreams and found myself back in my bedroom, thinking, "Oh, it was a dream". The environment is very realistic, you can smell, temperature, objects, etc. in great detail.

    Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

    Parasomnias (Hypnagogic hallucinations)

    The presence of different entity next to the bed in the room or outside the window. The entity appeared after a sudden awakening. After a while it disappeared/melted/disappeared.

    Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

    Сонный паралич

    • In a moment, the man suddenly feels on top he bore down on something very hard and does not allow him to breathe, as if strangling.
    • Quite often people say that in that moment, when they sleep, they feel that they can move neither head, nor foot, nor arm, literally nothing. Among other things, a person becomes unbearable fear.

    Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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