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In Paraguay, the lake suddenly became blood red

The lake is small in size, located in Paraguay near Philadelphia, all of a sudden local residents became red. Experts believe that this could be some kind of natural phenomenon.

In ancient records and in the newspaper of 1934 there is evidence for the existence of dragons

In the modern world all perceive the dragons as fictional creatures, symbolizing a happy omen. But what if dragons are not a myth but a real creature that lived in ancient times?

Space "garbage truck" burned in the Earth's atmosphere

The ISS successfully completed the mission of "Progress MS-13". Full garbage truck sent to Earth, flooding the Pacific waters of the combustible elements in it.

Comet "Neowiz" earthlings waving tail: don't miss the rare sky show

"Neowiz" — a new word in astronomy and all of our lives.

She posted in a social network photo of fancy mushrooms

There is a group in Facebook called Mushroomcore, and there are about 30 000 participants who share all kinds of cool

Where in the forest elf bowl?

Sarcoscypha Austrian (lat. Sarcoscypha austriaca) also known as "red Eiffel Cup," or just "red Cup". Is a kind of Ascomycetes family sarcoscyphaceae.

Don't miss out! Very rare painting on the sky: tailed visitor and the silver clouds!

To see the comet with the naked eye — a great success. It is believed that life expectancy it only happens four times. Even rarer to see the so-called "great comet with a large fluffy "tail".

The mystery of the disappearances in the Bennington triangle

Despite the fact that the Bennington triangle is not as famous as other meta, he still has a name and the person who gave it to him. This man was Joseph Citro.

Photos with huge bat scared people

Terrifying the huge bat circled the entire Network and has even managed to become viral. This photo was taken and posted on Twitter a resident of the Philippines Alex Costar.

The oral mystical

In old cities always have their scary legends.

The people of China heard in the mountains "roar of the dragon", gathered on his quest

Thousands of residents of the Chinese village gathered in order to find in the mountains, "a mysterious creature", which emits loud noises. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

Parade of the planets: what is it and what does it affect?

Today, July 4, kicks off the so-called parade of planets — astronomical phenomenon, during which several planets of the Solar system are on the same side of the Sun, in a sector.


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