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For the first time in 18 years, 5 planets and the Moon will line up in the sky

During June, skywatchers had the pleasure of watching all five planets that we can see with the naked eye-Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn-line up in the sky.

China's space debris burned over Spain

Slow-moving fireballs were spotted in the dawn sky of Spain. Many people posted their photos and videos of this phenomenon on social networks, suggesting that it could be a meteor shower.

The explosion of a meteorite lit up the sky in the northeast of Brazil

Fourteen cameras from Clima ao Vivo recorded a super meteor that crossed the skies of Bahia, Pernambuco, Sergipe and Ceara.

Elon Musk's SpaceX rocket was mistaken for an "alien spaceship" in the sky

Strange blue light spirals traveling through the night sky in New Zealand have made observers wonder if it could be an alien spaceship.

Red rainbow — does this happen?

What color is the rainbow? In it, as a rule, you can see all the colors.

What is captured in this photo?

This photo taken by photographer Joshua Rozells in Nambung National Park in Western Australia raises many questions.

Pollen crown captured in Finland

Vesa Vauhkonen from Finland took an unusual photo on June 10 — a pollen crown is imprinted on it.

Chinese telescope captures strange signals from space

The Chinese Sky Eye telescope has been monitoring deep space since 2020, and its huge receivers are now picking up extremely sensitive frequencies outside our galaxy.

The first silvery clouds appeared in the middle latitudes of Russia

It is time for short summer nights that expand the horizon of observations. What is dissolved by sunlight during the day, appears to the eyes of patient romantics at night.

Silvery clouds shine beyond the Arctic Circle

On May 22, NASA's AIM spacecraft detected the first silvery clouds above the Arctic Circle this season. Since then, they have been circling around the North Pole and are getting stronger.

Two mysterious "stowaways" were found on the ISS

Has extraterrestrial life finally made contact with humanity? Not really, but being on the International Space Station (ISS), you can see two mysterious pairs of "eyes". What's it?

Nessie could be a giant toad

For decades, the famous mythical beast has baffled scientists and monster hunters, because no one has been able to prove with certainty that someone really lives at the bottom of the Scottish Loch


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