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Volcanic lava called "Pele's Hair"

Pele's "hair," named after the Hawaiian volcano goddess Pele, is an extremely long strand of volcanic basalt glass formed by stretching molten lava.

House "Whirlwind" on the "forbidden land"

The roadside attraction, where the basic laws of physics seem to stop, is so strange that tourists flock there in droves.

The nature of the mysterious object in the constellation Ophiuchus is revealed

Astronomers at Queen's University in Kingston (Canada) have found out the nature of the mysterious radiation source VLA 1623 West, which turned out to be a protostellar disk.

Have you ever heard of a bird that drinks blood?

Geospiza difficilis septentrionalis, aka the vampire finch, is a small bird with a very unusual diet, it feeds on the blood of other birds.

The crew of the huge Globemaster military transporter was amazed by the huge light in the sky

The crew of the huge Globemaster military transporter was amazed by the huge light in the sky, which had all the signs of an encounter with aliens, but the real reason was also interesting.

For two nights in a row, Sochi residents watch a string of Elon Musk's satellites in the sky

In social networks there was information about a very interesting phenomenon recorded in Sochi.

Amazing cloud formation captured over Gibraltar Rock

The unusual formation of clouds was captured by eyewitnesses over the Rock of Gibraltar. From the outside, it seemed that the cloud was flowing down from the top of the cliff.

Scientists have warned that lakes can explode

On August 21, 1986, a tragedy occurred in Cameroon: Lake Nyos exploded, killing 1,746 people and thousands of wild animals for many kilometers around.

A strange UFO-shaped structure has appeared on a Norwegian lake

An object similar to a flying saucer appeared on a lake in Norway, but everything is not as it seems.

The "fireball" over the UK turned out to be a piece of space rock

On September 14, residents of Scotland, Northern Ireland and the northern part of England could observe a bright "fireball", videos of which flew around social networks.

A meteor flew low over Scotland

Residents of the UK massively report a meteor flying over Scotland — the UK Meteor Network, which collects data on meteors, received more than 200 requests from eyewitnesses.

A meteor flying low scared the residents of the UK

Residents of the UK said they saw a meteor that flew so low that it could be heard. This is reported by the Daily Mail.


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