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A mutant lamb with a leg on its head was born in Australia

Australian farmer Sam Kuerschner has been breeding sheep for many years for subsequent shearing and wool production.

The secret of the "zen stones" on Lake Baikal has been revealed

An unusual phenomenon is periodically observed on the ice of Lake Baikal: pebbles rise above the ice surface, supported by a thin ice leg.

The oldest image of a ghost was found on a 3,500-year-old Babylonian tablet

The world's oldest ghost drawing has been found in the gloomy cellars of the British Museum. This is reported by The Guardian.

Slime in the Sea of Marmara could appear due to warmer than usual winters

The two previous abnormally warm winters in the Marmara Sea area could have caused the appearance of sea slime, which in the spring and summer of 2021 attracted the attention of the whole world.

Siamese twin turtles were born in Massachusetts

A turtle with two heads and one body hatched at the wildlife center of Massachusetts, USA. Despite everything, Siamese twins feel good.

The ISS crew captured blue flashes above the Earth

In early September, the crew members of the station noticed an unusual bluish glow. French astronaut Thomas Pesquet reported on social networks that the phenomenon was of a short-term nature.

Satellite photographed how the volcano of the island of Palma creates bizarre clouds

Clouds over the volcano on the island of La Palma formed a pattern in the form of concentric circles, causing the admiration of meteorologists and netizens.

Meteorite fall observed in the sky over Alsace, France

Many eyewitnesses were very surprised to see a glowing ball flying in the sky at high speed shortly after 8 p.m.

A meteorite crossed the sky on Thursday evening over Alsace. 

A British Columbia resident woke up with a hole in the roof and a space rock on her pillow

A resident of the city of Golden came to the conclusion that a fragment of a meteorite, noticed by locals in the sky over this area, miraculously did not hit her head.

A bright blue flash was noticed in the sky over the USA

More than 40 Americans witnessed an unusual sight - the fall of a celestial body engulfed in fire on Sunday, October 3.

"Survivors" - stories of those who were abducted by aliens

They are called "survivors" — a word that describes nothing — because their experiences are unimaginable: encounters with non-human beings who are sometimes associated with UFOs, and sometimes not.

Solar-powered lasers are being installed in the Saudi desert

Saudi Arabia is placing solar-powered laser emitters near water resources and wells to guide people lost in the desert.


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