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Scientists have explained the mystery of the rotating spheres found in the rock

Mysterious spheres similar to ancient cricket balls with mysterious lines have been discovered in the depths of South Africa, in pyrophyllite deposits, which provoked the appearance of various fant

The mystery of a strange object in the sky over Sweden has been revealed

Recently, a dispute broke out on social networks regarding the reality of a mysterious UFO rushing through the sky at supersonic speed.

7 Reasons Why You Can Believe in Aliens

No one knows if aliens really exist. But there is a lot of circumstantial evidence, rumors and unexplained events that hint that everything is not as simple as it may seem to us.

Loch Ness monster: scientists have found an explanation for what is happening

Engineer Robert Craig, who suggested that people who talk about how they saw Nessie and heard the sounds she made, could actually see and hear...

Scientists have a new theory about what the Loch Ness monster really is.

Scientists from Scotland using a new water sampling technique to study the biodiversity of Loch Ness, a huge 23-mile lake with 7 million cubic meters of water, hope that they will also be able to f

A poisonous (and very unusual) mushroom may begin to grow in Sochi — it must not be touched

In Sochi, a repeat of the situation with the proliferation of trellis, a poisonous fungus listed in the Red Book, is possible, biologist D. Cassanelli said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Due to global warming, a tropical butterfly has settled in the Ryazan region

In the wake of global warming, African migrants are increasingly entering the Ryazan region.

The mystery of the mystical holes at the bottom of the ocean has been revealed

Mysterious depressions discovered in the North Sea were previously thought to be the result of methane seeping from beneath the sediments.

What is the "blood Moon" and how it saved the life of Christopher Columbus

The moon becomes "bloody" when it is in a total lunar eclipse. At these moments, her appearance in the sky is truly fascinating, because usually the gray Moon turns red.

Scientists have revealed the secret of the "impossible" Peruvian coin of the late 19th century

Scientists from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru have revealed the secret of the Peruvian dinero (small coin) issued in 1899.

Pistachios are capable of spontaneous combustion, experts warn

Pistachios are an ancient delicacy that people have been enjoying for several millennia. They are known for their bright green color, delicate taste and crunchy texture.

Why can't a blindfolded person walk straight?

When we see lost people in the cinema who cannot go to the right place, we are outraged at the stupidity of the director, although there is nothing strange about this!


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