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The sun turned the mountains in the "hot coals"

When the international space station flew over India, one of the astronauts captured from orbit mount Kanchenjunga, surrounded by the peaks, lit by the setting sun.

Scientists have unraveled the nature of the celestial anomaly that occurred 1400 years ago over Japan

In the Japanese chronicle of "Nihonshoki" is the phenomenon of red "pheasant tail", which meant, most likely, the Aurora. It arose over Japan 1400 years ago.

Venus, the Pleiades and the Moon Shine in the sky

The moon formed with Venus and the star cluster of the Pleiades, the heavenly triangle. Marek Nikodem took this picture in rural areas Shubin, Poland.

The auroras made it to Sweden

Monday, March 30, the flow of the solar wind struck the Earth's magnetic field, causing auroras around the Arctic circle.

The light poles in Canada

Not everything that looks like the Aurora really is the Aurora.

In the sky above the Serpukhov created the inscription "Stay home!"

One of the main wishes for the whole next week appeared in the sky over Serpukhov. "Stay home!": it is a call that will help to protect yourself from a dangerous infection.

"Steve" returned to the Northern skies

Spring has come to the Northern hemisphere, and "Steve" is back in the sky. Jocelyn Blanchett captured the glowing purple strip over the city of Fermont in Quebec city on March 22.

The inhabitants of the Earth can observe the light show that would suit, flying to the Sun the comet

Hawaiian group of astronomers noted that in a few months people will be able to the naked eye to see the comet ATLAS, if it will not burn at perihelion.

The resulting image near-Earth asteroid

Pictures of a space body (52768) 1998 OR2 are obtained by astronomers in the framework of the project VRT, was published March 20.

The star tracks got some competition

From the time photography was invented, one of the most attractive subjects for photography from Amateur astronomers were stellar tracks.

Huge Moon coming on a group of tourists

What's happening in this video? Where are these people and why are they moving a huge Moon? I think this is a frame from a science fiction movie?

Legends and mystical history of Simferopol

With the Crimean capital of men is often associated with many legends and stories. Simferopol is not only a favorite place for tourists, but real mystery.


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