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Get ready for the spectacular Geminid Meteor Shower

As the year draws to a close, astronomers and meteor enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the appearance of the Geminid meteor shower.

The mystery of frequent punctures of car tires has been revealed in an Italian town

In July of this year, the quiet Italian town of Vastogirardi became the center of attention due to strange incidents with punctured tires, which did not leave indifferent either residents or local

On December 12, a new meteor shower will "spill" onto the Earth

At the end of the year, astronomers predict the appearance of a new meteor shower on December 12.

A technological error created three images of the actress in one picture

British actress Tessa Coates became an accidental participant in an amazing photographic experiment.

NASA Antarctic Airships

NASA has announced the launch of the annual Antarctic Long Duration Balloon Launch (LDB) campaign, which will include a series of scientific balloon flights from the LDB camp near McMurdo Station i

American beaches are flooded with "witch bottles" with terrible contents

A huge number of "witch bottles" began to be found on beaches in the southern part of the United States. Their purpose is to "bury evil spirits."

A powerful geomagnetic storm is forecast today

NOAA confirms that on December 1, a "cannibal coronal mass ejection" (VCM) will hit our planet. Cannibal VCMs are formed when a fast VCM absorbs slower VCMs going ahead.

Yellow snow fell in Perm

On Wednesday, November 22, photos and videos of yellow-gray snow made by surprised Permians appeared on social networks.

The pond in the Hawaiian Nature Reserve has acquired a bright pink hue

A strange change in the color of the water occurred in the Kilia Pond National Wildlife Refuge on Maui, Hawaii.

Can the sea burn?

Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences V. Egorov said in an interview with RIA Novosti that the sea can really burn, and this happens quite often.

For the first time, a chimera monkey was created in China

The journal Cell reports that molecular biologists from China have successfully grown a chimeric variety of primate for the first time, using two sets of pluripotent stem cells for this purpose.

The HAARP research campaign will create an artificial glow in the sky of Alaska on November 11

Residents of Alaska and visitors to the state will have a unique opportunity to observe an artificial glow in the sky created as part of the high-frequency active auroral Research (HAARP) program.


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