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This section contains information about phenomena that are generally believed to have a supernatural, mystical nature, and the very existence of which is currently in doubt.Phenomena Hierarchy

Paranormal abilities

Added Mon, 10/02/2020
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This category includes the phenomena of the various super-powers, ie the ability to do or feel more than an ordinary being: a supernatural mental abilities of people, animals and plants, the phenomenon of life after death and similar phenomena.

Manifestations of extrasensory perception are telepathy, clairvoyance and proscope, dowsing or "biointeractive" (incorrectly called dowsing), however, it often happens that such manifestations include the ways certain intangible unificacao effects on objects, organisms, or physical phenomena — telekinesis or psychokinesis, psychic healing, etc.

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Phenomenon in mass culture



It is a supposed psychic or miraculous ability in which a person or object is (or seems to be) in two different places at the same time.

For example, it is believed that the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras was capable of bilocation. According to Porphyry (who wrote several centuries after Pythagoras):


In the folklore of the Dominican Republic it is the people who are using magic spells to turn into animals (most often dogs or birds). They have a close relationship with wild animals and can get them to do his will. Can become invisible. Like to drink blood and mock the travelers.

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According to the mythology of the Turkic peoples haunted by a Ghost.

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Witchcraft (sorcery, witchcraft, the volhovanii, magic) is usually called the practice of magic as a craft, in which the magician claims contact with the supernatural (demons, spirits of ancestors, nature and other).

Usually it is the practice of magical skills and abilities, but the term is so broad that varies greatly in cultural and social terms, and therefore it is difficult to determine with precision.


In the occult levitation is called a supernatural ability (paranormal activity) to overcome gravity. In this case, the subject or object floating in space (levitated) without touching the surface of a solid or liquid support.

Levitation is not considered a flight, performed by the repulsion from the air, like insects, birds or bats.

Levitation is also known as one of the focuses in illusionism.

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People, sposobne to turn or to turn others into different animals (sometimes objects). Often under the werewolf commemorate the man, turning into a wolf.

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Servodata involves conscious or unconscious manipulation of living organisms or objects without direct communication and without the use of special materials and devices.

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Glowing people

It is customary to refer to the phenomenon of glowing people those cases when a healthy person or his body part, as well as a wound, radiates from a wound. Sometimes the glow comes from corpses. Often, objects can begin to smolder or catch fire from contact with such a person.

The evil eye, curses and corruption

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The evil eye and spoilage is encountered in the mystical beliefs of many peoples. Since ancient times, the society has allocated people, which was attributed to the relationship with different supernatural forces. According to the beliefs of our ancestors, this connection could be initiated specifically by means of various rituals, or was congenital.

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In Japanese mythology, a man possessed by the spirit of the deceased. He has tremendous power and people are not able to stop him. It will be a lot to eat and drink without sleep. Then his body will rot from day to day until the rot starts flowing from all holes.

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The phenomenon of street lamp interference (street lamp interference or SLI) is probably a mental event. People with such abilities are called "SLIders" i.e. "sliders".

Spontaneous involuntary invisibility

Spontaneous involuntary invisibility (HSII) is a phenomenon in which they become invisible and inaudible to others, even if they are physically present and unaware of their condition.

Even in ancient Indian treatises of a religious and philosophical nature, the Upanishads (scientists refer to the period of the VIII century BC) described supernatural abilities called Siddhas, where one of such yogic Siddhas was human invisibility. Similar ideas are found in later European texts.

Spontaneous spontaneous combustion of a person

A phenomenon as a result of which a person can allegedly ignite without a visible external source of fire.


Teleportation (al-Greek. τῆλε "far" + Latin. portare "to carry") is a hypothetical change of the object's coordinates (moving), in which the trajectory of the object can be described mathematically as a continuous function of time.

A term introduced in 1931 by American writer Charles Fort to describe the strange "disappearance" and "appearances" — paranormal phenomena, which, in his opinion, had something in common.

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In common in the Arkhangelsk region the beliefs, replaced by the demon child. He has great physical strength and other incredible qualities.

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In Slavic mythology, a spirit protecting his village from bad weather, rain and hail. A person can also receive this gift by signing a contract with a warlock who promised his soul in return after death, or by taking possession of a wonderful staff or candle.

Extrasensory perception

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The ability of a person to receive information in addition to perception mechanisms and channels known to science and recorded by modern scientific means, including information about past and future events

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