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Priming (the effect of precedence, fixed installation) (English priming) — in psychology, it represents the mechanism of implicit memory, which provides the unconscious and involuntary influence of a certain stimulus on the processing of subsequent stimuli.

It manifests itself in a change in the speed or accuracy of the response to subsequent stimuli, or in a more likely spontaneous reproduction of the first stimulus under suitable conditions.

The impact of such a stimulus may not be realized by a person.

Consider the existing types of priming:

  • Conceptual priming is the use of related concepts (for example, "hat" and "head").
  • Semantic priming is the use of words that are close in meaning. Conceptual and semantic priming are quite similar to each other, and often these two terms are interchangeable.
  • Non-associative semantic priming (non—associative semantic priming) - the concepts are related, but the probability that one of them will certainly cause an association with the second is not high (for example, "Sun" and "Venus").
  • Perceptual priming is based on the shape of the stimulus, as in the case of the "camel" above, where the picture is completed based on the images seen earlier.
  • Associative priming is the use of closely related ideas (for example, "bread" forms the idea of "butter").
  • Masked priming — a word or image is displayed for a very short period of time, and information about it does not reach consciousness.
  • Repetitive priming — repetition of a word or phrase determines subsequent thoughts.
  • Reverse priming — people realize that they are being set up for a certain action, and act in the opposite way.

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