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This section contains information about phenomena that are generally believed to have a supernatural, mystical nature, and the very existence of which is currently in doubt.Phenomena Hierarchy

Unknown creatures

Added Mon, 10/02/2020

This section considers all phenomena unknown to science beings from the mystical (e.g., fairy), before considered to be extinct, nadasladany, etc. (e.g. Yeti).

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Aquatic creatures

Phenomena count: 125

Creatures of unknown nature that inhabit the reservoirs of all types and sizes, from oceans to small lakes.

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Phenomena count: 131

Group phenomena, combining supernatural beings, deprived of a material body, but interacting with the real world. As a rule, may seem endowed with free will and various supernatural powers.

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Living dead

Phenomena count: 22

Group phenomena, uniting the "undead" creatures, i.e. risen from the graves of the dead. They harm people and animals, drink their blood, damage to the economy, etc. In origin they are like ghosts: the result of sorcery, curses (and, rarely, for other reasons) their soul after death I found solace in "the other world" and continues his postmortem existence on the border of two worlds, being in a dead body.

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Flying creatures

Phenomena count: 63

The group phenomena of uniting living beings of unknown origin who are able to fly. The witness who watches this creature in the sky, can directly interact with it and even suffer from his actions.

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Animated objects

Phenomena count: 12

Most often such creatures found in Japanese mythology. Usually it's some old thing who finds his soul and will.

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Phenomena count: 9

Alien is a hypothetical reasonable representative of an extraterrestrial civilization. Considered a passenger "flying saucers", so closely associated with the UFO phenomenon, though there in the mass consciousness much earlier.

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Land creatures

Phenomena count: 295

The group of phenomena in which we are talking about creatures of unknown origin that live on land (also associated with it or seen any action on the ground). Unlike ghosts, which can only observe with unknown creatures, the witness can directly interact and even be affected by their actions.

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