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HDR photography

In modern cameras used a method in which produced a few shots that are "mixed" to provide the viewer the most accurate picture. It's called HDR (High Dynamic Range). This method visualizacoesbest to obtain a wider dynamic range of exposure than would be possible when photographing in the usual ways.

In the days of film photography has added a latitude cut-off range by changing negatives when printing. Dimmed or vysvetleni the space needed for the image to finally obtain the well-researched in all problem areas. In digital photography to increase the dynamic range of the image, removing one and the same shot with multiple exposures, and then combining it into one.

The term HDR is used for all images in which the tone mapping is selected to the maximum. The original purpose of HDR photography is to look at the world from the point of view of fantastic image and remained in the range of balance between light and shadow.

Traditional HDR is achieved by obtaining several frames with different exposures. You need to make 3-7 photographs, each with a slightly different shutter speed. After the resulting images are combined into a single. HDR photography is intended to zoom a digital image saturation and detail to how he sees and perceives the surrounding people.

This approach, especially in case of automatic application, can often cause unusual defects, which can then be mistaken for something paranormal.

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