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A strong magnetic storm has begun on Earth

On Sunday evening, March 24, a strong geomagnetic storm began on Earth. The Kp index has reached a value of 8, which corresponds to the G4 class (out of 5 possible).

Why does the Karelian birch have such an unusual pattern?

Karelian birch has a very interesting wood pattern. However, does this mean that she does not have annual rings?

Scientists reveal the secret of "demonic" faces: a rare visual perception disorder

Recently, researchers at Dartmouth College described an unusual case of prosopometamorphopsy, a rare disorder in which people's faces look distorted and "demonic." The study is published in the jou

A new species of beetles masquerading as something strange has been discovered

In the Australian tropics, in order not to be eaten, the fauna has to act tough and remain secretive.

A huge skull of an unknown creature was found on a California beach

On the sea beach in Monterey Bay in California (USA), locals discovered a mysterious skull of enormous size.

A fisherman found a giant "balloon" in the sea, which turned out to be an inflated whale

Norwegian fisherman Dag Rydland came across a strange object in the open sea north of the island of Annea.

The Parry arc was filmed in the sky over the Ryazan region

The Parry arc was photographed in the sky over the Ryazan region.

The shot was taken on the afternoon of March 10 in the Spassky district. The air temperature was -11 degrees.

The "Devil's comet" will soon be visible to the naked eye

In the coming weeks, it will be possible to see the Pons—Brooks comet in the night sky without special optics. A cosmic body approaches us only once in 70 years.

A new star will appear in the sky, which will be visible for one week

Astronomers have reported that the star T Coronae Borealis (T CrB) will explode at any time this year, and its light will be visible to the naked eye for a week.

Scientists have identified the source of the "extraterrestrial" signal

American researchers have determined the true origin of sound waves, which were previously associated with the fall of a meteorite.

Why do animals behave strangely during a solar eclipse?

In August 2017, the last total solar eclipse was observed in the United States, which allowed American researchers to obtain valuable scientific data on the behavior of fauna.

Elon Musk is to blame for the "otherworldly" blue vortex seen in the northern Lights

The bizarre shape was photographed in the middle of the northern Lights in Iceland and Norway on March 5, although it is believed that the vortex originated in the United States.


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