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Scientists have penetrated into the astral world?

Added Fri, 17/11/2017

In the last month on various resources, covering events of parapsychology and esoteric, began to appear the news that some scientists have created a device that allows to observe the essence of the astral world.

For example, the article on the portal from 17.11.2017:

Sensational is the fact that scientists have created a device that allows to observe the entities of the astral world. However, studies carried out on the basis of this invention, was so fantastic and hard-hitting that all the data was immediately classified, and some altogether destroyed.

Since the experiment involved many people and held it for a long time, according to the magazine "SA Scientific Journal", some of the results it still became public knowledge. Even the invention of a group of scientists under the leadership of doctor of philosophy of Ngung Tobago from the University of Cape town (a device for U.S. patent, № US 5,253,984 B1) the powerful of this world could not hide, but did everything possible to downplay its significance, and the research results spray in the media so that they paid no special attention. Why?

The fact that the device us scientists have shown that the human mind is in control astral entity. And they can be divided into "dark" and "light". And just dark beings often penetrate the human aura and begin to manipulate his mind. For this reason, the current generation may be more prone to penetration into the human aura of low spirits, becoming more aggressive, uncontrollable, violent, cynical and corrupt.

But even this discovery was a most terrible shock to scientists. The fact is that for their experiments they used people of different social strata, starting with the criminals and kill the top leaders of many countries. Now the device showed that the influence of dark forces all the more vulnerable to policy and major financiers (businesses) and the higher rank of such officer, oligarch, the under the strong influence of the black entity he is. Criminals are less subject to the harmful effects of the astral.

Research scientists and their device only confirmed the well-known truth, which the enlightened people knew, spoke and wrote for centuries, and are now trying to tell to the interested readers. For example, academician Nicolai Levashov details about all this described in his book "Last call to Humanity", a lot of it on the Internet and videos (one of them see below) on this topical subject (for the inquiring mind seeking).

What will the new discovery to mankind? Says the same academician Levashov – so far nothing. The discovery only confirmed what leaders at all levels (especially higher levels) are in thrall to the dark astral entities, hence their inappropriate actions, decisions, the way of life. No wonder normal people can't understand why, for example, the oligarch $ 40 billion, which makes it children and grandchildren in the scum and drug addicts, and he himself - the bastard companies? And he continues to Rob its people, increasing the already huge capital, sent to almost the destruction of human society (wars, revolutions, drugs, corruption and so on).

And turns out, all is very simple: these people are in thrall to the dark forces, that they lead the consciousness of these individuals, forcing almost to be a demon in the flesh. It is clear that these black entities will not allow such inventions to change something in our physical world – they do not is destroyed, and the inventors allowed, as stated in the spray. However, there is hope for a quantum jump, which took place for our world 5 years ago, and which promises huge changes for the better, including in the astral plane...

We were interested to see the original article published in the journal, on which all these publications refer - "SA Scientific Journal", but to find any information about this publication failed, as failed to find information about the doctor of philosophy of Ngung Tobago from the University of Cape town. The closest in name was South African Journal of Science, however, its archived records notes with such themes was not found. Moreover, this scholar and this magazine is mentioned only in articles dedicated to the "observation of astral entities".

It was then decided to search the patent number on the website of The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). U.S. patent number specified in the article (US 5.253.984 B1) was found, but it contains information about the "Apparatus for dispensing a liquid on a remote object" (ie - "Device for applying liquid on the object") and was registered on 21 July 1992. Unlikely with the spray it is possible "not only to record the dynamics of the aura of biological objects, but, on the basis of the experiments to make a discovery that is unlikely to remain unnoticed by the wider international community", as written in some articles.

In the search I found lots of articles with similar or very similar content. It turned out that this "news" more than one year: the links the result article "ASTRALS to manipulate OUR MINDS?!" on January 15, 2008. At the end of this article is that the source is worth a note that the article "was prepared by W. T. Kajaia". By this phrase, you can go to the electronic version of the Bulletin of Altai "SVYATOGOR" №4 (31) for the year 2003 and find the article "Science, astral entities and policy". Earlier sources could not be found.

Sometimes the articles on this "discovery" lead to photos that are marked as "10.10.1992". As example, the article "Astral settling", telling about laurah (lat. larvæ — "Ghost," originally "mask", "mask" in modern esoteric is a primitive creature of the subtle world or education in interelectrode person):

However, these photos have no relationship to the article of doctor of philosophy of Ngung Tobago from the University of Cape town or the magazine "SA Scientific Journal", because it was taken from the book Bondareva, V. M., "Monopulse plasmogamy the man" (Alma-ATA,1997) or, more likely, from his article "the Monopulse plasmogamy. New trends in bioenergetic research of man", which is easy to find on the Internet.

Thus, this "news" has been around for 14 years in the absence of reasonable sources. Despite this, the variations multiply, develop, complemented with photographs and conclusions, "proving" the existence of Lavr and various negative energy entities.

It is worth noting that while searching for information on this topic found the article "the Astrals to manipulate our minds" - a fake? from 14.06.2014 years, the authors conclude that "SA Scientific Journal", and the doctor of philosophy of Ngung Tobago from the University of Cape town are fictional, provide a link to the patent and conclude that the whole article is fake. It is unclear why now, in 2017, after as much as 3 years after exposure, this theme resurfaced.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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