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The Alien. United States

ID #1633530505
Added Wed, 06/10/2021
Author July N.

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United States

Robin Lassiter

41 years old, manager of a medical office in Grand Junction, Colorado. I grew up with an older sister in southern Colorado. My parents were hippies and I grew up in an autonomous geodesic dome that they built. For about 4 years I remember standing down under the dome. I don't know how I got out of the attic bedroom. There was a creature in front of me, an insectoid with an exoskeleton. I called him Antman. I felt like he was here to test me. I didn't tell anyone. I was so young, I didn't realize it was unusual, but I never forgot it.

As a child, I had vivid dreams and frequent out-of-body experiences. I had dreams of Armageddon, dreams of war, explosions, destruction and renewal of the earth, the return of civilization. I found the world very confusing and difficult to live in. I went to college, but dropped out. I've been drinking, fighting, running away from myself for several years.

When I was a little over 30, I sobered up, and abnormal experiences began again — sleep paralysis, waking up with a strong shaking of the bed and, eventually, the experience of leaving the body, which changed my life when I was surrounded by an overwhelming buzzing vibration and suspended in limbo next to a smart, velvety darkness.

A creature appeared and pulled me towards the gate. I knew that this is where we go when we die. I got scared and pulled back into my body. I had a vivid dream about four beings joined together and surrounded by light, saying they were here for me when I was ready. I called them the Four-who-is-One.

I began to dream of colored balls falling from the sky. They started teaching me things, telling me that I needed to prepare for something to help the planet. I gave away most of my possessions and moved to a yurt in southern Colorado to try to make my life as simple and connected to nature as possible. I continued to receive out-of-body experiences and visitors, deep dreams, and often saw UFOs in the sky.

After a while, I moved into a mud-brick house that was haunted. I started drinking heavily. I was depressed and had nightmares all the time. I was on the path of self-destruction and one night I broke my ankle. When I fell, I saw four light beings, and they showered me with love, supporting my fall. The ankle broken in this way stopped me, and I was able to sober up again. I've been sober for almost five years.

After that, the anomalous phenomena mostly stopped until the fall of 2019, right before Covid, when I broke the same ankle again while hiking. The sleep paralysis started again, with messages that I needed to prepare for something I needed to help the planet. During the hypnotic regression, I was pulled into space and arrived on another planet, standing in front of the Four-Who-is-One.

I was afraid until one of them stuck his face through the light and I recognized him as ant-man. He told me that they were my mentors, that I usually don't incarnate on Earth, but that I decided to come work on the project. The project is connected with the transition of the Earth into a new paradigm, from evolution through suffering to creativity and joy, to help end the cycle of self-destruction.

They told me that I was between two major stages in my life and I needed to write a book to bridge the gap between them, that I wouldn't be able to talk about these things until I wrote it. This experience has deeply shaken my reality, but after a lot of resistance, the book is almost ready.

My last experience was in January. I was meditating and felt the familiar pull of levitation. I was carried high into space, communicating with the Four. I was back in bed, my body was heavy and strange. The light didn't come on. I was in a cellular matrix that stretched in all directions. Four beings came out of the place where my bedroom wall should have been and told me that this matrix is what reality is based on, this earthly plane.

They told me they showed me a behind-the-scenes look at the mechanics of reality. They said that it is malleable and changes depending on what I focus on, and I need to learn how to work with it.


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