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Fire poltergeist. Russia

ID #1640092577
Added Tue, 21/12/2021
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Incident date: 
Bryanskaya oblast

At the beginning of July 2012, ONIOO "Kosmopoisk" received a message about poltergeist events that unfolded this summer in a private house in one of the villages near Bryansk.

According to preliminary data received, fires in the house began immediately after the death of one of the family members — an 89-year-old grandmother. The estimated start date of the poltergeist is June 16. The family affected by the poltergeist consists of four people: A.V. (42 years old), the head of the family; O.P. (34 years old), the hostess; their daughter M. (14 years old) and son A. (6 years old). The house where the main events unfolded is about 40 years old. The grandmother who died the day before, with whom they exchanged houses about six years ago, previously lived in it. The grandmother died 24 days before the fires started.

On the night of May 15-16, my mother-in-law stayed in the house with the children for the night. The next day it all started — at about 16.30, a dirty towel that was lying on the logs in the woodpile behind the house broke out. The first fire was noticed by a neighbor who came running and informed the household about it. Then, at 21.00, the hay piled under the roof in the barn caught fire. The next day, the trash caught fire in the "temporary shelter", which is currently being used as a warehouse for unnecessary things and building materials. It was then that the priest was called, who came, consecrated the house and yard, left icons, candles, and so on to the owners. However, the intervention of the Church in this situation did not help, since the next day (May 18) after the priest's visit, fires started directly in the house.

In general, here we can notice a clear tendency of the emergence of poltergeist phenomena outside the house — in outbuildings in the yard - with their further transfer to the territory of the living space. The subsequent chronology of events by dates is not recoverable. The owners did not keep any diary entries. They note only the intensity of fires that occurred almost every day with some lull, the longest of which were timed mainly to the end of the month.

Fires and other poltergeist events were present in almost all rooms of the house. There were no patterns with the spread of fires in the house by the owners. In their opinion, the process developed chaotically both in time and in space. Various things were exposed to fire — items of clothing, bed linen, upholstered furniture, curtains and curtains, soft toys, school notebooks. Even a wet towel hanging on the heating pipe in the bathroom caught fire. Traces of fire on the ceiling in one of the rooms, on the floor, on window sills, wooden parts of furniture (laminated chipboard), etc. have a secondary character, as traces of fire exposure from ignited objects. The nature of the flame in the ignition centers did not have any specific properties. The flame was quite ordinary, burning.

The last case of spontaneous combustion of objects was noted on July 9. After that, there was a lull. It is possible that this is the end of the fiery poltergeist.

As it was stated by the owners of the dysfunctional house, on the first day of the start of the fires, a box of matches was found missing. Subsequently, a burnt match was found at the site of a separate fire source — either before the incident or after it. Moreover, only the match head was burned, and its wooden part itself remained virtually completely intact.

Another interesting aspect in this case was related to the written messages from the poltergeist, which were laid out from matches — both whole and broken. The appearance of these inscriptions was associated with an intuitive attempt by the owners to enter into a dialogue with an unknown force by asking questions out loud. After that, these specific "answers" were discovered. So the appearance of the inscriptions "HA-HA SHE" (to the question "Who are you — he or she?"), "PRASTI", "FOOD" (to the question "What do you need?"), "ANYA is A FOOL" is noted.

The only atypical case in a series of such poltergeist "answers" was the case of the discovery of a broken raw egg on the floor near the baseboard in one of the living rooms. This happened after the answer "FOOD" appeared and the question was asked: "What kind of food?". According to the assurances of the owners, there was not a single raw egg in the house that day. After that, the residents began to leave a saucer with a raw egg broken into it on the windowsill in the same room, which was recorded by the visiting working group.

At the time of the arrival of the research group, the match inscription "PRASTI", which was located in a temporary building in the yard, was more or less in good condition. It is worth noting that on the second day of the group's stay, this inscription was deliberately "corrected" by someone to recreate, as it is supposed, the original form of the "answer". There were also matches from the destroyed inscription "ANYA FOOL". Moreover, the matches used for these inscriptions were whole, not burnt. An empty matchbox produced by PLITSPICHPROM CJSC (Balabanovo, Kaluga Region) was found in the same temporary building.

It seems that there were only two described cases of detection of "messages" from matches in the temporary shelter. Other incidents took place already in the house. In particular, the first "inscriptions" appeared in the kitchen. In particular, the inscription "HA-HA SHE" is on the windowsill in the kitchen, and the word "FOOD" is in the girl's room where the egg broke. In these two cases, the words were laid out from burnt matches.

In general, the content of the "notes" left by the poltergeist from matches did not contain aggression.


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