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Algol: Tragedy of Power


Added Sat, 21/07/2018
Release date
Original title
Algol. Tragödie der Macht

"Algol. The Tragedy of power" (German "Algol. Tragödie der Macht") is a 1920 silent science fiction film directed by Hans Werkmeister, shot in the style of expressionism.

The film was rather coolly received by critics due to plot holes, a weak script and a lot of absurdities. Also, he did not find a response from the general public, and therefore hardly had a great impact on the minds of the public. However, there are still people who claim that the film hides a hidden metaphysical meaning rooted in the archetypal images of Indo-European culture.

It is important for us that the film mentions an alien and alien technology, which was rare at that time.

It's interesting 

In the movie "Algol. The Tragedy of power" (German "Algol. Tragödie der Macht", 1920) an alien and alien technologies are mentioned, which was very rare at that time

The plot of the film tells about the life of Robert Hearn, who works at a coal mine, and his friendship with Maria Obal. While working in a mine, he meets a resident of the planet Algol, who gives him a prototype of a machine capable of providing an almost unlimited source of energy. Over the next year, Hearn creates a factory that produces electricity in unlimited quantities. He wants to free the workers from the hard work in the mine, but his activities are leading to massive economic turmoil around the world.

Over the next 20 years, Hearn grows in power and influence, but loses touch with Maria, who now lives in a part of the world that his influence does not extend to.

The film then proceeds to tell the story of the machinations of Herne's son Reginald and his (ultimately unsuccessful) coup attempt to seize the secrets of energy production technology. Meanwhile, Maria also has a son who goes to a meeting with Hearn to ask for his help: coal reserves in his country have run out. Initially, Hearn refuses to help. Maria visits him to ask in person. Hearn comes to understand the extent to which he has been corrupted by power. He destroys the machine, thereby preventing his son from taking control of the world after his death.

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

The stranger has the appearance of a common man. He sends the main character of the movie the secret of the device, generating energy from waves taken from the star ALGOL, and tells how to use this energy to seize power on the planet.

The film does not show how alien came to our planet, and do not explain what goals it pursues.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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