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This section contains information about the representation of phenomena in the entertainment industry: movies, cartoons, books, etc.

Amphibian Man


Soviet feature film, 1961, "the amphibian Man", based on the eponymous sci-Fi novel by Alexander Belyaev, went into wide release January 3, 1962. The premiere was held a little earlier – December 28, 1961.

The plot of the film close to the book, however, his story usato the time frame of a feature film. He became the leader of Soviet distribution in 1962, further popularized the image of the man-amphibian from the already extremely popular novel by Alexander Belyaev.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Fishermen and pearl divers Buenos Aires scared – in the sea appeared a mysterious creature called "the sea devil". However, cold-blooded businessman Pedro Zurita, the owner of the farm pearl fishers, decides to catch a mysterious creature and adapt it to the case. He begins to patrol the Bay in the hope of tracking down the "devil". Lungfish man with lungs and gills of the shark is a young man named Andrew, the result of bold experiments of Dr. Salvatore with organ transplantation. Andrew faintly familiar with the people and civilization: he grew up in his father's house and at sea, his friends, the dolphins.

Once Andrew sees fallen overboard and drowning girl and save her from death. This fleeting encounter changes a young man's life. He first comes to town and finds a charming gutiere, who doesn't know who her real Savior. Among young people there are feelings. However, the girl's father, Balthazar, insists that she marry the calculation for Zurita (which the girl and considers her Savior). Gutiere resists, but finally gives up, believing that Andrew, her eyes rushed into the sea, drowned, and her real Savior Zurita.

After several unsuccessful attempts Zurita finally catches "the sea devil". Salvatore pulls son from the clutches of Surety, but he accuses the doctor in the attack on his ship. The doctor and the frogman was arrested and imprisoned. However, each Salvatore, in love with gutiere journalist Olsen, helping the boy to escape. Free now and gutiere is her father, and the aching soul of a deeply unhappy marriage with Surity daughter, in a fit of rage stabs businessman. But they never find happiness due to the fact that Andrew is in prison too long dwelt in a barrel of water, his health deteriorated and now he won't be able to leave the sea.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Aquatic creatures

The image of the sub-Mariner not only in the novel and its film adaptation, but in various myths is a reflection of the dreams of human capabilities equally free to stay and move under water and on land. It is close to the notion of mythical creatures such as mermaids, tritons, sirens, selkies, etc.. that is why the inhabitants of the coast connects this image with mysticism and evil spirits, calling them the unknown creature, "the sea devil".

Externally, the frogman, which can be equally free, both on land and in water differs from the mermaids or mermen with no fish tail, but his costume includes fins and "scales". Interestingly, to recreate the past when filming we used an old white film, pearlized painted with waterproof paint. As basis are used the fabric from which sewed tight tights.

The image of the-man in its various manifestations still remains popular and is often used in mass culture: books, movies, comics and games.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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