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Added Sat, 04/01/2020
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"Dracula" (orig. "Dracula") is a British three-part television series in the genre of horror and drama based on the novel by Bram Stoker.

The series is an interesting and controversial interpretation of great works. It is not a literal adaptation, although the authors are undoubtedly well-studied literary source. In the series, examines the major associated with the vampires of superstition, appeared hundreds of years ago and entrenched in popular culture, and tries to find their source. However, the main emphasis is not on horror, bringing the count is a vampire, and the motives of his behavior. The authors clearly show that the image of the vampire in Stoker's work (and many subsequent) – figuratively, it is primarily an allegory on the fear of death, common to all people.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

The first series tells about the events that occurred in 1897. Escaped from the castle of count Dracula, the English lawyer Jonathan Harker tells the nun Agatha van Helsing about how he went to Transylvania to meet with a new client. He was in scary the maze-like castle, where he lived with the prisoner about a month until Dracula fed on his blood. Exploring the castle in an attempt to escape, Harker found the undead brides of count on which he conducted experiments. Dracula kills Harker, but after death he comes to life and escapes from the castle. After some time the body of Jonathan find fishermen and sent to a convent. Following the scent of Harker, the walls of the monastery comes and Dracula himself, who's killing all the nuns, releasing only the bride of Jonathan in exchange for the sister of van Helsing. Agate attracts the attention of Dracula's wit and insight, and he decides to take her along on a trip.

The second series describes the voyage of the Russian ship "Demeter", the passengers going to London. One of the travelers is count Dracula. Shortly after he coming on Board, the ship people begin to disappear. Part of the crew leaves the ship on a lifeboat, the rest are forced to join with the Earl in mortal combat, trying to stop the vampire before arriving in England. Agatha van Helsing that the count took with him on a journey, gets infected after multiple bites a vampire and decides to sink the boat with him, breaking through the blast hole in his body. Dracula hides in the box with the native land, which after the explosion falls to the sea floor. The surviving members of the ship's crew decide to tell everyone about Dracula on arrival in England.

The third series takes place in our days. Count Dracula is completely vostanovil in the box to the ground and comes to the coast of England. There he's intercepted scholars, which sponsors the Fund, organized by the surviving fiancée of Jonathan Harker over a hundred years ago. Manages the Fund zoey van Helsing, a distant rodstvenitsa Agatha. Dracula attacks her, but Zoe is terminally ill, and her blood count is a deadly poison. She takes the vampire blood for research to find its weaknesses. Dracula quickly ostavlyaet modern technology and is freed with the help of a lawyer, who later makes his assistant in the implementation of the plan for "world domination". Zoe drank the blood count and gets the memory of all his victims, including Agatha van Helsing.

Dracula meets Lucy Westenra – a young girl who wants to live the eternal beauty and becomes the first person who voluntarily agrees to give Dracula his blood. Earl wants to make her his bride, but Lucy cremated after death, and it loses its beauty, becoming a monstrous charred living corpse. Unable to stand the existence in this way, Lucy asks, in love with her boyfriend to kill her, which he does, plunging a wooden stake into her heart.

Zoe reveals Dracula the cause of his behavior: he can not admit that he was afraid of death and can't take the same courage as did his ancestors-warriors. Dracula rises in direct sunlight and nothing happens. The illusion that he had carefully created for themselves for hundreds of years, crumbling, he takes his fear and refuses to live forever with the shame of realizing its causes. Dracula bites zoey, gives her oblivion in the last moments of life, and they both die.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: A vampire

In the series show two types of vampires. First of all is count Dracula, which is unique in its kind, representative of the Supreme vampires. He adheres to the principle "you are what you eat", and because of this retains a sharp wit, and aristocratic manners. Through the blood of his victims, he absorbs their memories, knowledge and skills (particularly language skills, accents, manners of speech). We can assume that the souls of all those killed by the count of people living in his blood. Old Dracula rejuvenated by absorbing the blood and absorbing the health of their victims. During the bite he sends them visions, the content of which can control. The bite of a vampire is not a classic two wounds from the fangs, but rather a large elongated scar on the victim's neck.

In accordance with the classical notions of vampires, Dracula is afraid of sunlight and crucifixes, not like mirrors, but also could not enter the premises if it were not invited (action of garlic is not mentioned). In the course of the story is that in the mirrors it is reflected, just see yourself in them, the monster finds himself. Sunlight and crucifixion ain't a real threat, and are merely a psychological barrier associated with the true cause of the vampirism of Dracula – the fear of death. Apparently, for the same reason he doesn't drink the blood of the dead and terminally ill people: she kills him.

Other mystical abilities Dracula is the ability to shape-shift, to control certain types of animals (i.e., wolves and bats), to cause the fog to climb the steep wall and show people visions in the reflections.

Way to kill Dracula remains unsolved, he dies voluntarily.

The second type of vampire are facing the victim count. Some will bite is strong enough to keep their minds and freedom of action (also, apparently, this can happen at the request of the Dracula). These vampires are reflected in the mirrors, seeing herself in them as is. Unlike the higher vampire, they are not afraid of sunlight and crucifixes, but (according to the stories of the Dracula) usually do not last long, as promiscuity in food leads to rapid degradation of their mental faculties. To kill these vampires can by ramming them in the chest with a wooden stake.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Zombies

Zombies (the walking dead) in the series show often. They are all people who died from the bite of Dracula. Most often (but not always) after the death of these creatures lose their minds and seek only to satisfy their hunger. They are fully conscious, feeling the pain from the damage to the body (e.g. cremation) and the horror of the gradual decay. Over time, some living dead become vampires, but a lower level of development than Dracula.

Zombies can be killed by ramming a stake through his heart, which distinguishes them from the classical image of the walking dead. The suicide does not work: to kill a zombie should be someone else.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Werewolf

Dracula can turn into a wolf. This process we do not demonstrate but show the opposite: Dracula emerges from the belly of the wolf, tearing his skin from the inside.

In the series show that Dracula can control the behavior of wolves and bats. If he could turn into a bat is unknown, but it clearly inherits these animals have a way of moving on a vertical wall.

For lycanthropy, you can accept the transformation of Dracula to Jonathan Harker: then, as he rips off his skin, very similar to the process of transformation from wolf to human.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: The mystical fog

The mystical fog is causing Dracula is travelling by ship from Romania to England. He releases his breath like smoke from cigarettes. The fog persists for a long period of time and follows the ship.

Dracula uses the fog to hide from the sunlight.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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