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It! The Terror from Beyond Space


Added Thu, 14/04/2022
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It! The Terror from Beyond Space

"It is! Horror from outer space" (Eng. "It! The Terror from Beyond Space") is an American black-and-white science fiction horror film released in 1958.

It's interesting 

The plot of the 1958 American black-and-white sci-fi horror film "It! Horror from outer space" (Eng. "It! The Terror from Beyond Space") inspired the screenwriter Dan O'Bannon on the creation of the cult film "Alien" (1979)

1973. For the first time in the history of mankind, a manned expedition of ten astronauts was sent to Mars. However, shortly after landing, communication with the ship disappears. To find out the fate of the pioneers, six months later, a second expedition is sent there, the participants of which discover the first ship and only one survivor – the commander. A skull with a bullet hole belonging to one of the crew members is found next to the ship. From this, rescuers conclude that the commander, Colonel Edward Carruthers, killed all his subordinates in order to wait alone, with plenty of water and provisions, for a rescue expedition. The colonel himself denies his guilt, stating that all his comrades were killed by an unknown Martian creature, but no one believes him.

The ship is preparing to launch to take Carruthers to Earth, where he will be put on trial. Just before takeoff, some large humanoid creature sneaks into the ship. Soon, already in flight, it begins to kill and injure the crew members one by one, who have to admit their mistake regarding the colonel's accusations. An autopsy of one of the victims shows that "water and oxygen have been completely drained out of him." The crew is trying to destroy the alien with pistols, grenades, poison gas, electricity, radiation, but all this does not cause him noticeable harm. As a result, noticing that the oxygen consumption on the ship has greatly increased, the astronauts conclude that "this creature needs a large amount of oxygen, since it has huge lungs accustomed to breathing the rarefied air of Mars." Therefore, the survivors put on spacesuits and open the gateway to outer space from the control room, to which the alien has already approached. Uncontrolled decompression kills the creature.

On Earth, a White House spokesman tells reporters that the charges against Colonel Carruthers have been dropped, but Mars exploration will be stopped, "since the real name of this planet is Death."

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

An alien from the planet Mars enters a spaceship and flies away with the crew. He is a large humanoid creature with a flat nose, fangs instead of teeth and three fingers on his hands. The alien shows no signs of intelligence, his actions are conditioned by instincts. It feeds on living organisms (in the film – people), absorbing oxygen and water contained in their bodies. Victims usually die from the loss of these substances.

The creature has enormous physical strength and is immune to pistol shots and large-caliber weapons, as well as grenade explosions. It is not afraid of radiation and electric current, but it evades the fire directed at its face.

The alien dies after depressurization of the compartment in the complete absence of atmosphere.

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