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Added Fri, 26/07/2019
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"Magnus" (orig. "Magnus") is a Norwegian comic detective series with elements of mystery, released in 2019. Wonderful series with a careful approach and the kind supply of Norse mythology.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

A police detective Magnus is known for his crazy theories and strange methods of conducting investigations. Because of this, it is not allowed to participate in serious cases.

One evening Magnus shows the neighbor boy, Nicholas is equipped with the latest technology designed to spy on the chest of his own invention and asked to help. Magnus is going to follow the criminals climbed into the chest. However, at the crucial moment the boy accidentally spills milk on a control panel chest of drawers, and Magnus rips the operation, which police had been preparing for two years. As a result of his being suspended from police work. On the same night in a remote Norwegian hotels dies under mysterious circumstances, the girlfriend of a famous actor. The actor himself disappears.

Arrived at the local police station from the capital of a detective trying to hinder the investigation. He orders the chief of the local branch of not only the return of Magnus ' work, but also to appoint him in charge of the investigation of the mysterious death of a girl and the disappearance of the actor. As a partner Magnus allocate a COP with suicidal tendencies who is trying to reunite with his wife, who died six months ago.

Magnus realizes that someone from the leadership of trying to sabotage the investigation, and tries for the public to behave in the most stupid order to meet the expectations of the saboteur. They, with a partner, and Nicholas constantly recreate the night before the girl's death, based on the videos posted by the actor in the network. They find out that the girl was seen on the side of the road a huge dog, and also that the hotel had heard the sound of thunder.

When recreating the night of the murder of Magnus kidnaps Troll creature, dressed in a huge full-body dog costume. Being accompanied by the Forester, which knocks out the detective with a rifle butt, and when he comes to, explains that it all seemed, and in General, "trolls, most likely, does not exist." Magnus returns to the station and report to the chief that the loss of the actor, blame the Troll. As a result of the Magnus again suspended, but he continues to investigate behind the scenes, masquerading as other employees of the police station. Partner helps him, not even knowing about it. Together they find a video which shows that she was killed in an attack by a strange horizontal lightning. When the plan for Magnus is revealed, both of them fired.

Magnus manages to find out that the investigation prevents the Metropolitan detective, who also is in cahoots with a man claiming to be the head of the geological Department of a large US company. The result of the operation, which was carried out by Magnus and his partner killed the police chief. Magnus blames herself for his death and stops the investigation.

At this time, the fans continue the search for the missing actor. One of the fans who watched the actor on that fateful evening in the hotel, finds him locked in the house of the Forester and his wife. Around the house fan to notice the huge Troll. It frees the actor and they escape, but in the woods they are attacked by strange creatures – the moss goblins. From them and fan rescues a Troll. They again escape, and after a long journey through the woods out to the base of "geologists from the United States." The actor wants to come out to them, but a fan of his advises. In an absurd brawl actor throws the girl off a cliff, then goes to the base.

Geologists explain the actor he was in the hotel at the time of the release of energy engulfed her and must now possess supernatural abilities, including immortality and the power to resurrect people. He's trying to resurrect the killed in the result of the operation of Magnus the chief of police, but nothing comes out.

Fan survives the fall and comes to base, but she's shot and buried next to the chief of police. After some time, she resurrected herself and revitalizes the chief. He behaves strangely due to brain damage as a result of injuries to the head. Fan returned home, and the chief of police – work.

Magnus returns to the investigation, tracks down the Troll and discovers that the wife of a Forester, for several hundred years was the Keeper of the Gate. She helped the Troll to close the portals between the worlds and not to let supernatural beings into our reality. However, over the years she and her husband are tired of living, and she voluntarily renounced abilities, creating the "energy output", which geologists told the actor. Magnus realizes that these forces accidentally went to the fan and persuades the actor to help save the world and explain to the frightened girl what was going on. When they manage to get through to her, she closes the gate.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Troll

The Troll is a large humanoid creature with a developed intelligence and is able to speak the Norwegian language. He is long (hundreds of years) lives among the people, guarding the passage between the worlds and helping to close the portals, which are periodically formed. To disguise the Troll is huge (life-size) dog costume with long dangling tongue. He has a good disposition, not showing aggression and trying to help people.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Parallel world

A parallel world in the series catch a show. Basically we are talking about the portal – gate of the God Loki created between the worlds of gods, trolls and humans. But the gods and the trolls that gate did not like, and they put near the portal of the guard-Troll. However, in order to close the portal, the Troll need the help of the person Guardian of the Gate.

The portal looks like a huge glowing blue hole in the tree trunk.

In the scene at the end of the last episode show a part of a parallel world (or perhaps part of the passage into this world). It is a long tunnel, the walls of which are visible growths of an unknown nature.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Servodata

Supernatural abilities possessed by the person who takes on the role of Keeper of the Gate. For this, the Keeper gets immortality and ability to heal and resurrect the dead. When the Guardian is anxious or feels threatened, he is able to emit lightning, damaging threatening him. Using a similar lightning Keeper can close the portal between worlds.

For several hundred years, Keeper of the Gate was a woman living with her husband in a shack in the woods. However, for such a long time, she tired of the world and decided to retire. The new Guardian accidentally getting the girl, pursuing his idol-actor.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Zombies

As a zombie (walking dead) you can see the people that resurrected the Guardian of the Gate. Unlike the classic zombies, they do not lose any freedom of will or of reason (if cause of death is brain damage), and just get healed and come back to life. Outwardly they do not differ from themselves before death.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Goblin

The moss goblins are also humanoid beings, but, unlike the Troll, much smaller. The goblins eyes glow red in the dark. They don't have minds, they are primarily driven by instincts. Goblins are aggressive, attacking people and animals. Moss is something like pheromones, feel its smell they come into a state of excitation and able to commit the sexual abuse of person or creature.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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