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The Man Who Could Cheat Death


Added Wed, 11/05/2022
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The Man Who Could Cheat Death

"The Man Who Cheated Death" (English: "The Man Who Could Cheat Death") is a British horror film released in 1959. It is a remake of the American film "The Man from Crescent Street" (1945), which, in turn, is based on the play of the same name by Barre Lyndon.

Paris, 1890s. 104-year-old Dr. Georges Bonnier prolongs his youth by killing women and using their parathyroid glands to transplant into his body. As a result, he always looks 40. Every ten years he performed this operation with the help of his friend, Dr. Pierre Gerard, after which he changed his place of residence so as not to arouse suspicion.

One day in France, Bonnier meets the beautiful Jeanine Du Bois. He is ready for a serious relationship with her, although he is afraid to reveal his secret yet. Meanwhile, the deadline for another murder and gland transplantation is approaching, but Dr. Pierre Gerard, who usually performed the operation, refuses to help Bonier this time, since his right arm is paralyzed after suffering a stroke. Bonier finds a new surgeon, but it turns out that he himself is secretly in love with Janine. Since Bonier's eternal life is being jeopardized, he goes to great lengths, including blackmail, and the surgeon has to perform another operation on Bonier under pressure.

However, it turns out that the surgeon made an incision, but did not transplant the gland. Not having time to take the medicine on time, Bonier begins not only to age quickly, but also to turn into a monster. Janine, who happened to be next to Bonier at that time, runs away in horror, and a fire starts in the house, in which Bonier burns down.

Phenomena in artwork: Paranormal abilities

The main character of the film, Dr. Bonnier, prolongs his life by transplanting the parathyroid glands of other people once every 10 years. As a result of these operations, he does not visually age (at 104, he looks about 40 years old) and never gets sick.

If the operation is not done on time, then Bonier's skin acquires a greenish hue, and touching causes severe burns in other people. If you do not have time to drink a specially prepared liquid in this state, then his body begins to age quickly. This process is already irreversible and inevitably leads to a painful death: along with old age come all the diseases that he managed to avoid before.

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