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The Little Shop of Horrors


Added Sun, 05/06/2022
Release date
Original title
The Little Shop of Horrors

"The Little Shop of Horrors" (English: "The Little Shop of Horrors", in other translations "Shop of Horrors", "Little Shop of Horrors") is a comedy of black humor, released in 1960.

The action of the film begins in a flower shop. A poor florist, Gravis Mushnik, together with a young girl Audrey, tries to sell his plants, but almost does not receive revenue. His assistant, a guy named Seymour, does not know how to handle flowers and behaves extremely clumsily, which angers Mushnik, and he fires him. Seymour is desperate to stay at work and brings to the shop a strange plant resembling a flycatcher and planted in a coffee jar. He promises to take care of the flower and grow it, for which he stays overnight in the shop. Trying to water a flower, Seymour once again shows clumsiness and wounds his finger on the thorns of a plant in a nearby pot. Drops of blood fall into the open flower and it closes. Seymour understands that the plant is predatory and feeds on blood. He gives him some more blood by piercing his fingers with a pin.

The next morning Seymour comes to the shop with bandaged fingers and sees that the flower in the coffee jar has grown, becoming quite large. This attracts visitors who wanted to look at an unusual plant and at the same time buy flowers. Mr. Mushnik is delighted and even calls his assistant "son." The flower was decided to be called "Audrey Jr.". But after a while, the plant seems to dry up, and the Mushnik again comes into a bad mood. Seymour swears that he will restore him to his former appearance, and again stays overnight in the shop.

At night, the flower opens again and suddenly says to Seymour: "Conquer me." He goes for a night walk in confusion and inadvertently kills a man by pushing him onto the railway tracks. Out of desperation, he puts the remains of the corpse in a bag and brings it to the shop. The next morning, the flower becomes even bigger, and after that the real horror begins – several more people become victims of the flower.

Phenomena in artwork: Unknown creatures

An unknown creature in the film is a mutant plant - a fat woman crossed with a Venus flycatcher. The origin of the plant remains completely unclear. The main character bought his seed from a Chinese man who found it on a cranberry plantation.

The plant develops very slowly until it turns out that it feeds on blood and meat (mostly human, and during the night it can eat the entire corpse of an adult male). By switching to such a diet, the flower begins to grow very quickly, quadrupling in size in a day. Soon he begins to speak English, demanding that others feed him. The plant can also hypnotize people, suppressing their will and forcing them to look for food for him.

The plant blooms, releasing large buds on long stems. In the core of each flower, the image of the face of one of the people eaten by the plant is clearly visible.

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