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Central Russia's Vampires


Added Sun, 09/05/2021
Release date
Original title
Вампиры средней полосы

"Vampires of the Middle Lane" is a Russian mystery detective series. The first season, released in 2021, consists of 8 episodes.

In a birch grove near Smolensk, the completely drained corpses of two guys are found, on which bite marks are found. An investigator from Moscow will have to figure out who is to blame for the crime: wild animals or local vampires.

At the same time, Irina Vitalievna – the head of the guardians who monitor the observance of the agreement between vampires and humans-gives the leader of the Smolensk ghouls Svyatoslav Vernidubovich exactly one week to find and punish the killer.

Phenomena in artwork: A vampire

The vampires shown in the series look like people, are not afraid of daylight and garlic, are reflected in mirrors. They can have sex (but they can't conceive), sometimes they eat human food. Some of the vampires sleep in coffins, but more out of tradition than out of necessity.

Vampires have fangs before attacking a person or when they drink blood. Usually they only express a safe amount of blood for a person, since the murders contradict the ancient agreement, thanks to which monsters live peacefully in one city with people. They bite not only in the neck, but also in any place on the human body where there is access to large veins. After a vampire bite, a person loses his memory of the period of time preceding the attack. In addition, for some time the bitten person has a slight temperature (about 37.2 degrees).

Vampires are immortal. Each of them has a unique supernatural ability (levitation, telepathy, blood diagnostics, telekinesis, etc.). All vampires have the ability to regenerate, but it takes a lot of energy and causes a feeling of hunger. A hungry vampire is very weak and experiences something similar to the withdrawal of a drug addict.

To become a vampire, you need to drink the blood of another vampire. It is not necessary to be bitten at the same time. The transformation occurs almost instantly.

To kill a vampire, you need to cut off his head. The vampire's body then ignites.

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