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The Walking Dead


Added Sun, 11/04/2021
Release date
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The Walking Dead

"The Walking Dead "(English:" The Walking Dead") is a 1936 horror film.

A gang of racketeers commits the murder of a judge and frames John Ellman, a recently released music teacher. At the trial, he is sentenced to death, to which the criminals make additional efforts. Later, witnesses to his innocence are discovered, but due to artificial delay, the connection with the prison is established too late, and just at the moment of the conversation on the phone, the execution is carried out.

Fortunately, these witnesses work in the laboratory of Dr. Evan Beaumont, who is engaged in experiments to revive the dead. He takes the body and with the help of a mechanical heart, injections, gases and high-voltage discharges returns the executed person to life. When discussing the results, the doctor points to some obscure dark spot in Ellman's brain on the X-ray.

The doctor and his assistants are trying to restore the memory of the resurrected John Ellman. At some point, he successfully plays music on a very useful piano that turned out to be in the clinic. But his memories are very vague, and he does not really know anything about the murder that took place, but has some supernatural knowledge about those who are the true murderers of the judge and the perpetrators of his own unjust accusation. When a court prosecutor is brought before Ellman, he says indifferently that he does not consider him an enemy. But when the leader of the gang appears, who provided Ellman with the "services" of a lawyer during the trial, he becomes enraged and, to the bewilderment of those present, demands that this person immediately leave. During a concert for doctors and influencers, Ellman plays the piano and peers into the audience. The entire gang is present in the hall, the members of which are dismayed by John's gaze and leave the hall. Only the ringleader-the "lawyer" - remains outwardly calm.

Ellman begins to leave the clinic at night. The cemetery caretaker finds him walking among the graves, recognizes him from the photos in the newspapers, and brings him back. When questioned, he replies that he feels that " his place is there." Then Ellman begins to visit the members of the criminal group one by one. He finds them at home or on the street, asks the questions "Why did you kill the judge?" and "Why did you kill me?", after which he leads them into supernatural horror and kills them. Outwardly, all deaths look like accidents.

After the third death in a row, the remaining criminals finally sounded the alarm. The "lawyer" breaks into the clinic and demands that Ellman be placed at his disposal . The doctor objects that he still has a lot of work to do on it, but they show him a certain court order in which the "lawyer" is appointed as Ellman's guardian. The only thing that the doctor can object to is that the document begins to take effect from the next day, and they have another 24 hours for research. The next night, Ellman once again goes to the cemetery. The "lawyer" and the remaining gang member know about his movements and arrive there by car. Ellman comes out to meet them. They start shooting at him in horror with a revolver. Ellman, who has received many bullets, falls, and the bandits leave in a hurry. When the doctor arrives, he takes Ellman to the clinic and ruefully informs him that one of the bullets hit the same dark spot. Ellman regains consciousness for a while – and at this moment, the criminals, rushing in a car on a night road, lose control and crash into a power line pole. Wires fall on the car, and it sparkles with electrical discharges.

Phenomena in artwork: Zombies

The main character of the film was executed in the electric chair. Soon after, he was resurrected as a result of a medical experiment.

The risen from the dead has undergone both external and internal changes. His hair is streaked with gray, and his movements are stiff, as if the left side of his body is not listening well (which does not prevent him from playing the piano). He talks and experiences emotions, but has completely lost the memory of who he was and what happened to him. The doctor who revived him believes that the memory loss is related to a blood clot left in the occipital lobe of his brain.

During the time spent in the next world, the main character has acquired knowledge about who is to blame for his death. He is constantly drawn to the cemetery: he is attracted to the peace and quiet, and also it seems to him that his place is there.

The revived dead man is killed with a conventional pistol, producing a large number of shots. One of the bullets hits him in the back of the head and destroys the blood clot, unlocking the memories of the post-mortem experience (although he never has time to tell about it).

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