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Little men from underground legends of the Cherokee Indians

Added Mon, 24/06/2019
Дата публикации
Sat, 22/06/2019

In numerous myths and legends native American people of the Cherokee are a series of stories about a race of little men. Lived this folk in the territory of modern North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia.

The Cherokee called them the word "Nannie" (Nunne'hi) that has two versions of the translation "People live everywhere" and "People who live forever" ("Eternal people"). Or with the words "Yunwi Tsunsdi," which meant simply "Little people".

Outwardly, they looked like Indians, but was very small in stature, not above the human knee. They possessed supernatural powers and could instantly disappear at will, to teleport from place to place and lived a very long time, if not indefinitely.

They were not evil beings, but rather a very loved song and dance, and is still seen as defenders of the forests. Overall it was an Indian analogue of the elves.

From music nanihi loved the drums and the Cherokee hunters often heard drumming coming from these wilds, where no people lived. And when out of curiosity the Cherokee tried to go to the sound and see the dancing nanihi, it did not lead to any result, the sound was always distant the same distance which was approaching hunters.

Most of the time Nannie remained invisible to Indians, and for housing they chose the most hidden corners, like dark caves, or towering cliffs. However, when the Indians had trouble, such as war with a neighboring tribe, Nannie could come to their aid. They claim to always protect the tribe, whose territory was inhabited and helped the Indians to beat the invaders.

Nannie lived mostly in underground holes and these holes were very long and winding. According to legend a large network of tunnels runs under nannai blood mountain in Georgia, and the other network is located near the lake Trality in the same Georgia. Other dungeons Nannie lie in the area of pilot knob and hill Nikwasi in North Carolina.

Sometimes in these underground houses Nannie came and the Indians, when Nannie saved them wounded or lost in the mountains or forests. In the dungeons Nannie Indians treated wounds, fed them, nursed, and then was allowed to go home when they recovered.

Some Cherokee, came to Nannie, was so fascinated by their lifestyle that remains with them forever. refusing to return to their.

Sometimes nunnehi could turn into people's normal growth and as such liked to go to Indian villages to dance at the festival. Only when they suddenly disappeared without a trace, people knew that among them were nunnehi.

There is a legend about a Cherokee young man named Ahola that one winter behind hunting from his companions. His friends searched for him then, but couldn't find and then it was considered dead. But really Ahulu Nannie picked up and brought to his underground house. There he lived with them for a very long time, eating their food and was frozen.

But one day he decided to return to Cherokee to visit their relatives. They accepted him with great surprise, but then believed his story and was invited to celebrate his return. However Ahola said that he had long eaten the food nanihi that now can not eat people food.

He also said Cherokee that returned only for a short time and soon he will go back to Nannie to live with them and to never die. Family and friends begged him to stay, but he made his choice. Then he repeatedly came to see his people and all remain the same young, even decades later.

Another legend tells how in 1838, the Cherokee of North Carolina narrowly escaped deportation to the reservation of Oklahoma. The government announced that Cherokee needs to move to the reservation, but a week before this order in Cherokee village Nannie arrived and asked all the Cherokee to pack up my things and follow them. They told Cherokee. what they face a big problem and that Nannie will save them.

Not all the Cherokee agreed to go out with Nannie, some didn't believe them and stayed in their seats. Another group Nannini led to great sorrow and opened the secret passage behind a large stone. Inside the mountain, the Cherokee were in a very beautiful room and was left there to wait.

When the order came the eviction of the Cherokee, the remaining Indians were driven to Oklahoma, but hiding in the mountains of the Cherokee remained unharmed. They came out a few years later and again settled in the same area. A small group of Cherokee still living in their native land in North Carolina and thanked Nannie for their salvation.

You might think that all this is only a myth, it is based on old prejudices and fictions. However, it is not so simple. Researcher Mary Joyce in his book "Cherokee Little people were real" (Cherokee Little People Were Real) argues that there is evidence proving the existence nannai.

According to the book Joyce, in 1930 Walter Middleton, one of the builders of the campus of the University of North Carolina, and his cohorts found during the construction of a mysterious underground tunnels, and inside they came across a small skull.

The skull looked human and could think that it was the skull of a child. However, when this skull saw one of the University professors, he immediately said that it was the skull of an adult, as it already erupted wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth erupt in people aged 18-21 years.

Alas, what then happened to the skull and excavated tunnels in the book Goes not mentioned.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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