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Installation photos came to be used almost immediately after the appearance of the technique of photography. They were divided into methods without a photo montage image manipulation after taking a photo, and retouching the photograph or its negative (plate, film, etc.)

Now, in the digital age, there are many ways of rigging shots by mounting special programmes.

With the use of raster graphics editor
With a bitmap graphics editor you can make a tangible evidence of varying degrees of quality, which depends on the graphical editor and the skill of the author. Various image editors now available to all users of personal computers.

Using three-dimensional modeling environment
Using three-dimensional modeling environment you can create not only photos but also videos of varying quality. It requires sufficient expertise. The results of the work of professionals in such programs can be distinguished from a real photo and video materials only with the use of special tools.

With the use of special software tools for video editing
Create video with the help of editors, modeling and special software for video editing. Such programmes, a huge amount, they are used for editing videos or queue images. Learn the basics and make a simple video, the "artificiality" which will be visible at the first viewing, can be almost anyone. Working professionals, depending on their level, from the "real" shots to be very difficult.

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