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Anatomy of strangers

Many years ago, a strange document began to spread in Russian ufo circles, conventionally called "The Anatomy of strangers".

This is quite controversial stuff. Someone considers it the most convincing proof of the study of extraterrestrial life in the USSR, someone - confirmation of a conspiracy aimed at creating a hybrid race of people and aliens, someone – proof of the existence of cryptids on Earth, someone – a good joke, and someone – outright nonsense.

This document only indirectly concerns the subject of our site, but links to it are often found in thematic books and discussions on the Internet, so we will try to understand it.

According to the Obscopedia, this text has been distributed online allegedly since 1995, but, according to some claims, an archive with scanned sheets It was known back in the days of widespread FIDO (Fidonet or FidoNet) – an international amateur non-commercial computer network built using point-to-point technology, very popular on the territory of the former USSR. The Union in the 90s - early 2000s. We have not yet been able to find the exact date of its appearance on the web, as well as to identify the author (source). On the Internet, the earliest mentions of this text (in places where publication dates are generally indicated) fall on November 2000 (website ):

Your World through the eyes of an alien 12 part

2000-11-16 02:06:01

The document is enclosed in a message with errors and missing words in the original version. Apparently the source code was badly damaged. Downloaded from , I do not have authorship. Sincerely, Borendo.

The document consists of photographs or scans of 27 pages of text printed on a dot matrix printer (as indicated by the characteristic appearance of letters printed with dots), a matrix typewriter (which is unlikely due to the uniformity of the letters throughout the text) or by another more modern printing method, which simply uses a similar font.

The document became famous somewhere in the mid-90s (and mass fame – around 2000), and by that time a lot of people had the opportunity to print it. Therefore, it cannot be unequivocally stated that he could only come out of the walls of some state institution.

In discussions of versions of the origin of the text , preference is usually given to one of two opposite options:

  1. This is a real scientific work written during the research by Soviet scientists (or non–Soviet, and this is just a translation) of a colony of alien organisms that got to them in some unknown way - probably as a result of a shipwreck or the discovery of an alien base founded by aliens with the aim of colonizing the Earth. The fact that the colony was studied, and not a separate organism, is indicated by the fact that the text describes not only the structure of individuals, but the hierarchical structure of their society, and even religious ceremonies.
  2. This is a practical joke made by someone with a specialized education that allows you to compose a relatively correct scientific text or to redo a real scientific work about some earthly being (beings) under the description of the alien's research.

A couple more options can be included in the latest version: the text can be a description compiled by the author of a book or script, or a translation of a foreign source. This does not change the essence, but it allows you to imagine the possible goals and motives for the appearance of this document. This is important because the main argument in favor of the veracity of the text is the question "why would someone write so much for the sake of a simple prank". Unfortunately, we do not know the real reasons for the appearance of this document, so it may turn out to be a hoax. However, if we are talking about writing a book, working out characters for a movie, etc., then the amount of material does not seem strange. For example, Aksenov A.P. has a fairly detailed description of the hierarchy and physiology of devils, which takes about a similar part of the chapter in volume.

The text itself looks scientific. Usually readers who are not experts in the field of biology indicate that it "seems quite plausible." At the same time, from the very moment of the document's appearance on the web, forums indicate a lot of inconsistencies in the description of creatures, as well as the facts of the use of non-existent or strange terms.

During the preparation of this article, a small but interesting analysis of this document was found. It was made by a forum user with the nickname Isabella (published on 07.12.2005):

It was clearly written by three people (or more). One is physical description, the other is endocrinology and the last one is about NS.

Written... good. Especially at the end. I couldn't find anything like that there. But in the beginning it is very confusing. It seems that the author has a bad idea of what he is writing about at all. He comes up with various terms instead of using the generally accepted ones. And also the author gives out a poor knowledge of biochemistry (well, if you don't know, then don't climb!). A lot of substances are invented or used, well, just "from nonsense". It is also alarming that in the most interesting and important places, pieces of dough fall out and it is difficult to understand the author's explanation from the rest.

I think half of this text (especially the second one) is just a detailed retelling of the textbook "animal physiology" by a secialist, and the other half is diluted with the life of crayfish, fish and insects.


1) "Green iron" - It can be seen that the author either does not know what it is, or does not know what it is and how and for whom it works.

Then it is claimed that, sorry, the feces of strangers is a dry substance (by 90%), which by itself already contradicts the concept of a green gland. In addition, even lower, the author writes that at the very end of the "path", feces are mixed with mucous secretions. The question is, why was it then so hard to reach 90%?

The author also writes that "uric acid is synthesized by the cells of the green gland." I wonder if the author knows what uric acid is?!

In short, complete nonsense!

P.S. ZH is a primitive excretory organ in crustaceans.

2) "Everything is hanging on mesentery" - well, you know, if this whole thing is hanging on them, then it won't hang for a long time.

3) "Magnetolymph, magnetosensory bull, muscle generator of the magnetosensory apparatus" is a set of words, inventions of the author.

4) "Status iron". It is very doubtful the existence of such an employee body (according to the author) only to determine the status. Such an evolutionary thing cannot appear.

5) "Allocyte-dependent transduction" - how is it? Does it depend on fish or something?

6) The ciliated epithelium does not occur in the excretory ducts of the green gland, because it is not absolutely not required there. It seems that the author does not know what he is needed for at all.

7) The author is not attentive! At first, he writes about three types of tissues that terrestrial organisms also have. Then he adds that strangers also have a specialized "magnetosensory apparatus" built from another "very sensitive tissue", such as a nervous one. After 3-5 pages, the author claims that strangers have only 3 types of tissues (epithelial, connective and nervous). Contradiction!

8.) The author claims that one organism has fundamentally different vision! The eyes are simple and complex. It doesn't happen, and it can't be.

Then it is claimed that other individuals have "compound eyes" of 16 thousand eyes. Well, I'm sorry, it's not complicated yet. Complex, for example, dragonflies have 20-30 thousand eyes.

9) The author describes the action of macrophages as simple carriers of all sorts of rubbish, instead of using ROS. This is not logical, not convenient and quite dangerous for the body. Therefore, it cannot be so.

10) It is not very clear about energy. A clear sage. Why store energy in GTF, if it can be done in ATP. In addition, towards the end, the author writes about the "ATP-az system of microfibrils".

11) For some reason, all the chapters on physiology begin with the statement that "in general, the system of ******* STRANGERS is similar to a similar system of terrestrial vertebrates." Agree, it's strange.

12) "Heart of smooth muscle" in such a machine? I do not think so.


1) "Arabonite" - there is no such substance.

2) "Substances with aromatic nuclei" - and there is no such thing either. Nonsense

3) "Phototropin" is a photoreceptor of blue light, not a "molt inducer".

4) "Thermoganin is an active amine" - there is no such thing.

5) "Alienocyanin" - what is it? Alien + CN There is no such thing!

6) Well, if anabolin is responsible for "regulating the daily rhythm of anabolic processes", then it is unclear what will happen to this alien in a couple of years. Anabolin, or better yet methandienone, is the strongest steroid. Such strangers will end badly with such regulation.

7) "Crystals of aragonite" - yes, there are such. But why are they needed there??? Strangers don't seem to have shells and, in general, they don't seem to have the same relationship to mollusks.


1) "Grasping-devouring organ" - so they say in the elementary grades of secondary school

2) "Epithelial tissue of the first kind" - they don't say that either.

In short, the authors here have collected everything they knew (and did not know). The external structure of the alien is primitive, but the internal is perfect. Alien combines the features of crustaceans, insects, mollusks, fish, terrestrial vertebrates and has an almost human nervous system. Cool, for a simple parasite, however!

I don't know why someone was so excited to write this, but at first glance it looks pretty convincing. Although there are a lot of mistakes, the man was showing off.

But nevertheless it is written "at the level". At one time, I had to write something like this a couple of times (but not in so much detail and less in volume). I wouldn't write this, because only a small part of the text is my profile.

This is a good hoax.

This analysis is also interesting because it is found almost in full in the story "Awl in a Bag" based on real events (posted on the Samizdat website: 23/12/2020). In it, the main character in June 2015 finds this document on one of the ufological resources and inclines his wife Isabella, a zoologist by education, to discuss it. The author himself, as indicated in the story, is a biochemist, candidate of biological Sciences, who works in the laboratory of Professor Orlowski of the Department of Physiology at McGill University (McGill University Montreal, Quebec, Canada). The author of this work on the website "Samizdat" is Agon Eduard Sergeevich. From his pen also came the books "Heavenly Angels or Dogs of Hell" and "Real Monsters", which indicate a different story of acquaintance with this document:

Mironov discovered these photos on the FIDO network, where they were published in 1996 by someone under the nickname "Nail". Soon this person disappeared from the network without a trace. I could not personally find such an early edition, but in November 2000 the text was already quoted on the website of one of the newsletters "Your world through the eyes of an alien". It was put up by someone Borendo, who in turn referred to the resource , where it could not be found. On the website of one of the libraries, this document under the conditional title "ANATOMY and PHYSIOLOGY of STRANGERS" has been hanging since 2005. This gave rise to some critics to claim that the text was written only in 2005 (which is completely wrong).

There is also an analysis of the document, which states that "the physiological and biochemical part of the text was suspiciously reliable and very convincing," and also suggests that the text probably refers to creatures studied by the I. M. Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry (IEFB) of the Russian Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg (formerly the USSR Academy of Sciences in Leningrad). The author expresses the idea that fictional or scientific words in the text are not errors, but a code for designating samples.

We have not yet found a specialist who would agree to analyze the contents of the document in detail, so we will focus only on the details that catch the eye of the layman.

The year 1965 is indicated on the first page of the text, but the context is unclear, since the page is damaged in this place. It can even be assumed that this was done intentionally, since the title page could shed light on the reason for the appearance of the document; now every reader can figure out for himself what the passages mean.".the actual similarity with the existing ones.." ("real similarity with the existing ones"?), "...965 as a result.." ("1965 as a result"?) and "rolled up as a threat..." ("rolled up as posing a danger"?).

For some unknown reason, the creature described in the text is called "alien", which clearly refers to the 1979 film of the same name. Such a name looks strange for an official document.

Here are a few more excerpts, the content of which contains inconsistencies or errors:

  • The phrase "In particular, the temporal relationship between the appearance is unclear... prenatal surgery and allocide-dependent transduction". Rather than a combination of prenatal (intrauterine, prenatal) surgery and "transduction" (from Lat. transductio — displacement), i.e. the process of DNA transfer between cells using viruses, and the fact that this transduction is "allocide-dependent" (probably from the Latin "caedo" – "kill", or from the French "allocide" – "isolate", or refers to the genus of fish Allocyttus).
  • "The chordoblast is an analogue of a fibrocyte for osseoid tissue, that is, an analogue of the connective tissue cells of vertebrates and humans, which are finally differentiated and unable to divide the main cellular form of connective tissue for an organic matrix, i.e., a substance that the body uses to form bones." "Chordoblasts" is either a typo from "Chondroblasts" (a cell that is part of cartilage tissue, which belongs to the youngest cells of cartilage, forms an extracellular matrix of tissue and is capable of mitotic division), or a tracing paper from the English "chordoblast" (i.e. immature chord).
  • "Arabonite crystals" – the mention of this substance occurs only in one place of the text, but it may be a typo, and we are talking about aragonite – one of the natural polymorphs of calcium carbonate. Aragonite often consists of the flaps of the shells of marine mollusks, it can also be the basis for the subsequent growth of mother-of-pearl and pearls.

You can also give an analysis of some terms coined specifically to describe this organism and found only in the text of this document:

  • "Visceroteca" (obviously from "visceral" – "internal" and the Greek "teke" – storage, receptacle, box) is the space of the abdominal cavity of a stranger, in which organs suspended from the mesentery fill the entire internal space.
  • The substance "alienocyanin"* (obviously, from the English "alien" – alien) is a cuproprotein or copper–containing protein. In the text, he is responsible for the gas transmission function.
  • "Thermogranin" is an unknown substance mentioned only in this document, which increases the tremor of the body and participates in thermoregulation.
  • It is difficult to say what "hydrolasemia" means – probably the word formation is somehow connected with water (hydro) and hyperamylasemia – an increase in the activity of amylase in the blood serum.
  • "Magnetolymph" is found only in this document. Probably, this term indicates that lymph (a component of the internal environment of the body, a kind of connective tissue) has magnetic properties. The "cerebral magnetosensory apparatus" is obviously located in the brain of the creature and perceives the magnetic field. It is described as follows: "a magnetosensory bulla (from the Latin "bula" – bubble) filled with a colorless transparent liquid – a magnetolymph. Inside the magnetosensory bull is a muscle generator of the magnetosensory apparatus." It is difficult to imagine how and why this organ is needed in this context, but birds have a magnetosensory system: the visual magnetoreceptor provides the perception of compass information necessary for the orientation of migrating birds; the second magnetoreceptor system is probably based on the magnetic properties of iron compounds (biogenic magnetite), located somewhere in the upper beak and participates in representations of space, providing an analogue of the map.

* Interestingly, as proof that this is a survey of a real alien, the analysis of E. N. Zolotareva (Candidate of Biological Sciences) is often cited, in particular this phrase:

Thus, the fact of the existence of a hemocyanin containing 4 copper atoms in a molecule in insects was not known even to a narrow circle of specialists until 2003. On the other hand, as we managed to find out, the text of the report under discussion appeared on the Internet in 1996. Proceeding from this, it can be assumed that the discovery of such an "alienocyanin" could be the result of direct practical research, and not literary "research" at all.

This analysis is about the sentence "The gas transmission function is mediated by the cuproprotein alienocyanine containing four copper atoms per molecule" on page 18 of the document. There seems to be an error here, or is it still alienocyanin and hemocyanin are different substances, and it cannot be said that the author of this document was ahead of his time with this discovery. Each hemocyanin molecule contains a large number of copper atoms (ions) and is able to combine with many oxygen molecules. The numbers given for the insect hemocyanin do not concern the entire molecule, but its subunits, i.e. individual protein chains (for example, the protein hemoglobin consists of four subunits that form a single molecule).

By the way, it can be assumed that the figure 4 could also be obtained by "humanizing" the alien: in hemoglobin, just each of the four iron ions combines with an oxygen molecule.


In general, in the description of an alien organism, you can find details characteristic of both insects and amphibians, protozoa, fish, birds and mammals. Also, quite strange constructions, not accepted in scientific circles, are sometimes used, such as, for example, "a mouth opening surrounded by a grasping-devouring organ".

A large number of errors, typos and inconsistencies in the text looks very strange. Since it is doubtful that non-professionals could investigate alien creatures that somehow got to Earth, then all of the above speaks in favor of the version according to which this document is a hoax.


This article is incomplete, because we do not have enough information for a detailed analysis of the document and final conclusions. If you can analyze the text or notice an error, oddity or inconsistency in it – write in the comments. If you notice an error in our article, please let us know and we will try to deal with it. As always, it is advisable to provide links to supporting articles so that anyone can check the data.

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