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Mike Hawkins' UFO Models

Added Sun, 24/12/2023

Mike Hawkins is known as a forger of UFO photos. He sells fake UFO photos and videos, fakes many UFO photos and videos using model airplanes and helicopters, as well as toys from Star Wars.

The main events that led to Mike's fall are the events of "UFO vs Gulf Breeze". Where next to the UFO in the footage were a helicopter, an invisible bomber, a B-1 bomber and an F-14 Tomcat. There are many versions of how these photos were taken.

The main story that Mike told is that they were sent to him by mail from an anonymous source, the other is that he bought the photos from one of the UFO museums in Roswell (New Mexico). 

According to Wendell Stevens (Pictured Center), during a lecture in Phoenix, Arizona, he showed some of these photos during his slideshow. He said Mike Hawkins gave them to him. Wendel explained that Hawkins was checking out the land he wanted to buy, then this event happened and he photographed it.

Mike Hawkins has quite a lot of pictures. They all looked about the same and aroused distrust among both researchers and ordinary people, but he was able to expose thanks to a shot from Roswell, which he gave to the TV show "Strange Universe" (Strange Universe!) back in 1997.

Here is what is indicated in the original article by Tom King:

The first time I heard the name Mike Hawkins was when I attended the UFOAZ talks with Ted Loman, Peggy Kane and Jim Nichols. Ted was showing him a montage of UFO materials that had been sent to him, and during one of the fragments, there were photos and videos of Mike Hawkins among them.

When an excerpt of Mike Hawkins' material was about to air, Ted Lohman says: "The next part of the video we received from a gentleman who was here on the show about a year ago. Mr. Ferris. He did some work with Jose Escamilia and recorded there in Roswell. Wands and other things. So he gave me a piece of this video. I do not know if what you will see is true or if it is fake! I haven't had a chance to check it out. I'm going to provide some of this footage so that you can insert it into the computer and find out if it's transposed or not."

Quick editing of videos and still images played during the discussion of the footage. Most of the things were just hard to believe.

When I saw it on the monitor, I said: "It looks like the R2D2 and C3PO capsule that was ejected from at the beginning of Star Wars. Because I had one of these toys as a kid when the movie came out. She looks exactly the same."

Ted Lohman says, "Now the reason some of us are saying it might be fake is because I talked to some people from the Air Force and they said there are people from the Air Force again. But they say that some of these planes, the stealth fighter and some of these other planes can't get out of a dive so close by doing some of these turns and angles that they do."

Most agree that the plane in the photo above could not have come out of this peak, it would have crashed if it had been a real event.


Mike is calling me again. Mike usually used phone cards and at that time he didn't have a regular phone. I told him about some of the problems I had discovered with hoaxes. To some extent, he confessed.

He admitted that he originally intended to make some nonsense videos and hand them over to local leading UFO researchers (MUFON). In the hope that they will take them on national TV shows and expose them. Later, he would pull the ground out from under them, showing how they had just jumped on the Gulf Breeze bandwagon. He said that it had unpleasant consequences, and now he is in a position from which he cannot get out. I spoke to him again on the phone, and when I turned the conversation to the suspect's evidence, he essentially admitted that he had faked something. Which ones? I couldn't get answers to this question, because he was avoiding it. In fact, I think we both know which ones were forged.

He still continues to distribute this rack of fabricated UFO evidence.

Let's take a close critical look at the evidence that Mike Hawkins refuses to discuss with the public he sells to.

Take a close look at the Farm and the Barns in the background. The false helicopter/UFO photos were taken at the same location where Hawkins filmed the video he provided in the show "Strange Universe". Pay attention to the change in clouds! Obviously, this event took quite a long time for the clouds to change so much. Upon closer inspection of the aircraft, I did not find any signs that the engines were on. 

In his photo, you can see the rope holding the end of the right wing of the F-14. Definitely fake. Also pay attention to the change in clouds. During this UFO battle, a good part of the day passed. If the UFO was going to last that long, why didn't Mike just walk under it, because it's only 25 feet (7.62 m) away from it. The military could have come here instead of flying there. This time it's not a Star Wars capsule, but a Millennium Falcon.

Look, in the last photo, no one is flying a helicopter! You can barely make out the rope attached to the tail of the helicopter. I think Mike should have put a Chewbacca figurine in the helicopter to make it more realistic.

It's not difficult! It's no coincidence that these incredible events just happen to Mike Hawkins in every city he comes to. These are toy models about 30 feet (9.1 m) away from the camera. 

Many people have looked at these photos and come to the consensus that these are models. If Hawkins faked these photos of the models in Roswell, then it means that he most likely faked the photos in Gulf Breeze and lied about it all. 

These photos of Roswell were taken in the area where he lived. The white farm buildings can also be seen in the episode "A Strange universe", where Mike takes a video of a fast-moving object similar to mylar. The white farm buildings are clearly visible in the video footage of the mylar facility.

I asked people who flew these helicopters to model shops, and everyone told me that they were obviously models. 

You don't have to be a CIA photography expert to determine this. The helicopter in the photos is interesting because it seems rare in itself. In 1999, Mike Hawkins submitted the photo above Art Bell . It just seems that there is no end in sight to these military battles with UFOs. I could post more, but it's not worth the resources spent. With all these photos on the discs, Billy Meyer is starting to look like a little potato. 

How difficult is it to fake such photos? It's actually easier than you think. In the process of researching Hawkins and these photos, I decided to recreate this event if it had been made with the help of models. This is a small model located just 30 feet from the camera that I made. Now all I need is a helicopter, and it's like in Mike's Models.

Also, a UFO in the form of a capsule received the prize "Best evidence recorded on film on the Fox Network Channel" dedicated to UFOs, and Mike won $ 500 at a UFO photo contest held by UFO magazine.  I used a fishing rod from my pool and attached a Kenner Toys toy from a Star Wars game set called "Land of Jawe" to it with a fishing rope. I found that after you are 35 feet away from him with the camera, you no longer see the rope. It gives the same result as Mike Hawkins' videos and photos.

Thus, the author of the original article not only comes to the conclusion that the photos are fake, made with the help of models, but also recreates similar pictures.

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