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Washington carousel, 1952

Added Fri, 16/12/2016

This photo is considered the material evidence of the case, called the "Washington carousel" - one of the most popular cases of UFO sightings which occurred from 12 to 29 July 1952 over Washington (Washington D.C.). It lead to almost every mention of this event. It is considered that it shows a group of UFOs hovering over the heart of the American nation - the Capitol.

Below we briefly present the translation of the analysis of this photograph.

First, there is no evidence that this photograph was taken in 1952, and even more during the incident.

A careful study of the pictures it became clear that this is not a UFO, but the reflection of the lights.

If you highlight the area of the photo which depicted a UFO, you get the following picture:

We denote the objects more contrast:

If these points to superimpose the image of the lights under the building, they will not match. However, if the lens in the camera was convex, then the reflection should be inverted. If you reflect the mask with dots vertically and horizontally, we get almost a full match:

Thus, it is possible with a high degree of certainty to say that in this photo on the Capitol shows no UFO, and the reflections of lights in the lens.

There is also a video that allegedly captured a UFO flying over the Capitol. Usually it is indicated in the confirmation of the fact that the true picture with the image of real objects, and not the defects of shooting. This video was shown in the programme "Unsealed Alien Files" season 1 13 series (first shown on TV October 17, 2013) titled "Aliens and Presidents" at the 7: 50 minute. Actually it is a reconstruction of events for all the same photos that appear in the top right corner of the image.


Probably, this program was used in the video, which appeared three years earlier:

This video was posted to YouTube December 16, 2007, In the description of the video will contain a link to a website that has not opened, so that the source and the reason for the creation of this video to know did not happen. If someone meet this information, please write in the comments.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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In the photo, which is considered material evidence of the case called the "Washington Carousel" (one of the most massive cases of surveillance A UFO that occurred from July 12 to July 29, 1952 over Washington) UFOs in the sky are reflections of lanterns in the lens of the lens.

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