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Питтсбург, PA
United States

A resident of the U.S. state of Pennsylvania says that in recent days witness a rather unusual phenomenon. According to the man living in the suburbs of Pittsburgh a few days ago with the sky above his house suddenly began to hear strange sounds, reminiscent of a metal bellow or bassy "Trebinje". Of course, our hero did not fail to capture the mysterious noise on the camera. Turn on the following video to hear it.

American complains that "roar" is very annoying and interferes with sleep at night. The author of the video appealed to the city officials, but they did not help him. Representatives of local authorities felt that the time among the men there are no factories, airports and transport interchanges, and to complain to him. Meanwhile our hero continues to hear these sounds and do not find a place. Pennsylvaniz seriously fears for their safety.

American suspects that the reason might be the activities of the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. There are many cases when people heard the strange sounds over their houses and saw strange lights in the sky. Such individuals do not too believe, although they often then disappear without a trace and forever. It remains to hope that our hero doesn't expect a similar fate. A man has appealed to a reputable ufologists who intend to study "Trebinje" in the suburbs of Pittsburgh.

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