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The hum of the Earth

Added Mon, 31/10/2016
Другие названия
Sounds of the Apocalypse
The creaking of the earth
The groan of the earth
The noise of the earth
Jericho Pipes
Область распространения All over the world
Характерные признаки

"Sounds of the apocalypse", as well as "creaking of the earth", "groan of the earth", "hum of the earth", "noise of the earth", etc. are terms denoting a kind of sound anomaly recorded in different parts of the Earth. These sounds are recorded by audio equipment and heard by most people.

Sometimes those who hear a strange hum experience bouts of unreasoning panic, headaches, nausea, weakness, dizziness, mood swings, they become irritable, cannot sleep, fall into depression.

It is believed that reports of strange sounds from the sky, described as similar to trumpet, metal, whistling, cracking, buzzing and rustling, began to appear a very long time ago. Some Christian fundamentalists identify these sounds with the "Jericho trumpets", because in the history of Jericho (from the Old Testament) a mystical event is mentioned, accompanied by loud sounds from heaven. Modern scientists believe that the electrophonic sounds caused by a meteorite could remain in people's memory as "trumpet sounds", and the subsequent destruction of the city walls as a result of an earthquake and fires caused by a comet bombardment could well be transformed over time into a biblical legend about the attack of the Israeli army.

A similar phenomenon was described in the "Revelations" of John the Theologian (Chapter 8: "And I saw seven Angels standing before God, and seven trumpets were given to them..."), Homer's Iliad (Canto XXI: "They rushed with noisy alarm; the earth groaned deeply; A great trumpet sounded around, like a trumpet the sky."). Ancient historical evidence also linked humming horns and trumpets with mass destruction.

The first wave of modern evidence was only in the 70s of the twentieth century, when reports of strange sounds began to arrive from different countries. The next surge of such messages occurred in the mid-90s. The third wave at the beginning of the two thousandth acquired a really massive character. Due to the abundance of recording devices, the messages were supported by video and sound recordings.

Glen McPherson, a resident of British Columbia (province of Canada), has created a website dedicated to this unexplained phenomenon, where he collects testimonies from people from around the world and registers them in a database.

Scientists offer several possible explanations for this phenomenon.

In the eighties of the last century, the Australian physicist Colin Keay demonstrated that meteorites can produce electrophonic sounds (more precisely, generate ultra-long waves that can be transformed into audible sounds in the atmosphere). They are usually described as hissing or cracking.

In addition to meteorites, natural geological processes (volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, sinkholes, etc.) are also considered sources of electrophonic sounds.

Researchers from Earthscope USArray have discovered a series of infrasound noises arising from the collision of two ocean waves. In principle, the sound generated in this way can propagate around the globe.

It is also worth paying attention to the theory of Professor Elchin Khalilov. He believes that strange sounds are associated with cataclysms occurring in the Sun.

As for private theories, the sound recorded on the coast of California may turn out to be the mating call of a midshipman fish (genus Porichthys). Her song, heard from the sea at night, resembles the hum of aircraft engines or the noise of sewage pumps. There have been cases when these strange sounds were mistaken for an alien invasion.

There are also a number of unscientific theories that try to explain the records and evidence of the appearance of this phenomenon:

  • strange sounds are made by alien ships
  • the sounds of unusual musical instruments (for example, a waterphone) are superimposed on the video recordings
  • mistakes, hoax or advertising campaign

It is worth noting that in each individual case of observation of this phenomenon, the explanation may be different.

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