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The Haunted Museum
United Kingdom

Incredible visit of the Ghost through the wall captured by the surveillance camera in the old and almost abandoned Museum of Nottingham (UK).

In one corner of the exhibition is a hearse of the Victorian era and was repeatedly reported that in this room have seen anomalous phenomena including ghosts and poltergeists. Researcher of anomalous phenomena Wesson Steve (Steve Wesson) decided to check out these stories and on the evening of 3 January 2019 installed in the hall video surveillance.

After Steve the next morning watched the footage, he was amazed to see that from the walls of the building for a split second there is something very similar to the human hand. Simultaneously, the movable wooden stick, placed behind the hearse begins to hang out like she kicked the leg of the phantom.

Earlier in this building was a movie theater, and even then people have reported things happening here is paranormal.

"Installing the camera at night, I was convinced. that everyone has left the room and left, closing doors." says Steve Wasson, — "on the Morning of 4 January, I briefly walked about the record, not expecting to actually see something like that. And suddenly I saw this swinging a wooden stick and smacks the hand! It was scary but amazing!"

Also, according to the researcher, the appearance of the Ghost caused technical problems during recording, which caused the failure of the settings definition.

"We specifically used a particularly crisp 1080-pixel screen size for the camera and there should be no such defects recording, which was manifested".

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»


"Hand of a Ghost" is a t-shaped handle of the hearse (its shape is clearly seen in photographs from the Museum) that the footage was blurred due to movement. What resulted in the movement of the handle hard to say. She moves back a little, and then force jumps forward. We can assume, for example, that it pull using fishing line or thin thread, and then she just otpugivat.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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