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12.05.2019 19:00
United States

In the section popular English-language social network Reddit devoted to the mystical and unexplainable phenomena there was a very intriguing post. A user under the name zherper posted on the website of the mysterious video, recently obtained by a surveillance camera in the basement of his home. According to the man, may 12, at 7 PM, a recording device recorded in a darkened room something that our hero can not find a rational explanation.

Include the following video, you can see several small glowing balls, flying almost parallel to each other low over the floor. In any other situation, one would assume that it is only illuminated by the camera dust particles in front of her lens, however, there is another interesting detail. The appearance of shining anomalies were in the basement, the cat approached them and began to consider them. Pet men clearly saw these balls.

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If the cat saw them, it is possible to eliminate the reflection in the lens. Maybe it's the reflection of the moving light source from any smooth surfaces (this explains the fact that they are at a certain distance from each other and move synchronously) or a laser sound to light home (or something similar).

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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