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Brownie. Russia

ID #1576576919
Added Tue, 17/12/2019
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Incident date: 
Kostromskaya oblast

Recorded F. Nefedov in 1898. in the Kostroma region:

In Geneva C., forty miles from one of the Volga factory towns of the County, lived a family farmer, hunted stornarella. First, he bought the skins of various animals in his and surrounding counties, and then throughout the province, and there and in others, where the furs not yet completely transferred. The fact it grew and expanded, and soon wound up the excess money (savings in fashion). Around him lived the landowners-the nobles, whose nobility and small ability to keep their farms, often in need of money and turned to a recent Sivolap, and now the man is already wealthy and useful. Paramon Arefieva - was the name of a peasant - willingly lent to landlords on a known period and good interest. Advancing the date of payment, polinices pay nothing. The bill was rewritten, but instead of 1000 or 2000 the figure on the paper has already grown to two or four thousand; comes a new term, again, the bill was rewritten, and the figure is decently increased. Difficult had to debtors. Other and tell the creditor:

- Paramon Keflavic you it is a lot of interest charge, five years my debt with thousands to ten increased.

Paramon Keflavic to that only mild-mannered will answer:

-I am, after all, the priest a gentleman, the money do not stuffed: you want - take it, and not anyone - in captivity will not. Pay me Veselka-and buesichem, go-for-cute, love, other I with you do not require.

And the master would be happy to come loose, but no capital. These operations began the man before ucherzhdeniya noble Bank. When was the last opened, then many debtors and lay there was nothing: the earth, the meadows and the forest passed into the hands of the Paramon Arefieva, so gentlemen, remained at his old estates. In fact it turned out that the "rescue" of nordagust was far better than skins to trade. Paramon Areviewed in twenty-five years became a millionaire and merchants zapisalsya. Kudos to him, kudos from everyone - unlike the more any real gentleman.

Paramon of Arefieva on the estate instead of the wooden hut, now rises a huge stone house, with cellars, stone tents, barns and all sorts of buildings. Money is man made - nowhere to go. Do not forget it, however, and the temple of God was in his parish the Church warden, gave three hundred pounds of the bell, the priests and the vestments expensive Pritchett was discharged.

Not only liked the report to give anyone any hands of the Church money as his God blesses, and when nastoyatel temple hinted that I should, like, control to establish, as Paramon Arteries offended and threatened to be released from the Church elders. Great pains to persuade to stay.

The family he was small: myself, wife and son. Pozhivshi with her husband about thirty years, his wife died, and he remained without a mistress, being a little over fifty years old, and the son of fifteen. A nice boy came out, businesslike, but compassionate and forgiving Ludim. As soon as he was eighteen years, the father hurried to marry him. Took the bride for him in the city, the merchant's daughter with a large dowry. The bride brought into the house honchou, girl years dvadtsati from St. Petersburg or Moscow she her brought. A year went by, young lives well. Only parent-and love Nevestino maid, began her gifts to do, the location of your render. The girl was reasonable, the gifts were accepted and the location it didn't want to use, spacesci shied away from him. Very good it was to live as a maid, but it is still something on the capital of the bored, society in the village she didn't like. But when he saw the location of the Paramon of Arefieva - I asked for the check and went to Moscow. Then, as if on purpose, took and Paramon Reviewyou to go to Moscow. A week later he returned... with a young wife. The daughter looked down at her stepmother, and gasped: mom something her maid.

But with this and began. The right son "bust-up": I took the money, left to the city and began to blow, bringing with him an old never happened. Month two has rolled around, and Lord news, why, suddenly died. His wife at the eighteenth year, with great grief the widow left. His stepmother soon got bored, became a husband to say that they had better move to St. Petersburg or Moscow. Where one does not want to hear:

- I will leave his native place, where he was born, and amassed capital, where I all honor and respect! I'd rather with life to part, than leave your home, the school and home. You have me stuttering is not can!

Urgent man with a lot of character Paramon Operetic. Silenced young, stutters. And then as a widow soon with something podelilas: the melancholy beginning to hit her, sighs and cries. Well, witch doctors and healers asked. Treat various incantations, prayers, drinking something give, and there the forest molodychka longs.

Sent for the sorcerer in Between (hand to Kologrivskogo district, left tributary of the river Unzha, famous real witches). The old man came over three hundred miles away, stared at the widow, felt it all.

- Damaged, - said, - spirited people with the wind let loose. Month treated, for the widow has been, Salathe did. Not see use.

Old I - said - devil in her young mind, and I have power that is not enough to reduce it. I'll send you another one forty years younger than me, and it damage some of the young women at once wisebut.

Received for the works the money and left, but instead another himself the doctor sent, lied to the old sorcerer. Stepmother to her husband:

- In Moscow, said - you need snasco to carry, simple healers can't heal.

Paramon Areviewed as Regnet:

- I know you, hypocrite! So I continue and mention about Moscow fiction. I told you: my homeland I will not leave.

Meanwhile, the house soon began priuchat something really bad. in the morning come from sleeping in the parlor, and there the chairs moved to the middle, tables upside down, put the pots on the floor. At first the servant thought that someone out of malice to the owner spoils became at night the doors to the locks to lock. Anyway, morning will come, and in the upper room all Perevolochna upside down. A little of this: go to the bedroom and in the sitting room, I hear someone walks in, knocks and moves. Paramon Areviewed with a candle comes, no soul, and all Perevolochna. Further, the in the house worse. Not only at night, the day already looks like. Sit down for lunch or tea, eat and talk quietly - suddenly the picture from the wall bounced off and began to dance; later flowers on the Windows setrepeats: tremble-tremble, as if in a wicked rush to the last leaf of the sweat break through, will Uzmacom one and all. A little time - fail candle, and went tumbling across the floor. Of fear or sorrow, the widow every day is melting, and the master himself "examples walls" and feel overwhelmed by all the noise: "It Hu-u-udu, to Hu-udu-u-u-u".

Thought Paramon Keflavic. Doubt it did terribly in the house. Again, the wizards caught up, prayers serves. Not appeased evil spirits, Pushcha Yes lyutee still stalking. At night in the window throws stones, hoots, be alarmed. The widow will sleep in my bedroom, and in the morning you will find her in the upper room: sitting by the open window and weeping bitterly. In the yard the dog knows what is being done: horses lathered, can barely stand, cow like the plague, the hair on them felt, and for small cattle and out look: thin, exhausted, lousy. Goat like mad: looks like people, and all the butts, and pigs so we rush, rush to the people and stre I want to - without aracini or clubs and in the yard don't show your face to them. No matter how molestable, as a priest nor chastised, there are special prayers from the priests to uteshenie demons and all evil spirits - nothing could get them to calm down.

at that time Sweden ishodila from the old town of Unzha, and he could all sorts of such things to wield. The hostess spoke with him, and he directly to the merchant:

- I work you have in a week and began to look into the things that you have happen. It is desirable to have manual trouble. I suffer all the main storerooms, basements and the Foundation of the house witness: I know very well about black magic.

Paramon Keflavic happy:

- Witness - govorit, - act as you ought. Awarding of works from great men get.

Shvets five days went, everywhere was paylasal, banging in the corners, listened, looked around. After finishing the works, announced to the owner:

- it is bad. Under the Foundation laid in the corners. In one pig's snout, in the other vertebral bone of a pike, the third of KST black cat,and the fourth frog fork. At this very house, and rebelling: they can not stand the spirit of this paxti; its not mastered, others called, and now they survive out of the house, trying somehow from the corners of pujanam to vysohnut. You can not have anything to do, because Freemasons for a reason put, and with a strong word. NOT in memory if you work when they graduated, not threatened to do what?

- Similarly, the threats heard from them - remember Paramon Keflavic, the Calculation was dissatisfied, demanded a raise, and I'm a penny extra they gave. Know wine thieves wanted to rip. Went on the yards, turned around and shouted: "you Mark us, so-and-so, you will survive from the new choir of the house". But before the second marriage, treated, and brought his young wife and Dita from them did not.

- And that they with cunning, - said Shvets, - waited, knew your character, you're one long would proportional and young-that woman will not suffer, you will regret it.

- So what do I do? - ask.

- And change your place of residence. Go wherever in the city and in the countryside, where you may settle, they'll be bugged. And I, your stopanstvo, nothing contrary to such devilry not padeluun in black magic I means not shown. One of my hands - out of the home they will allow you family to get out, interference and the harm will not have them banned.

Gave him the ruble.

- A little, a merchant, said the same.

- Will the tea, it does not hurt a lot of the material was exhausted. Glad you are our brother Rob. Povestii.

Smiled Shvets. but the woman-merchant's wife thanked his good: knew what husband doesn't fork, charenee SWECO quadruple the ticket presented. A night on the again examples walls fell, almost to death, strangled, and all the noisy "it Hu-u-udu".

The next day Paramon Keflavic in the city waved, there bidding good manor house bought for a fair price. Then took his wife and daughter in law, all the property, and moved to the city of residence in the village and their mansions and the construction site was boarded up tightly.

Two years now living in the city. At first-and painful pleased. Daughter-in-law and the city's first, was bored, took her to monasteries and Holy places - no relief received. But God poslal a good man - a young clerk, of the Ukrainians, for such a big guy, twenty-five years. Were in the house /Paramon of Arefieva and suggested:

I know sredstvo to cure the daughter in law began with the case itself - at your side are often usual. Only I for the treatment take no other, as if she wants to become my wife. For pridanym I don't chase money I just want a hundred thousand for the bride.

And it quickly cured. As a widow again married in one week all my ailments vanished, healthy, ruddy and cheerful he became. Well, the daughter-in-law in the house of the Paramon of Arefieva again began to pujat: brownies-then found out that he goes to the city, and themselves got up there and gives him no peace. He had all the furnishing to transfer to the husband daughter-in-law, and myself with my wife quite to move to Moscow to live. Nothing to do could not have survived the brownies from the city home.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»


List of versions containing features matching the eyewitness descriptions or material evidence

Deliberate falsification

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There are many ways to make something similar to a ghost or a flying saucer from improvised materials, without using video and photomontage.

Many homemade things made for the sake of a joke, a practical joke or a direct imitation of a mystical being or event can be taken as unexplained not only in photos and videos, but also in reality.


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