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Added Wed, 20/09/2017
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hairy creature
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turns into an animal
predicts the future

The family of the Slavic peoples called the mythological spirit - owner and patron of the house. The image of a house in the views of the Slavs is known primarily in folk tales and true stories, recorded in the XVIII-XX centuries, but a similar spirit is found in the mythologies of different peoples, regardless of their place of habitation, and General beliefs.

Generally, it is believed that the patron Saint of the house is the spirit of a deceased ancestor. This is true for many people: for the ancient Greeks, where the keepers of home and hearth were called geniuses, and for the Romans, who called the patron gods of the hearth hearth and home, for the Chinese, Slavs, etc.

There are different versions of the origin of the belief in the brownie. There is speculation that it originates from the time when the Foundation of the new building was laid "construction sacrifice". Initially, it was people later, the victim began to bring animals. According to another theory, the notion of spirit - the patron of the house was the result of pagan worship ancestors.

On the territory of Russia with the advent of Christianity the house was considered a demon, as well as other pagan deities. To get rid of it, it was necessary to bless the house. On the territory of Ukraine and Belarus, on the contrary, the house eventually was considered a good spirit, sent by God to protect the house. This is confirmed by the presentation of possible clashes brownie with a swab, the demon and other "evil" spirits.

Not hard to guess that most residence house is the hearth, but it can also dwell in the red corner, the cellar, the attic and even under the threshold.

The appearance of a house, judging by the descriptions of eyewitnesses, can also be different. Usually it seems the furry creature of small stature. Sometimes it is bestial features, but more similar to ordinary little man. Also, it can make the appearance of any member of the family (especially absent), animals (often snakes, weasels, cats, rooster, rat).

The house usually is considered being male, but along with men's way house exists, and women. Usually it's the wife (domovina) and the daughter (domovina) brownie.

Domovoy often appears in the stories of eyewitnesses in various forms:

A noisy spirit. Poltergeist phenomena is often associated with houses. For some ideas he may slam doors, squeaking floorboards, to shout, to groan, to talk and even hitting and pinching people. It may be associated with a bad personality of a house, and that, usually, a good brownie is not happy with something (cursing, confusion, poor relations to children or animals, etc.). Less popular version explains a similar phenomenon brownie struggle against the evil spirit trying to get into the house.

Predictor. It is believed that the house is able to predict the future owners of the house: it usually comes to a sleeping man, and leans on his chest so that he can neither breathe, nor move, and if at this point ask brownie "for better or for worse?", he will answer. Scientists explain this as sleep paralysis.

Hides things. Another effect, closely associated with the family - the loss of things. If people can't find something, lying usually in a prominent place, it is considered that it took the house. To find the thing, decided to say: "brownie is a brownie, play and give!". Another way is to turn over the stool and tie on the bed scarf. After these manipulations, the thing should be.

The image of a house, described in this article, refers not only to the patron of the house, but also to the spirits-the patrons of the other buildings. In the views of some (mostly living in the North) peoples house "crushed" on the characters-twins, separate owners each building or even each functional area of the house (zamecnik, podrecznik, galesnik - a Ghost that lives behind the stove or under it; podolnick - spirit living in the underground; etc.).

Described here, the image is deformed under the influence of changes in the life of people. So, in private homes, the house moves not only within the home, but can look in the barn, the chicken coop, backyard. Estates in the manor house hosted all the houses of a farmstead. According to modern views, the house can not dwell only in the house (each apartment has its own), but in the garage, shed and even in the office.

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