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This section contains articles on phenomena or versions that may be interesting or useful to researchers of the unexplained facts in one way or another.

The phenomenon of interaction with unknown beings

In most facts, you can highlight a special group, when people don't just become witnesses of a phenomenon, and according to his will, or against her interact with unknown entities.

All these interactions suggest the presence of some material beings with whom the victim comes in contact.

Complemented by the classification of D. A. Heineken, mainly related to contact with the "inhabitants of UFOs, contacts of the fourth kind" (eng., CE-4):

  • CE I - a UFO is observed at a short distance, but the object does not interact with observers or the environment.
  • CE II - a UFO Observation can be accompanied by frightened Pets behavior, painful manifestations in humans, temporary stop car engines in close proximity to UFOs, the appearance of circles on the field, etc.
  • CE-III UFO and/or its inhabitants. Usually they are not in direct contact or in talks with the witnesses, but it also applies to this genus contacts.
  • CE IV Theft and other interaction with a UFO and its inhabitants.

Sam Hynek in his book "the UFO Experience: a scientific inquiry" (1972) introduced the first three types of contacts. All other subtypes of close encounters were later added by other ufologists. Some ufologists distinguish a special type of mutual telepathic contact (COE V by Stephen Greer), personal injury or death (COE Vl by Michael Naisbitt) and sexual contact between man and alien with possible appearance of the child (CE Vll at the Black Vault Encyclopedia Project). Also Ted Blocher proposed six subtypes for the close encounters of the third kind in the scale of the Heineken:

  • A: the Entity is observed only inside the UFO
  • B: an Entity is observed inside and outside the UFO
  • C: the Entity is observed near to a UFO, but not sent neither in nor out.
  • D: there is being. UFO is missing, but there were reports of seeing UFOs in the area around the same time.
  • E: there is being. No UFOs and reports of UFO activities in the area.
  • F: there are No creature and UFOs, but there is a "reasonable contact".

Regardless of the classification, we will discuss here all types of collaboration.


Reports of abductions (in this case, meaning the aliens) most common in United States but also come from the European (UK, France, Belgium, Russia), Asia (China, India) and Latin American countries. Stories and legends about abductions, sexual contact, causing damage and other interactions with demons, spirits, etc. are ubiquitous.


The cases of interaction with unknown beings known since ancient times and how they were called by the people who were in contact with them, depended on legends and beliefs of the era – could it be spirits, demons, aliens.

In the folklore of every nation there are legends of travelers who have met with a variety of mystical creatures, then describing a situation similar, for example, with modern "abduction by aliens" in the main points. As example is the legend of the fairies that could engage in intimate relationships with people or to take people to their country on return from which they found that it took a lot of time: could "disappear" hours, years and even centuries. The first such reports appeared in medieval Europe. [2]

"Fairies in the meadow" according to the ideas of Swedish artist Nils Blommer. (1850).[2]

Now, in addition to stories about demons and fairies, came stories about aliens from another world, space or even time, and began to occupy much of the evidence. Along with stories about the Black dog, found in European folklore, an image which appeared in the Celtic or Germanic myths, there are stories about a relatively modern creatures like the "Chupacabra", an urban legend which appeared in the 50-ies of the last century.

As example, a brief retelling of the two witnesses:

• "I went on berries. The heat that day was. Rest sat down on a fallen tree, suddenly before my eyes became bright as a flash what. Nothing but this light can not be seen, and she can smell something soft to the body touches, this enjoyable and looks at me like an angel, and calms, they say all is well. I was so quiet, and then suddenly thought, and suddenly from the evil one is so frightened! How much time has passed then – I will not say, but as I woke up, immediately ran home".

• "By the time I'm almost asleep, suddenly there were some strange sensations, like streams of warm wind, and the room lights came on (my eyes could not open, but the eyelids were seen that became brighter). And felt such peace and tranquility! At first I thought that this is all a dream to me, but the feeling was so crisp and clear... and besides I sometimes heard outside the window of a passing car or dog barking, so it is not like a dream it was. Throughout the body I felt an incredible lightness, as if floating above the bed. How much time has passed I can not say – for me it lasted forever. Then the light began to fade a little and the feeling stopped. I was afraid to open my eyes and was soon asleep. Heard that people experience when the aliens kidnap".

In both cases described the appearance of light, feeling of euphoria, slowing of time and warm touch to the body. The difference between the cases is about 70 years, but in the first story, the witness calls the creature an "angel", and the second "alien". That is, over time has changed names and terms, but the main features of the phenomenon remains virtually the same. In addition, due to globalization and the Internet, stories and terms that once knew only the residents of a certain area, now known almost all over the world, and the speed of information transfer allows you to spread new stories in a matter of hours.


All interactions can be divided into groups:

  • The attack an unknown animal to protect yourself or posterity, as well as meet the need for food. In this case, the body of the victim show signs of attack (for example, the phenomenon of "Chupacabra").
  • The appearance of the body of the victim traces the attack without direct interaction (for example, the phenomenon of poltergeist).
  • The appearance on the body of the affected tracks after the interaction with unknown beings (for example, the phenomenon of "alien abductions").
  • The interaction of unknown creatures with the witness of the phenomenon without leaving material traces (e.g., the phenomenon of "contact with aliens").

The consequences of the interactions can be divided into the following several subgroups:

  • no material traces;
  • with the advent of the wound;
  • with the advent of known living organism;
  • with the advent of the unknown living organism;
  • with the advent of the mechanism or object of inanimate nature.

It should be noted that the first subgroup includes cases where the witness says that unknown creature touched or talked to. The consequence of the interaction, which does not leave material traces, there may be new information or an experience. Touch can be attributed to this sub-group is conditional, as when touched on the affected can stay skin cells, hair, saliva, etc. of the creature.

The next subgroup includes the vast majority of facts. This includes a wide range of wounds of varying severity that have different features, ranging from bites and scratches, which are clearly caused by animals or insects to the wounds with surgical precision, presumably artificial sharp object.

Romanian poltergeist 1925 -1926. (photo by G. price). b - one of the scratches on the face of Eleanor as a character similar to the elongated trace of the bird's feet [4]

Subgroup describing the appearance of known living organism can be illustrated with the affected pregnancy and have a child after such contact. These effects were attributed at different times to meet with demons or aliens.

Often after such meetings, the victim could appear wounds, infected with an unknown disease or unknown insects that carry facts with such characteristic on to the next subgroup.

The alleged implants [3]

To the last subgroup includes, for example, detections of implants of unknown origin in the bodies of the victims that have acquired prominence in the last 30 years.


As is often the interaction of the victim with a kind of creature are just a private manifestation of a phenomenon, to explain the causes of this event, you can use a hypothesis concerning the phenomenon. For example, if you attack the "Chupacabra", we consider hypotheses that explain the origin of the "Chupacabra".
You also cannot discard the possibility that the victim had indeed been contact with some unknown substance.

For all these cases there is almost always a series of skeptical hypotheses to explain them

  • errors and fraud:
  • hallucinations;
  • illusion;
  • misconception (interaction with known creatures, sometimes mistaken for unknown);
  • hoax.

It is necessary to highlight the "kidnapping" or "capture" people by some creatures. In this case, in addition to the wounds on the body, a person may experience certain sensations, the explanation of which is given below:

Lucid dreaming
In October 2011 researchers from the OOBE Research Center (California, USA) for the first time, reproduced the phenomenon of alien abductions artificially by using techniques of achieving lucid dreams. The researchers tried to confirm the theory that, if during contact with an alien man was lying, asleep, fell asleep or woke up, then it probably is just a consequence of the extremely realistic experiences with nature close to sleep, but with awareness. A total of seven volunteers were able to survive contact with "aliens" during an experiment. This description is almost indistinguishable from the typical contacts.

Sleep paralysis
After waking up about 40 % of people at least once in a lifetime experience sleep paralysis. He is sometimes accompanied by vivid, very realistic dreams, and upon awakening the person may be paralysed from a few seconds up to 2 minutes. Among the subjects sleep may be aliens. Very realistic sleep paralysis and can produce in susceptible individuals a strong effect — and they are, sincerely believing this, I can tell other people that they were abducted by aliens.

Among the reasons for the kidnapping some call bullying suffered by the person in childhood, memories of which may be in part imagination distorted during regressive hypnosis.

"Memories", inspired during a session of regressive hypnosis
The point is that the person questioning under hypnosis the other person can accidentally or deliberately to provoke the imagination of the Respondent with leading questions.

The state of a person when falling asleep-awakening
The moments when a person wakes up or leaves to sleep, can be accompanied by the following feelings:

  • paralysis;
  • touch;
  • the presence of someone in the room.

Parallels with "dying experience"
Some of the people who were in a state of clinical death, can remember meetings with "beings of light" to get in "another world".

The essence of this hypothesis is that similarities in their stories are explained only by the influence of the Intrusive media that mention about aliens almost hourly. Such television and radio broadcasts, newspaper materials form in the minds of impressionable people one and the same source material for fantasy.


Interaction with unknown beings cannot be fully distinguished as a separate phenomenon because it is a private manifestation of other phenomena that describe specific creatures, which is this interaction. Therefore, firstly, the investigation of each such fact is necessary to conduct independently, and the second, an important part of the investigation should be the definition of the phenomenon to which the cause of the event.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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