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Added Thu, 09/02/2017
white gelatinous mass
changes form
an unknown substance
destroyed by touching

It is believed that in 1848 there was a spiritualism. This belief in the reality of the afterlife and communication with spirits of the dead through mediums quickly gained popularity and grew into religioso-philosophical current. One of the important psychic abilities of those times, along with psychokinesis and levitation, was considered as materialization, that is, the manifestation of his presence outside of living matter, formed of ectoplasm.

It was believed that ectoplasm (from the ancient Greek. ἐκτός "outside" and πλάσμα, "something formed") is a viscous substance of mysterious origin, which stands out through the nose, ears and other parts of the body of the medium. This concentration of psychic energy medium, which is the basis for the materialization of the spirit.

According to witnesses, this energy-rich substance is a liquid or even a pair of milky white color with a pungent smell of ozone, dense doughy mass or even something like a thin cloth or cheesecloth.

According to mediums, the ectoplasm absolutely can not stand bright light and any contacts. Therefore, to conduct the session necessary only in a darkened room. If someone tries to touch her, to light or make a sudden movement, she immediately retracts back into the body of the medium.

It is assumed that the ectoplasm is capable of repeating the texture materializuesh things - the suit fabric, metal helmet etc.

The external signs of ectoplasm has a lot of similarities with angel hair.

In the scientific world of that time opinions were divided. Supporters of spiritualism believed that materialization is real and is a mental energy that appears due to the influence of spirits on the mind and nervous system of the medium.

Skeptics point to the fact that a significant portion of the allegations related to the appearance of this substance, refers to the sessions of the XIX century carried out without compliance with minimum monitoring by independent observers. Later, when methods of control were tightened, began to appear reports of numerous spiritualist hoaxes, including those associated with the appearance of ectoplasm.

For example, in the Encyclopedia of ghosts and spirits rosemary Ellen Guily stated:

Analyses of pieces of ectoplasm aroused suspicion. Several critics have declared that the substance was either chewed paper, gauze or other fabric, probably srygnula, or even animal tissues. Bero ectoplasm was most likely paper. And biologists from Harvard found that pseudopod Crandon was easy animal, carved so that it looked like a hand.

The magician Harry Houdini tried to expose spiritualists Scam, once remarked that he could not imagine that the Lord would allow the emergence of such disgusting substances from a human body.

In the twentieth century, the ectoplasm was investigated in detail by specialists for the observation of psychic phenomena. It is known that psychics are fraudsters singled out the ectoplasm, is made of strips of muslin, of a mixture of soap, gelatin and egg whites.

In fact, don't believe the skeptics word for it. Just look at the pictures of the alleged ectoplasm and make your own conclusions.

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