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Anomalous zone. Russia

ID #1635778585
Added Mon, 01/11/2021
Author July N.

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Sverdlovskaya oblast

The berry and mushroom season again brought a whole series of messages about lost lovers of "quiet hunting". Adults, who have obviously been to the local forest lands more than once, also do not find their way back to the house.

Of course, everything happens to the elderly. Once, when I was young, on the 44th logging site behind Bilimbai, I came across an old woman who had fallen asleep forever near a thick raspberry bush. My heart must have given out. A similar case was recently reported by our Irbit author Lev Polishchuk. We were looking for one lost, found a completely different one. In the forest and the rubble of trees there are impassable, and bogs-traps, and night animals frighten to death. And there are also, as almost every local resident knows, so-called lascivious places. On one of them, near the Didino railway station, I also "walked" - for almost half a day I circled in a seemingly familiar place.

An almost similar, truly mystical case happened once with Nina Gorokhova, a seasoned, sensible woman. That's how it was, he tells.

Having taken offense at her son-in-law and the whole white world, she left at the end of August to visit relatives in Nizhny Tagil. Right behind their dacha is a beautiful, round lake, pine forest. I took the basket into it and went for a walk. Nina was born and grew up in the taiga region, she wandered around the taiga from the age of five, so is she afraid of him, suburban?

When the basket began to pull my hands away, I realized it was time to go home! Oriented by the sun, I moved in the right direction. I walked for a long time, breaking dead wood, jumping on mossy bumps, but I saw a stump from which I got up half an hour ago. I looked around. Yes, I was right here, sorting through my mushrooms.

Shrugging her shoulders, having lost her mind, the woman set off again. I began to look closely at the terrain. I realized that the starting point is near the swamp… When I found myself near him again after 40 minutes, at "my" stump, I felt uneasy. But gathering her strength and thoughts, she rushed forward.

Seeing my "parking lot" for the third time, I remembered the old instructions of grandmother Marfa:

"Especially where there is a swamp, there is an unclean force living there! And if she decides to play with you– it's a bad thing! Even prayer doesn't always help. Then "this evil" should be cursed properly. But what you took in the forest, give it back."

There's nothing to do. It's funny, really, to perform such stupidity for me, a person enlightened in a modern way," recalls Gorokhova. – But I don't want to stay in the forest at night either. So I poured out my mushrooms next to the stump. And if I do not know the prayers, then, closing my eyes, I "gave out" to the white light, as if for a penny, all the curses that I heard-I have accumulated in my life! In full voice, with an expression! Only after that, Speecha, asking for forgiveness from the forest, picked up an empty basket and set off. After walking only 15 meters, I went straight to the road.

Knowledgeable people who have often been in the forest have a lot of signs and tricks on how to get rid of the obsession, from a strange walk in a circle. Some, like Nina, for example, scold the forest-demons for nothing. Others buy them off with some gifts. I know a case when a hunter who was spinning for more than a day gave his hand watch to the forest spirits. Still others change shoes (from the left foot to the right) or turn the undershirt inside out.

By the way, psychologists and psychiatrists treat these seemingly strange actions very seriously, without their inherent skepticism. Some of them believe that a person begins to "fornicate" in three pines because of a malfunction in the work of his consciousness-subconscious. The eye sees one thing, but a person imagines something completely different. And therefore the body needs a sharp shake, a change of external sensations.

Having forgotten a little last year, another friend of mine, a comrade, began to wear his watch not on his left hand, but on his right. And now, he says, he got rid of the inherent wandering of lost people from right to left. Such an incident is a phenomenon.


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