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This section contains descriptions of unexplained facts provided by eyewitnesses or published in the media, as well as the results of their analysis by the group.

The Alien. Georgia

ID #1716044723
Added Sat, 18/05/2024
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Incident date: 
06.09.1974 18:00


On September 6, 1974, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences A.M. Gurgenidze (Tbilisi), eng. O.P. Lezhava (Moscow), Candidate of Historical Sciences.Sciences A.I. Nikolaev and Cand. those.Sciences I.I.Gershenzon (Moscow), while on a walk in the mountains 32 km northeast of the village of Khaishi on the left bank of the Inguri River, at about 18 o'clock. a UFO was found on a small area among bushes 120 m from the river.

The first minutes after the UFO was discovered, it was mistaken for some kind of service, but the strangeness of its appearance in a completely undeveloped area attracted attention.  The UFO was a spherical body with a radius of about 2 m, located on a circle about 90-93 cm thick, supported by 3 straight legs (length about 40 cm, thickness about 10 cm) and two flexible curved ones, from 1.3 to 1.5 m long and about 20 cm in diameter. Accurate measurements could not be made.

When trying to establish contact (shouting, waving their arms), there was no reaction from the UFO.

When trying to approach a UFO from a distance of 5 m to the UFO, fear was felt, which was initially interpreted as a subjective feeling. However, experiments showed that from a specified distance, fear arose in all those present identically and at a distance of 4 m turned into unbearable horror.

A.I. Nikolaev, on his own initiative, was subjected to an approach up to 3.5 m, moreover, he lost consciousness and was unconscious before the UFO took off.

Later, he suffered from a mental disorder for about 3 months.

Since daylight was running out, 19 photographs of UFOs were urgently taken, after which S.P. Lezhava went with an urgent message to Hayishi.

The minimum convenient area for overnight accommodation was found no closer than 75 m from the UFO. A.I. Nikolaev was laid on the site and a bonfire was lit, after which additional experiments were carried out.

There was no change in temperature near the UFO, and the clock was running normally. Throwing stones at UFOs showed that getting into a UFO, the stone seemed to fall into it (after the UFO took off, the thrown stones were not found, although there were many stones at the landing site under the UFO).

Attempts to touch UFOs with a composite stick gave a more interesting result. The end of the stick also seemed to fall into the UFO's body, but subsequent inspection showed that the end of the stick was simply collapsing.

Laboratory studies have confirmed the destruction of wood, which began with a slight change in the structure of the fibers and ended with the destruction of the molecular structure of the wood. The chemical-thermal nature of the decomposition has not been confirmed. The length of the destroyed section (preserved with careful pulling of the stick) is 34 mm. After dark, the experiments were stopped.

At 5-23, flying objects were surrounded around the campfire - "plates", 5 lens-shaped "plates" with a diameter of about 1 m and a thickness of about 35 cm hovered at a distance of about 6 m around the campfire and 1.5 m above the ground.

A.M. Gurgenidze and I.I. Gershenzon felt the familiar. but there was a faint feeling of fear, so they did not dare to move.

At 5-27, footsteps were heard and a tall figure quickly approached the UFO. It was a humanoid creature, up to 2 m tall, in semi-fitting clothes, or maybe in a spacesuit. After standing for several minutes (from 1.5 to 3) 30 meters from the fire, the creature disappeared into a UFO.

At 5-39, the UFO lit up with an orange light and, according to the subjective impression, "breathed."

At 5-42, a fire appeared under the bottom of the UFO, and it took off with a whistling noisy sound and quickly disappeared to the northeast. After him, 2 "flying saucers" flew away, and 3 flew in a westerly direction. The flight from was less smooth and faster than a large UFO.

Although most of the evidence and assumptions, including foreign ones, point to the reactive principle of the UFO movement, A.M. Gurgenidze and I.I. Gershenzon deny it. The "fire" that accompanied the takeoff and flight of UFOs was more like a cloud or fog than a jet, besides maneuvering UFOs in the air was very difficult at low speed.

"If it was a jet," said I.I. Gershenzon, "it was a jet from a pulverizer."

It should be noted that some evidence supports this point of view.

Samples of soil and rocks were taken from the UFO's departure site for analysis. The analysis showed that the samples were subjected to thermal effects, in addition, a high content of ions of light elements and increased radiation was found in the samples.


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