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The Flying Saucer


Added Sun, 27/08/2017
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The Flying Saucer

The film "Flying saucer" from Director Mikel Conrad was released in the United States in 1950. This is the first film in history in which there was a flying object in the form of a disk.

A flying saucer that has swept through the United States, not only made a lot of noise in the press, but also aroused the interest of the security services. American intelligence learned that the Soviet spies began to do research in the remote areas of Alaska in search of the source of mysterious events. To understand this fantastic story, agent Mike Trent, under the guise of a millionaire playboy with a nervous breakdown, sent to his native Alaska, where the disc was last seen. He is accompanied by a cute agent razvetki under the guise of a nurse. There they find out that saucer, flying with great speed, is the invention of an American doctor and the Advice she needed to carry bombs. Soviet spies trying to find out the place where the inventor hides the plate to kidnap her, and the main characters trying to stop them.

Despite the film's tagline ("Have we visitors from outer space?"), the aliens are not only not found, but not mentioned.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Us intelligence officials learn that Soviet spies have begun exploring a remote region of Alaska in search of answers to the world reports of "flying saucers". A rich American playboy, Mike Trent, who grew up in this remote region, hired an intelligence officer Hank Thorne to help the secret service agent investigate the area.

To his pleasant surprise, Mike found that the agent is an attractive woman named Vee Langley. They go together and slowly become mutually attached to each other. Their cover says that Mike suffers a nervous breakdown and she is his private nurse. In the family house tank top they are greeted by a caretaker with a foreign accent named Hans.

Mike is very skeptical of reports about flying saucers, until he noticed someone flying over the house. Mike and VI discover that Hans is one of the Soviet agents who are trying to purchase a flying saucer. It turns out that the saucer is an invention of American scientist Dr. Laughton. But Turner, an assistant to Lawton, sympathetic to the Communists and has similar ideas. He tries to make a deal to sell the saucer to the Soviets for a million dollars.

Mike's trip to Juneau to see old friends, including Matt Mitchell is reckless: when VI is tracking him, he is in the company of a bar girl named Nanette. Matt took her from the Soviet agents who are trying to get "saucer". When he tries to make a deal with Colonel Maricopa, at the headquarters of spy Matt loses consciousness.

Trying to escape and track down Mike, but they are attacked by spies who kill Matt. However, before he dies, Matt reveals the location of the saucers: twin lakes. Mike rents a plane and flies to where the saucer is hidden in an isolated place. Returning back, he tries to find V, but the trio is captured by the turncoat Taylor and a group of Soviet agents. Spies are their prisoners through a secret tunnel, hidden under a glacier, but it starts an avalanche, which destroys them.

Mike, VI and Lawton leave the tunnel just in time to see how Turner flies in a saucer. He suddenly explodes in the air because of the bomb that Lawton put on the Board. Now, their mission accomplished, Mike and VI embrace and kiss.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: UFO

Flying saucers (the term UFO in those years, yet nebylo invented) this movie has nothing to do with the aliens or any paranormal phenomena. Here it acts as a the invention of American scientist, which can be used as a weapon (the way of quick delivery of the atomic bomb). Such views are characteristic of the era of the 50's, in which began the cold war.

The attitude of the mysterious aircraft ordinary Americans can be illustrated by the following footage from this film:

Ordinary people are afraid of flying saucer, which is likely caused by the recently concluded Second world war and fears of a resumption of hostilities.

The shape of the aircraft (and possibly the entire script), apparently inspired by the boom of flying saucers in the United States, which began with rocks shortly before the American press the history of Kenneth Arnold (see "case in the Cascade mountains"). In contrast to modern views, a flying saucer in flight produces sounds characteristic of jet engines, and emits significant greenhouse gases. In its design explicitly used internal combustion engines.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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