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Lobster Man from Mars


Added Sun, 12/12/2021
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Lobster Man from Mars

"The Lobster Man From Mars" (English: "Lobster Man From Mars") is a fantasy comedy film directed by Stanley Scheff in 1988. The film is a stylization of the "category B films" of the 1950s.

Young filmmaker Steve Horowitz is looking forward to meeting with a major Hollywood film producer J. P. Sheldrake. Sheldrake has big problems with taxes: he owes several million dollars. His accountant is developing a scheme that allows you to write off taxes, but for this you need to shoot and release a loss-making film in a short time. Armed with this simple plan, he agrees to release Steve's film, which is called "The Lobster Man from Mars."

The film has a bizarre and funny plot: Mars suffers from an air leak and sends a scary lobster man to Earth to steal air. A villainous plan is foiled by a mad scientist, a girl and a colonel of the American army.

The film, which according to Sheldrake's expectations should become unprofitable, brings huge profits. The producer is sent to prison for tax evasion, and Steve Horowitz takes his place.

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

Aliens arrive on Earth from Mars. Most of the representatives of the population of this planet look like ordinary people and even speak English, but a lobster man and his assistant gorilla man are sent on a mission to Earth. The purpose of the aliens is the air, the amount of which on Mars is catastrophically decreasing.

The lobster man is an upright creature as tall as an ordinary person. One of his hands is human, the other is a crab claw. There are lump-like growths on the head, and a flat tail in the lower part of the body. The lobster man is armed with a beam weapon, when it hits a person, the flesh instantly dissolves, leaving only a skeleton.

The gorilla man has the body of a gorilla and constantly wears a green helmet on his head.

Somehow, the lobster man infects one of the people with parasites, as a result of which two alien creatures develop in his body – "space bats". They burst out, tearing the belly of the carrier, which at the same time survives and turns into a zombie. The main function of the bats is to monitor the progress of the mission and report to the command on Mars. They can kill a person by biting his neck with sharp fangs.

All aliens are afraid of hot water and die in it, dissolving almost completely. After the death of the lobster man, all the people killed by him come to life.

Phenomena in artwork: UFO

The UFO is a human lobster spaceship, shaped like a classic flying saucer.

Phenomena in artwork: Zombies

A person turns into a zombie, in whose body "space bats" have grown. He is pale, moves slowly and talks, but does not attack people at the same time.

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