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The Man from Planet X


Added Sat, 16/06/2018
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Original title
The Man from Planet X

"The man from Planet X" is a black – and-white fantasy film, released in the USA in 1951.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

A journalist from Los Angeles John Lawrence arrives on the Scottish island berry, where he lives, Professor Elliott, who discovered in the Solar system previously unknown planet X. A few dozen hours it will approach the Earth. Equipping to your needs the ancient tower, many centuries ago, the keepers of local inhabitants from the invasions of the Vikings, Elliot observing the planet with Dr. Mears, a man greedy for power and money, which Lawrence despises openly. Enid, the daughter of Elliot, childhood friend of Lawrence. The night she rides through the misty plain, gets into an accident and finds a strange capsule in the form of an underwater bell, behind the glass where he sees the scary face. She tells the father. They decide to go at that place. There Professor is subjected to the brainwashing beam, but once the house wakes up.

Professor John again go to the place and find the alien. He is going to kill them, but suddenly begins to choke. John and Professor Elliot repairing a jammed air valve of his suit. It shows their good intentions, and the alien decides that they are friends. John and the Professor back in the house, the stranger follows them. Dr. Mears, under the pretext of communication with the help of geometry, trying to pry the secrets of its alien technology. When Mears understands the futility of trying, it covers the alien access of air and throws it in the room. Alien in response kidnaps Elliot, Enid, Mears and several residents of the town. They are the ship of the stranger. John with the police trying to save them. He finds that aliens are preparing an invasion at the time of maximum approach of Planet X to Earth, away from the ship, all of the zombie people, then the police open fire on the alien and his ship. The ship explodes, the alien is dying, and the invasion does not occur.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: UFO

As a UFO can be seen the ship of the alien from planet X, even though we don't show it in flight. The principle of the motion of the ship is unknown – it could be like flying and teleportation.

Externally, the ship like a rocket or a toy, to be worn on the top of a Christmas tree. Around pointed top of the ship placed a source of radiation, is able to suppress the will of the people ("zombie ray"). Internal space only show through the window, in which you can see only part of the mechanism of the teleport.

Heroes was discovered by another object, also arrived from planet X – probe used for the determination of the Earth's atmosphere. As shown by tests, the probe is made from unknown in the Land of metal that is at once plastic, durable and very light.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

An alien arrives on planet X, which for some reason is getting cold, and life on it will soon become impossible. The aliens found suitable for resettlement Land and shifted the trajectory of planet X so that it passed close to the Earth. The goal arrived in the Land of the stranger is to build a teleport that will work for the point of closest approach of the planets will open the passage for an alien invasion.

Alien is a humanoid creature in the spacesuit, which contains engineering mistake: wearing the suit, it is impossible to reach the valve closing the gas used for breathing.

The speech of the alien is a modulated tone sounds (three decades later this concept uses Stephen Spielberg in the movie "Close encounters of the third kind"). He knows the math – it is through the universal language of numbers, scientists are able to establish contact with the alien.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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