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The Inexperienced Ghost


Added Thu, 22/08/2019
Release date
Original title
The Inexperienced Ghost

"The inexperienced Ghost" or "the Story of the inexperienced Ghost," "the Story of a Ghost", "the Unfortunate adventures of one spirit," "the Story of the inexperienced Ghost" (orig. "The Inexperienced Ghost") – a mystical story of Hg wells, first published in the magazine "The Strand Magazine", 1902, Vol. XXIII: No. 135, March, pp. 337-345.

The plot:

A Clayton tells the story about his meeting with the Ghost.

He had seen a Ghost near her room at the club, returning after lunch. The Ghost tried to scare him, but he did it very clumsily. Clayton chided the Ghost, that he is at the club without being a member. The Ghost replied that gladly would disembodiment and went into his shadowy world, but it does not work. Clayton, along with the Ghost rehearsed necessary for the transition passes hands until the Ghost disappeared.

Clayton decides to show friends these passes and find out he will go there in the spirit world. As soon as he makes a last gesture, he immediately falls dead.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Ghost

In the present work only one Ghost who tries to scare Clayton, and then teaches him the passes that help the Ghost go into his world. The Ghost is described as frail and stupid. The author makes the assumption that that's what he was in life. When the Ghost long not been able to get into your world of despair he cried.

Description Ghost in the story:

It was all transparent, so whitish. Right through the back you can see it was a window at the far end of the corridor. But not only throughout his appearance, even in his posture there was something weak.


Frail. You know, a thin neck, with two hollows behind the ears — here and here. Small flat head, spikey hair, ugly ears. And shoulders bad, narrower hips; turn-down collar, cheap jacket, pants baggy, worn over the heels.

The author does not tells anything about how and why the Ghost was in club Sirena, nor the reasons why he decided to scare visitors.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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