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The Snow Creature


Added Fri, 16/03/2018
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The Snow Creature

The Snow Creature is a 1954 horror film directed by W. Lee Wilder. This is one of the first films dedicated to Yeti ("bigfoot").

The picture became part of a mini-cycle of films made under the influence of Eric Shipton's photographs, which depicted large human-like footprints found in the snow on Mount Everest in 1951. This cycle also includes the films "The Monstrous Snowman" (Jūjin Yuki Otoko) produced in Japan and "The Abominable Snowman from the Himalayas" (The Abominable Snowman) produced in the UK.

The plot of the movie "Snow Creature" vaguely resembles the plot of the movie about King Kong.

It is worth noting that part of the action of the film takes place in some mysterious, hidden from the uninitiated place in the Himalayas (presumably on the border with India). At the same time, the actors portraying local residents speak Japanese.

The film is in the public domain, its full version is posted on YouTube.

It's interesting 

The 1954 film "The Snow Creature" is one of the first films dedicated to the Yeti ("bigfoot").

The 1954 film "The Snow Creature" became part of a mini-series of films made under the influence of Eric Shipton's photographs, which depicted large human-like footprints found in the snow on Mount Everest in 1951

The film begins with a scientific expedition led by Dr. Frank Parrish, whose goal is to collect botanical samples. Travelers face difficulties when the wife of the main guide of the expedition, named Subra, is kidnapped by a yeti. The guide can't convince Parrish to chase the Yeti to save his wife. As a result, he seizes the weapon and takes control of the entire team. Parrish, as a man of science, is skeptical about the existence of the yeti, but is forced to participate in the chase. Together with his friend from the West, a photographer named Peter Wells, he is waiting for a chance to regain control of the expedition. As we approach the yeti, evidence of the reality of this creature appears, which changes Parrish's opinion. Finally, the team comes into contact with a snow creature that throws rocks at them from its mountain shelter. The expedition catches up with him in a cave along with two other yetis - a woman and a young individual. The team also discovers Subra's wife there. Parrish prevents Soubre from shooting the creature, reasoning that for science it is of the highest value alive. This gives the Yeti enough time to bring down the cave (presumably to keep the family safe from humans). However, the collapse works against the yeti: the female and the young are killed, and the snow creature itself is stunned. The collapse also allows Parrish and Wells to seize the weapons. After regaining control of the expedition and catching a live yeti, Parrish declares that he intends to take it to the United States for further study.

The Yeti is pumped with sedatives and placed in a refrigerator the size of a telephone booth. The Yeti thus imprisoned is transported to Bombay for further delivery to California. Upon reaching Los Angeles, Parrish meets reporters who have learned about the creature. A customs officer informs Parrish that the admission of the creature to the United States has become difficult because of a newspaper article published by Peter Wells, in which the author calls the creature "man". The question arises whether the snow creature can be considered a human being, and officials decide to keep it in quarantine until anthropologists decide on its "humanity". During this delay at the airport customs station, the yeti manages to escape from the freezer (which was originally intended only for the temporary imprisonment of the creature). The yeti wanders around the city, scares a woman and finds refuge in the cool atmosphere of the city sewers, sometimes visiting meat warehouses for food. The police, assisted by Parrish, manage to track down the yeti through the sewer system, as a result of which the creature falls into the net and is captured by five men. The creature resists and begins to strangle one of the attackers through the network. One of the men shoots at the yeti, and he stops strangling his victim. After the victim is released from the creature's clutches, the shooter fires three more shots. Thus perishes one of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time.

Phenomena in artwork: Yeti

As in other films of the series, Bigfoot is here presented in the form of high humanoid creatures that live in the mountains of the Himalayas. It is completely covered with hair and possesses considerable physical strength. More about his appearance is impossible to say, because the quality of the extant sequence is very low, and footage of Bigfoot show it either from afar or in the shadows.

The creature is completely wild and shows no signs of intelligent behavior. Causes the abduction of the wife of the conductor and remain unsolved.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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